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  1. They really should have at least two trains running on any coaster that can run two trains. Basically all of them except boomerang. It is just good business to run two trains on all coasters. Even if there is little line, it just keeps people moving through and then they can do more or ride more with their day. ROS must have two trains operating at all times as it just isn't fair to wait for one train on that long of a ride. I know they have been running one train for a while but that is just bush league. I think HFE is really adding money in the right places. If they are spending money on new trains or at least parts to fix the old ones so the ride lines are cut down, then to me those are good investments. No real measurable ROI but it may help to keep people happy, and happy customers are returning customers
  2. I would like to know where haunt maniac gets his information from? I do think DL will be getting something good and something large for 2015 but to say mark my words is a pretty strong statement. I myself am very cep items to see the prep work and all that goes into building whatever will be filling that spot in the park. If it is a big enough expansion, and seeing as DL may want to build on the publicity that something big and new brings, we may see very early announcement in order to bring in curious crowds this yer looking to see what they are doing. I really think that this expansion for 2015 is the first major step toward the transformation of the park into what HFE really wants it to be. It may also be the signal that HFE no longer just manages the park and actually owns it outright
  3. I agree with goldisk completely on cud falls. Yes I rode them and yes they were fun. But they were old and apparently a maintenance nighmare. I am sad to see them go but what will be in that spot in the future excites me even more. I think if HFE is going to do something relatively large with that space I would expect to see construction start immediately. That itself should spark some interest seeing the bulldozers and stuff. I think it is the best thing to happen at DL in a very long time
  4. Why don't we agree to call it the large swath o land to the right as you walk in? Also, I think all of us are dying to see a trip report, but the park doesn't even open for another month. I am sure somebody here will be going in the month of May and will write a TR. I am very interstes to see what they did with the park this offseason. No new rides, I'm hoping they painted and paved walkways and such.
  5. I am glad that HFE brought in another very good GM for the park. I was sad to see the last one leave as he had very good credentials and experience with HFE. I do however like that he has worked for HFE previously and also really like that he has a background with roller coaster design. That may actually tell you more about what HFE's long term plans for the park are more than anything.
  6. I can't believe we are on the spinning coaster idea already. Yes it's a good idea, but is that the only type of coaster we know about? I really don't care what we get in 2015 but i sure hope it's a coaster and I hope it has some type of inversion that doesn't already exist at the park. Like a dive loop or zero g roll or Immelmann
  7. I think HFE knows how to run a park properly and when to expand and how to expand. The reason why SFO failed was cuz they added too much all at once with like four coasters in one year and another the next. That is not the proper way to go about it cuz then it is expected as the norm. HFE has shown very good management skills with both sdc and dollywood. I expect dl to mirror those two parks in the near future. Neither have 15+ coasters or anything major. They have a nice mix with great family atmosphere and great themeing. I look at what they did with rowdy's ridge and think that if the entire park looked like that it would be a huge win. I feel that eventually it will, but it cannot and will not happen in just one year
  8. Sure they can easily spill into the handicapped parking lot. Parks do it all the time. DL even did it when they added the splashdown area with the lazy river. It sits on a spot that used to parking lot. All they would have to do is make the front of the rows handicapped parking and be ok. Concert parking does not use the park parking area anymore, so that shouldn't be a big issue. It could totally happen and would make for a great flow pattern around that area. Slingshot could easily be moved to just about anywhere very easily btw
  9. Most likely the bridge over the main walkway will be removed as well. If it hasn't already been done. And he's I would expect the bunnies to be relocated as well. That main blue building will probably get torn down for whatever new is to come. If they do I right, I hope the move out to even include silver bullet and haymaker as well into a new area there
  10. Yes they could level that hill down and use the soil to fill in other spots. Especially to make new room over in the water park area. All they would have to do is drain the lake a bit, fill in with dirt and re fill the lake. They could add some pretty large space in the water park without doing much. I also expect part of the lake near mind eraser to get filled in to creat a full circle pathway to go from the spot where cuda falls currently sits to walk around towards ME. I also would expect to see some spill over into the handicapped parking area when they make their expansion that way as well. These are very large projects and I totally expect this to take a few years to complete. My only thing is that I hope HFE doesn't just drop a coaster over there and be done. I would like to see a large themed area with a new restaurant, games and a few good flats along with a coaster. And I would like to see it tied into ME area if you didn't get that from my above post. If they do that, I would thing that ME may finally get a new paint job and may even get re themed to fit with the newly created area
  11. I agree that removing. Ida falls was a smart move and it opens up a huge plot of land for future development...a prime plot of land. And I totally agree that Darien will now need something to replace Cuba falls, but I would expect all future water par expansions to happen on the same side of the main entrance walkway as the rest of the existing water park. Plus the now get to take down that awful foot bridge that connected the two spaces As to speculation for the old Cuba falls site, definitely a coaster of good size, and possibly even a flat ride or even two. I can see it turning into a new truly themed area that may even wrap around over by mind eraser making a very large loop at the front of the park
  12. On the lines of cw vs dl it not a fair comparison. Cw is twice the size of dl in overall footprint. There was a point in the mid to early 90's when the parks were relatively close in offerings. Cw started to add a few coasters pretty quickly and also added all the newer style flats and all of a sudden they jumped up very quickly. At this point cf has invested heavily in cw and it is paying off for them nicely. I do totally expect them to put in a new big b&m coaster again soon once they remove sky rider and also would expect flight deck to get moved in favor of a better invert. Darien lake is in a totally different market with totally different clientele. HFE is the best thing that happened to dl in Avery long time. I expect them to make dl a very good regional park in the very near future. Their recent additions show that they now exactly what the park needs on order to grow properly. It will never be cw but could eventually rival the themeing and overall park experience. HFE could add some very good and well themed coasters like they have at the dollywood and sdc and it would make dl unique, which is exactly what they are not right now
  13. I totally think HFE will be buying dl sooner rather than later. My money says that HFE planned the lake monster project under the assumption that they would own the park outright by now. I do expect that announcement sometime this year and shortly after, if not the same day to have the lake monster announced. I do also think that once HFE has full control you will see some major expansion happen which will include coasters along with some good flats. I would almost bet after lake monster dl would get a small b&m coaster much like batman at sfne and a gci woodie like thunderhead at dollywood. Obviously not in back to back years, but over the course of a few. I also think they will add some much needed new slides to the waterpark Personally, HFE taking full ownership of dl can't come fast enough for me
  14. Yes I totally agree a similar type of slide complex should replace Cuda Falls. honestly, if they do that, the only other things they may actually need would be a speed slide type of complex and maybe a few very small slides for younger kids. I think they have alot good going on in the current waterpark and some those three new slide complexes would really complete what they have. And yes a water coaster would totally pyt them over the top!
  15. If they were to remove cuda falls for expansion, they could easily build whatever they want. The hill could easily be leveled out and the dirt moved elsewhere, or they could use the terrain and build a really cool coaster. Just look at what they did when they built shipwreck falls...They moved major earth in order to make that hill it goes up and flatten it down from the old Rainbow Mountain slide complex. I am in complete agreement that as great as they were, Cuda Falls has seen better days and stands on a very prime plot of expansion land. I would love to see DL add more slides on the same area as the current water park area if they did remove Cuda Falls. There is room over there to expand like that. Plus, if they were planning on doing this for this year, it could actually happen, as the park opens in early/mid may, but the water park usually does not open until Memorial Day weekend at the earliest, giving a little added time to build/remove something. I also must say that if they are planning on the Lake Monster renovation of the predator for the 2015 season, I really think they should do a farewell tour for it. Advertise to come ride it in it's final year before the major transformation or something.
  16. Thanks Ernie. My feelin is that unless you are the GM of the park or CEO of HFE or cnl you don't know what is going on. For all we know the parks has their plans for the next few years already set. We are all here for fun and enjoyment and that is what it is supposed to be about. Nobody posts because they just get put down for posts. I applaud doom monkey for his post and a darn good idea at that. I could easily see a good coaster in that spot that he talks of. And the space is large enough to fit a rather good size ride or rides.
  17. Please don't jump on doom monkey in this one. He has some very good ideas. I live the idea of tearing down vids falls for a new coaster. I don't even think shipwreck needs to be removed. The new coaster could just go behind shipwreck and thunder rapids. Plenty of room back there to do whatever they want With that being said, I do think some new water slides like speed slides or a kids style slide complex may be a nice addition. A good waterpark will go a long way. As will some new paint on mind eraser and ROS
  18. Yeah I totaly agree...good things do come to those who wait, and DL is definately in good hands under HFE. It may take a few years, but they will get things right. All of their parks are run well with great service and great rides. They are making strides at DL...especially after the nightmare they inherited from the two previous owners lack of care. In time, DL will live up to the HFE standards and will be much better. Let the new management get their feelers on what is going on and the proper way to change it, then let's see how far they take DL. I still am holding out hope for either a new ride this year, or some very noticeable paint!
  19. I obviously am really hoping for a new ride, but will accept this new show, which does sound very interesting and unique, under the idea that they paint a few coasters like ROS and mind eraser. Maybee some lights on the wheel as well
  20. Yes that is a very interesting announcement. And it is also nice that the walenda family looks to have a relationship with HFE. I am however hoping that there is some other announcement on a new ride or water slide to bring people in as well. Nick walenda cannot bring in crowds all by himself.
  21. So I for one am hoping for a number of things in this announcement coming up. First I hope for a good modern style flat ride. I look at some of the more recent flat ride additions at Canada's Wonderland in a Frisbee style ride, the huss jump and things like that. I really think DL's flat ride collection is aging quickly and will all eventually need replacing with new and modern flats. My guess is a frisbee, but they could easily add two flats as well (there is a flying carpet hanging around basically free) Second, I expect to see a new themed restaurant to be made inside the park, or just outside the current park limits either by the campgrounds or the hotel, but not far from the current park. Can we say BBQ?? Third, to go along with the new ride, another newly themed area of the park. Fourth, I expect the announcement that Cuda Falls will be torn down and replaced with a new traditional style slide complex that will be placed over in the same area as the rest of the current waterpark. Lastly, I expect them to announce that this coming year will be Predator's last year, so come on out and get your last rides on Predator before it is gone I look at how some of the other HFE parks like Dollywood make announcements, and it looks like they add flats and slides and then add a coaster the next year. It sees HFE likes to have more than one item on the announcements alot of times.
  22. I am fairly sure that HFE manages the park on a lease from cnl. With that being said, I think HFE gets final say on all ride additions and shells out the cash for all upgrades. It would only make sense. Imagine a business manager who could not decide who to hire or fire. I do think that dollywod and sdc are fully owned by HFE and that they can do anything they want there. It wouldn't surprise me to see HFE signed a deal with cnl saying they had to make so many $ in improvements yearly or something like that. I am so pretty sure that elitch gardens is in the same boat as dl being owned by cnl and managed by HFE. There may be others but those are definitely the big two
  23. I couldn't agree more that DL seems to be in a bit of trouble with all the bad reviews and such coming out about poor service and poor staffing. On the other hand, HFE knows how to run a park. Let them do their jobs. I am 100% sure that they have a plan that may span as far out as ten years. The first thing was some new family rides. Why family rides? Cuz families spend money especially on souvenirs and food, teens and most enthusiasts do not. Families will provide the park with additional cash to fix what needs fixing. If you look every HFE park is a family friendly park with great shows and something for everyone. DL does not fit that mold yet, but I guarantee it will. PARC did more harm than good and now HFE has a mess to clean up. On the Halloween festival idea dl has always had issues staffing it. I really think they should just close around the third weekend in sept and call it a year. I am still holding out hope for great things next year as ROS was announced in October and all footers were poured while fright fest was going on. They could be out there pouring them all this week and most wouldn't even notice them. I do think that good things will come, we just have to be patient
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