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  1. 1) Yes, I am going to SWO on June 17th and BGT on June 18th. 2) It was an already scheduled (Originally WDW) trip and this gives me the opportunity to visit 2 Florida parks I haven’t been to in over a decade & see new attractions as well with hopefully minimal crowds. 3) If there was a dramatically high increase in cases. I cannot wait to get back to the parks & look forward to when my local parks (Disneyland & USH) reopen
  2. You can take Metrolink from Santa Clarita to Buena Park, however it doesn't run very frequently or past 5pm or so.
  3. Mack LSM and chainlift confirmed! One more ride to go [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. Finally got to ride Steel Vengeance this past Saturday. This ride is insane, but the last row at the end of the night took it to a whole new level of crazy air time!
  5. Since SF is only operating the park and doesn't fully own it, I'm wondering if they will do what they used to do with SFDK before they purchased it (Marine World, A Six Flags Theme Park)? IMO it doesn't make sense to fully brand DL if they don't own it.
  6. One trick for flat rides I've found is to modify the ride cycle. If you add on to the default or create your own, it tends to help attract people.
  7. Just as an FYI, you can now add Darien Lake (or any of the newly acquired parks) to your membership for $20 per park.
  8. I was there today and you can see the smoke. It looks closer than it actually is when viewing in the parking lot.
  9. ^I feel like they definitely think of CP as a resort over just an amusement park and that started when they added Castaway Bay. Then by expanding their number of hotel rooms and really stressing it as a "multiple day" property, it's clear to me they want people to view it as a resort, offering more than just an amusement park. With what appears to be a big Soak City expansion (which is MUCH needed) coming, they really want people to spend at least 2 days at the property, which is definitely unique compared to all of their other properties. By getting people to stay longer and spend more (2 days of food, lodging, etc.), it will more than make up for not having the highest attendance in the chain.
  10. It'll be hit or miss in the morning, but as the day warms up you should be fine for most rides besides Dragster. Yesterday the forecast called for 15-20MPH winds and all the rides were operational (besides Maverick) by mid-afternoon (including even Dragster) despite the unusually cold temps. I was extremely surprised to see them have nearly everything open yesterday. They even ran Millennium Force when it was raining/hailing and Valravn seemed to stay open during the on and off rain later in the morning. I wonder if it was so cold they needed to keep the rides running so they wouldn't need the water dummies put back on the trains.
  11. Friends at the park have said that TC is only running 2 trains today. It's disappointing that they gave up on the 3 trains at all times policy.
  12. I would say I agree with that...except no other chain of parks has anything similar. Disney's FAQ on their GAC program even implies their legal team thinks it is not kosher: This will certainly be fun to watch! This should definitely be interesting to see. I'm thinking Disney is using legal restrictions in place of "We're the happiest place on earth and don't want to piss off people" but I could be wrong. SF doesn't have any parks in FL, so maybe there is some additional restriction in that state? Hopefully if Six Flags is successful with this, Cedar Fair will follow suit.
  13. I'm sure Six Flags Corporate spent a long time with their lawyers before implementing a policy like this. If they're rolling it out, I'm pretty sure even if someone tried to sue them, they would be in the clear.
  14. Have they said how many new trains they will be getting? Will they just buy 2 or is it getting 3 trains again?
  15. Had a quick visit mainly to ride 'Classic' Revolution before the makeover, so I thought I would write up a quick TR. The crowds were moderate to light depending on the ride/area. I'm assuming everyone was getting their end of the year Hurricane Harbor fixes as the park was not nearly as crowded as the parking lot made it seem. Got to the park a little after noon and had to park in the first dirt overflow lot. I was bracing for the worst, but even the ticket lines weren't long. Once inside the park, we decided to get our last ride on 'Classic' Revolution. The line was short, only about 10 minutes. We met a guy with his daughter and chatted with them for a bit. He stated he was 13 yrs old when it opened and was really excited that it was finally getting a makeover. We got a ride in the retro painted train, and it gave its usual head banging ride, although it wasn't extremely awful. After the ride, they were handing out the buttons at the exit and we decided to stick with the theme of old rides and hit up Viper next. It was a walk on with 2 trains running and rode in the first row of car 4. This one also gave a decent ride, some moments of head banging, but again not awful. Do these older rides just run better when its extremely hot out or did we just catch them on a good day? We walked up the hill to check out Tatsu, but with it having a 1.5 hr line and having been on it plenty this year, we decided to skip it and decided to go on Gold Rusher since it was a walk on since we hadn't been on it all year. It gave its usual ride, nothing to write home about. Next up was Riddler's Revenge, which had about a 15 minute line with 2 trains running and got a ride in car 3 of the train that was lent to SFGAdv for Green Lantern. It was what's to be expected, with the 2nd half being a little rough. I still enjoy that brief moment of air on that hill after the first corkscrew, such a strange feeling on a stand up coaster. Our last ride of the day was Twisted Colossus, which was about a 30 minute wait. It was amazing as always, and I FINALLY got a race/duel on the 2nd lap which was my first public ride with the racing/dueling and it really made me miss the commercial shoot when they tried timing it. Still good without it, but just that extra special moment when you get it. With the temps being around 101*F, we decided to call it a day. Overall, dispatches were pretty good, and I was glad to see Superman running both sides again. The drink lines moved pretty quickly and the staff seemed pretty upbeat despite working in the blazing heat. A quick question, has anyone ever seen people purchase a sandwich from Twisted 'Whiches? Every single time I've gone, I only see people refilling their souvenir bottles, never purchasing food. Ride count: Revolution: 1x Viper: 1x Gold Rusher: 1x Riddler's Revenge: 1x Twisted Colossus: 1x
  16. Both sides of superman are actually running today, haven't seen that in forever
  17. Having ridden Goliath in both its locations and with both trains, I must say it ran much better before it was moved. It seemed like SFMM had finally gotten it down to run pretty consistently with minimal breakdowns. When it moved to SFNE, it seemed like it was acting just the way it did when it first opened...constantly breaking. Now with the new trains, not only does it seem to be down pretty consistently, but also its not even worth a ride anymore. What is with this park and ruining rides with new trains? I get they wanted to simplify the loading by having a straight-line 4 across seating, but it really didn't seem to complicated to figure out where you are supposed to sit.
  18. Tennessee Tornado just came too late for Arrow. If it was built even 5 years earlier I'm sure it would have helped a lot by showing they were able to do modern designs (Larger loops, heart-lining, etc).
  19. The only capital improvement I want to see is SFGAdv being allowed to run Zumanjaro and Ka at the same time. I'm guessing the park has pretty much given up on that being allowed?
  20. Gonna be in SF for the weekend and figured I'd make a stop at SFDK before heading back. How busy does the park get on Sunday's? I'm guessing it might be a little more crowded with It being Roar's last day. Is a flash pass necessary?
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