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  1. I am about 99% sure that ^ will not be happening. I would however say that this doesnt surprise me all that much. Remebering when Premier originally owned the park, they ran it very well. Their additions were on point and did alot of good things to the park. Where they ran into problems was when they bought SF and couldnt keep up with a very large chain of parks like that. I am very optimistic for what they have to bring to the park in the future. I think this season pass teaser is just the first in a long line of good things coming, as long as CNL gives them the money to make their vision happen. Also, i was just thinking, if CNL wants to sell all their parks as a group, there would really be no individual park price most likely. If premeir was smart, they could buy all the parks from CNL and turn around and sell just DL to HFE, knowing how much they want the one park, and recoup a portion of their overall costs. Just a thought...
  2. If HFE was still managing the park i could see those additions happening. With new management, it is hard to say exactly what will happen. I could very easily see a new flat ride along with a new water slide complex though. They would be very easy to install before the park opens, and they already have spaces for them without having to make major changes to the park.
  3. Yes i agree that little investment does notmequal neglect, but then at least showmthe public you did something. Paint rides or buildings, pave walkways, add a used flat ride cheaply. These are all ways that parks can show investment in the gues t experience without adding major $ investments. I would like to say that DL did that this year by painting some buildings and possibly a few rides to make the park looks as it was kept up better.
  4. I dont have attendance numbers for Michigans Adventure, but I bet they are similar to DL's with probably around 750,000 or so. I did think of MI when writing my post, but if you look at it, when was the last time CF added something major to MI? When i think of CF parks, I think of the big parks like CP, Knotts, CW, Carowinds and Kings Island and Kings Dominion. All of those parks are in major markets and have major thrill rides. I know CP is not in a major market, but we all know their deal. If CF bought DL they would be on park with MI, which basically puts them back where they were when SF owned them, an afterthought in the chain with little to no expansions. Also, I do not think it would be the same as CP and GL as the two parks are not in the same market, and really dont compete against each other much. In Buffalo, when was the last time you saw a CW comercial on US tv? CW has enough visitors that they dont need to draw from the US. GL and CP wwre both competing for the Cleveland Akron people, while CP was drawing from from across the country as well
  5. Yes, absolutley welcome to the group! I think most of us would love to see DL sold to CF, but it just doesnt really fit their overall model. Buffalo is not a major market and the park is not a huge plot of land like the majority of their other parks tend to be. Plus i highly doubt CF will buy all of CNL's parks as that is how they want to sell them off. If CNL would sell just DL, it would be the best for DL as it is the best park in the chain. On the flip side, the value for the rest of the chain takes a huge hit.
  6. Since they already have projects booked, is it a possibility Predator is one of those? That could be a good selling feature that the project is booked and maybe even partially or fully paid off just waiting for the sale of the park to draw crowds in for the new owners...
  7. Yes Predator's layout is very good for a double out and back. Its relatively compact and has tons of airtime. It definately needs some track work and topper track would probably mae it great. I rode it when it was new, and it was a fantastic coaster. With some retracking it could be awesome. Honestly, I dont want to see the iron horse treatment with inversions as I think that ruins the wooden coaster experience.
  8. I am pretty sure that if CNL was interested in selling off the parks individually, DL would have been sold to HFE already. Unfortunately, CNL wants to sell the parks as a bunch, which I totally understand and respect as it is the easiest way to do it. Plus, DL is a money maker with the camping and hotel that a number of other properties just don't have, so taking it out of the sale would make the other properties less valuable. On the topic of Predtor's conversion, it could easily be taken care of at a later date. I am pretty sure RMC would still have those plans stored away somewhere for future use. honestly, if I was RMC, I would wait until DL is sold and approach the new owners with the plans and say that they could do that very easily and quickly to show a new large investment into the park...
  9. I will call my bad on this one. I thought Chris Thorpe was the parks GM under SF. Maybe he was assistant GM? Either way I just want a GM who knows how to run a theme park and is on the pulse of what park goers today want. I also want a GM who will make the most of every operating dollar he can...
  10. I think HFE would have paid a premium for the park because they really wanted it and had plans for it. If you go to purchase a house that you really like, you pay asking price...if you are just OK with it, you oay lower than asking price. If CNL knows HFE really wanted the park, the price goes up....it's almost like a bidding war without having other bidders... I am OK with Premeir management and maybe even ownership as when they originally owned the park, they were small and knew how to run the park. I just didn't like how Chris Thorpe ran the park for SF. I know he had limited resources, but either way, I blame him for the disrepair the park was in durring the last few years under SF. The park could very easily add a new water slide complex next year. There is definitely time to do so. I am also looking for a flat ride of some sort next year as well.
  11. I have to admit that i am sad by this announcement on a number of ways. First off, Chris Thorpe is a retread GM. He did poorly in his first go round when SF owned the park. If you recall they basically ran the park into a situation where majormrepairs needed to be made. We dont need more of that. The park was just starting to make some good strides in the right direction andthis appears to be a step backwards. Secondly, if HFE wanted to buy the park and make major improvements, but not buy the rest of the parks, CNL did everyone a disservice. HFE probably would have paid premium price for DL and would probably fetch more than what it would as part of a group sale. They could have sold DL to HFE and then sold the rest to Premeir and brought in more money overall for their investors. Bad business if you ask me... As a DL fan, CNL denied us of having a truly great park and HFE building on what they did over the past few years. On the flip side, DL is obviously the best park CNL owns, so when they do sell them as a whole, we should expect DL to see some of, if not the best additions in the chain year in and year out.
  12. Yes Lance has not been as good about reporting news in recent years as this is something we all knew about a few weeks ago. I do not think that CNL will be in a hurry to sell any parks just to sell them. They have investors that they have to make sure they are getting the best price. I would expect the park to be sold in the middle of the operating season or at the end of 2015 operating season most likely. That is when the value of the park would be highest
  13. ^ You are 100% correct the CNL has to pony up the money first, and that may be a tall task. But don't forget that some new flats could easily still be added to the park for next year. They don't take long to install, so its still a possibility. The park didn't announce Rowdy's Ridge until like February and had those 3 new flats in the park and ready by opening day. It can easily still be done for 2015
  14. I have to say that I am not surprised that Premeir is running their parks well. First off, they are parks they already owned and operated once, and did so very well. second, I think they know how to operate a good park, just not on a large scale. I thought they did great in their first run with DL, but once they bought SF they had too many parks to operate and got in over their heads. As i have said previously, I fully expect some type of coaster at DL next year. That is how premeir boosted attendance previously, and they will do the same next year most likely. I do agree that when bids go out HFE most likely will buy DL outright, but in the meantime llet Premeir add a new coaster or two and then buy the park and turn it into the HFE vision they had for it in the first place
  15. I do think Premeir wants to get back into park ownership, and managing a few for CNL may give them an inside track when CNL goes to sell. Seeing as Kieran Burke is still in charge, much like he was when the original Premier owned DL, I am very interested to see their additions they have made to their parks. Also, does anyone know how the new additions go? Does the management group get a budget? Does CNL have to approve of the ride? Does CNL just make the additions to the park and tell the management group to do something with what we are putting in? Lastly, I hope a new owner continues to theme the park as they started. I also hope they expand the Boardwalk area over to Predator as what goes better with an area that is supposed to be out of the 50's than a wooden coaster. All it would take is some concrete in the walkway and to finish off the area around lasso to match that around blast off and the giant wheel
  16. I think we all pretty much knew Premier was coming in to manage DL. My bigger concern is how are they doing at EG and the other parks they are managing for CNL? I know that with CNL holding the pocketbook, it is tough, but did they make good investments into the park? HFE did alot with a litle when they built Rowdy's Ridge and Boardwalk. Which parks other than EG is Premier managing for CNL? Do we know what they added to those parks since taking over management?
  17. In changing the topic a bit, does anyone know what happens with any future ideas for the park when they change ownership/management? I distinctly recall SF saying at one point that the had at least 4 coasters designed for the park already,it was just a matter of time and money. I am sure HFE had plans and drawinfgs for future attractions and things they wanted to add to the park over time. Do we think those things have been passed down to new ownership/management? I do understand that each company invested money into those projects, but could sell them off to new owners for a fee. Its like buying a house and negotiating the appliances in. It would at least keep some synergy to the park and make it not look like three different companies with three differnt visions ran it, which is exactly where it looks like we will be in the coming years.
  18. ^exactly right. CNL isn't going to do anything for anyone but themselves at this point. The reason the website may not have changed can be two things. First maybe Premeir wants to change the site and are building one in the background and are keeping this one up until the new one is ready to go live. Second, that site may be contracted to HFE and DL doesnt have authority to make changes...once again calling for a new site to be built. On a similar note, I really think DL has a great website, and hope it does not change. It is a very professional site, and really tells the DL story well.
  19. So I was thinking about this and wanted to get opinions...does anyine think CNL may have actually ended the relationship with HFE as opposed to HFE backing out? i ask this cuz at the begining of the year HFE came in with a number of guarantee promises and didn't deliver on all. I am pretty sure one talked about two train operation if the lines got long, and they never did deliver. In the end, they ended up giving away free return tickets, and hence costing money at the gates. On similar lines, does anyone know the status of some of the second trains? Will premier have to buy ROS and ME brand new second trains? If they do, I sure hope ME gets the new restraints that are supposed to be more comfortable and have less headbanging.
  20. Please done ever say never as that is pretty strong and there are always chances of just about anything happening. Now the chances of DL closing for good are probably very slim. They get good attendance, and recently have turned the park in a very positive direction. Could new ownership or management change that sure thing. BTW, SF would kinda be buying the park back with Premeir management or ownership. Kieran Burke was the original CEO of Premier Parks and then SF when Premier purchased them. So with him being back in the picture, it is kinda like having the original Premier back. From my point of view, that isn't so bad. Premier made some pretty good additions to the park
  21. So i was just thinking that all of the time that has passed since the park closed, HFE has spent that time packing up to leave. In a normal year, this is a great time to get some projects like painting and any prep work for projects in the spring to happen. This is especially true for land prep. Also, it would be a good time to remove Ranger if needed. Now Ranger is going to get dumped onto Premier and will probably be SBNO next year again. In a normal year, they could remove it and maybe even prepare the site for something new next year. I just want some continuity for the park for an extended period of time. I dont care who manages/runs/owns the park, just some extended continuity with a vision in the future. SF told us that they had 4-6 coasters actually designed for the park, but they didn't stick around long enough to build any of them. Does the park still have those plans? I highly doubt it. HFE looked like they had some good momentum and good vision for the park, but again didn't stay long enough to expand on their park overhaul. Even back when Premier originally owned the park...they looked to have some good things going on, and then bought out Six Flags and left one of the parks that got them the capital to buy SF to basically rot away. I hope that when CNL sells whoever they sell to, HFE or Premier, stays a long time and makes something great of the park. HFE will nost likely turn it into another SDC or Dollywood with great themeing and a mix of family and thrills. Premier will try to add coasters, but will most likely add cheap cookie cutter coasters much like they did with ME and Boomerang previously. Which is best? Only time will tell
  22. Yes, the bathrooms actually say alot about the business in many cases. I know I have actualyy left local businesses to not return after going into a bathroom that looked like it came out of a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Will upgraded bathrooms bring in new customers, no. Will they keep customers? Sure Personally a new ride or slide along with some of those behind the scenes upgrades would work best
  23. It doesnt mean HFE will not own the park in the future. All it says is that they couldn't come to a deal both liked. HFE could, and probably will put in a bid when CNL sells the park. I am sure they liked DL as they chose to stick on managing it past their other agreements. On the flip side, I am sure they won't overpay for the park either. It's just not good business.
  24. ^^ I am pretty sure that post by DougMJr answers all of your questions. He probably works at the park, hence the use of the term "our customers" So park employees do look at these threads, as I think most of us already knew. Way back when it wasmat amusementgraffix, on employee even got terminated for saying something on a forum like this. With all of that, does the park GM and other higher ups look here? Who knows?? Maybe they do and maybe they dont. Maybe the park social media person trolls these forums to see what the talk is about. Either way, don't flood the park with useless things. I am sure once everything on the back end gets worked out, they will tell us. Also, purely speculation, but it could be possible that if there were to be a management change, they coul be waiting on that announcement to make the capital expenditures announcement as well. I still beleive that the park can easily add rides for next year, just not a major coaster, but a small one could surely happen
  25. Golddisk makes a very good point. I can go and anonymously change the wiki page for the buffalo sabres to say that i own them. That is one of the biggest downfalls to wikipedia. As far as the management change, we will just have to keep our eyes out for any subtle hints in the management changes. I am thinking about things like taking the season pass page no longer talking about discounts at other HFE properties and other things that would indicate HFE management is no longer in place.
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