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  1. Yes the two additions this year are erfect for the ark. I fully expect Ranger to be removed sooner rathermthan later. It was SBNO for the majority of the year last year, hence the need to remove. I am sure parts for Ranger are probably very difficult to come by, hence by adding rolling thunder this year they can have the same experience as ranger in a new ride and allow for the removal of ranger On the idea of removing part of the campgrounds for expansion. I only like the idea if the removed area can be reclaimed in another spot on the property. The campgrounds make a lot of money for DL and are pretty much pure profit. The park definitelyneeds to expand, but there are other spots to expand first. I see the old cuda falls area and into the front parking lt as area number one. Second in line would either be over by scrambler and over towards the two islands and along predator and the lake edge. Third I truly think the area between Predatr's turn around and Rte 77 and over towards the hotel will provide open space that can easily be used first without having to infringe on the campground areas. Eventually, i do like the campground expansion idea, just not yet
  2. Wow if that is true that the ride cannot operate in the rain, that is a pretty major downfall. I know that this isnt disney, and when it rains most people go inside or go home, but even still...
  3. So rolling thunder is going to be a trailer mount ride just installed in the park? Does anyone know how Elitch Gardens did theirs? I have a hard time believing that SF would add these to a large portion of their parks without being a park model.
  4. My guess is that construction will not start until the snow melts. Unfortunately, this year that may not be until late April. Even so, the super loop should be able to be built in a week or so and the same with the waterslide complex. The only question will be how long will it take to build the queue areas and pavement around the waterslide area.
  5. Even last year the park was closed before halloween. I think the first weeked of october was the last weekend if I remember correctly.
  6. I think all of us believe that DL,needs a new coaster very badly. The problem is that costs have skyrocketed putting even small coasters out of reach. I saw the other day that Lagoon, a small park in Utah is adding a basic three inversion Eurofighter. The cost was over $20 million for something that nobody would consider a huge coaster. I can only imagine how much a coaster like Kumba would cost in todays money. I think ROS only cost 10-12 million when it was built, today may be three times that much. Also, I would expect the next coaster to be a wooden coaster as they do tend to be cheaper Unfortunately, DL just does not bring in enough guests to pay off an investment like that quickly. Basically if they add a coater, it may very well be the only addition for 2-3 years. I would like to see DL do like they are now and add some flats and get the park in better shape before making a major additions. Also, the waterpark needs some attention, and slides tend to be relatively cheap and popular additions
  7. I will say that this just goes to show you that no matter what the park installs, people will not be happy. I for one think that both aditions will be very good for the park. The waterslides will be a very needed addition to the waterpark. DL really needs more to do in the waterpark and almost any addition on that side will be a good thing, and this one has the box launch system, which will be unique to the area. I just hope that they do it right and plan ahead so that next year they can add the speed slides off the same tower they are building this year. On the super loop...yes it is a carnival staple, but it is almost a perfect replacement to the ranger. It doesnt do anything to replace ufo, but it is almost an exact replacement for ranger. Also, a good number of larger parks are adding these rides this year. With that DL is on the mark with some of the other park across the country, which is exactly what they did when they added hornets nest
  8. Also, if you look at all the old coasters from Astroworld, only two were actually put up within the chain and stayed that way. Most were either scrapped or sold to parks outside the US or Canada. Two of the coasters were sent to SF parks and still never built. Basically Astroworld had junk coasters and SF knew it but had to try to do something with them when they sold the property.
  9. If the ridemstands no more chance of operation, then let's sell it for scrap and ise the extra money towards park improvements like painting ROS and Mine Eraser and maybe some new stamped concrete like they put in at Rowdy's Ridge and Boardwalk areas
  10. I agree that these additions look pretty good. I also like the idea of the placement of the new waterslide. I think its a perfect location. My only question will be if it will have the dual free fall slides in the middle or not. If not does anyone know if that would be something that could be added to the tower next year? If so, then these additions also plan for the future, which is great to see.
  11. I have to admit that this really doesnt surprise me all that much and is a fantastic and uch needed addition. The first time Premier owned the park, they averaged a coaster and new water ride just about each year. They are holding true to that same plan again. I think the speed slide is something that the park was definitely lacking, and the special launch looks pretty cool and unique. Now if they can just buy the park and add a good coaster, all would be right with the world
  12. Of those things, my best guess would be the EuroFighter or premier compact launched coaster. i am not sure why I think this, but I do. The EuroFighter coasters seem very popular these days, and fit nicely into a compact space and look to pack a decent punch for thrills. The Premier compact coasters are the same. Plus, my guess is that the overall costs are not that terrible compared to a brand new B&M mega looper that would cost 25 million or more.
  13. That part may have been added BEACUSE of ROS. The year they added that coaster, attendance was well ove 1 million, and I think it was 1.7 million or so. The roads around DL were not built to handle traffic like that, hence major concerns. It may not mean a major coaster will never be built at DL, but it may require some infrastructure improvements for a major coaster to be built
  14. Yes that is a very interesting link. I never knew that site even existed! I do like that they said the ride will be oriented to run paralell to the giant wheel. I wonder if that means they are planning on doing something with the giant wheel to accentuate the look of both rides? Lights?
  15. And how do some of us have access to the plan that was submitted to genesee county? If you work at the park, posting something private like that in a forum like this could jeapordize a job. I do think the area has space, especially back behind the old UFO pad over towards the sleighride. Depending on positioning, the buildings may not even need to be removed. It should prove to be very interesting as I think that is a very pivotal spot in the park for traffic flow and so on.
  16. I was looking at that same area jand thinking about the new ride just the other day as well. I am interested to see how they position the ride in that relatively small space, along with what they do for a queue area and so on. There is room to work with, it's just a matter of how they do it. To me at this point, that is the most interesting part. As for the mini golf, they don't use it anymore, so i would remove it and put some sort of flat ride in there. Personally, I think it would make an awesome spot for a drop tower. It is relatively central in the park and there is lots of room inside viper for a queue
  17. I would ttally expect DL's ride to be called Brain Drain, just like at EG. They already have the trademarks and logos pre made making this overall proces a bit cheaper. I just hope they put some lights on the giant wheel as well next year...
  18. This new ride does do the same thing as Ranger. This most likely tells me that Ranger will most likely be removed. I know it was down for a good part of last year, and I am sure parts are not readily available. My honest hope is for more than just this ride. I would even like to see a restaurant or something else to improve the overall park experience
  19. Yes this may be the only new ride, but there is always the possibilty for other things for next year. They could easily paint, pave or almost anything else. They could even add lights to the giant wheel. I am going to be hopeful that the new management will do what is best with what cash they are given from above.
  20. And with this announcement, they are claiming to add a roller coaster, which should help bring crowds. They will probably be very dissapointed crowds, but crowds nonetheless. I am pretty sure that just about all SF parks that are not getting real roller coasters next year are getting these rides And I totally agree that this probably will replace Ranger, just in a different location. It is not the greatest, but it sure is better than nothing. Plus they already have the spot picked out, and I net installation would take a few weeks max.
  21. I did not know El Dorado was actually instaled at another park after GL. That would suggest either poor ridership or maintenance issues. The views at the top would be pretty cool though. On the huss rangers. I think the one at DL was the last in north america. There may be some in Europe, but I think ours was the last in North America. I know MFI already sold their over the falls ride. If you drive by the park, the entire trailer is gone.
  22. Maybe when they make an announcement, they will tell us that they removed the Ranger, and taking its place will be... I do think they will add some sort of flat ride next year, and if Ranger cannot be fixed, they should replace it with something fairly similar. I also would really like to see the old el dorado from Geauga Lake come to the park. I thought it was a very cool ride. Plus it is for sale on the used flat ride website
  23. My guess on an announcement will depend on how big of an announcement it will be. If it will be a decent announcement that will generate buzz and sell season passes or create hotel/campground bookings now, it will come before Febbruary 1st. If this will be a ho-hum announcement, it will probably come in march or April.
  24. The two train operation unfortunately does not make for a great announcement for anyone other than enthusiasts. Most general park guest would not make their decision to go to the park based on two train operation. I do however like the idea of a new name and possibly new colors on ROS. Also, consider that the ride was added to the park when the original Premier owned the park when they changed it over to SF. If the coaster was ever foing to be called soething other than S:ROS, we may never know, but this new Premier may, and if it was there may be able to bring it back under that name. If I recall Premier bought SF late in the year, and the transformations was very last minute, hence ROS may have already been a planned attraction, just under a different name and then was brande to fit the SF branding at the last minute. This may not be the case, but then again it sure could.
  25. I agree that this sounds like CNL trying to explain their reasoning for disolving the relationship with HFE. There is always two sides to the story, and this is no different. I am sure HFE is probably saying they left because CNL would not give them the capital to do what they wanted to, and would not sell them the park outright in order for them to put their own cash into the park. My only hope is that Premier adds some good rides and brings more people into the park. Hopefully we will find out what is happening for 2015 shortly as they did say announcements will happen after the first of the year. Lets just hope its not the announcement of the new management.
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