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  1. 1) Yes, I am going to SWO on June 17th and BGT on June 18th. 2) It was an already scheduled (Originally WDW) trip and this gives me the opportunity to visit 2 Florida parks I haven’t been to in over a decade & see new attractions as well with hopefully minimal crowds. 3) If there was a dramatically high increase in cases. I cannot wait to get back to the parks & look forward to when my local parks (Disneyland & USH) reopen
  2. You can take Metrolink from Santa Clarita to Buena Park, however it doesn't run very frequently or past 5pm or so.
  3. Mack LSM and chainlift confirmed! One more ride to go [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. Finally got to ride Steel Vengeance this past Saturday. This ride is insane, but the last row at the end of the night took it to a whole new level of crazy air time!
  5. Since SF is only operating the park and doesn't fully own it, I'm wondering if they will do what they used to do with SFDK before they purchased it (Marine World, A Six Flags Theme Park)? IMO it doesn't make sense to fully brand DL if they don't own it.
  6. One trick for flat rides I've found is to modify the ride cycle. If you add on to the default or create your own, it tends to help attract people.
  7. Just as an FYI, you can now add Darien Lake (or any of the newly acquired parks) to your membership for $20 per park.
  8. I was there today and you can see the smoke. It looks closer than it actually is when viewing in the parking lot.
  9. ^I feel like they definitely think of CP as a resort over just an amusement park and that started when they added Castaway Bay. Then by expanding their number of hotel rooms and really stressing it as a "multiple day" property, it's clear to me they want people to view it as a resort, offering more than just an amusement park. With what appears to be a big Soak City expansion (which is MUCH needed) coming, they really want people to spend at least 2 days at the property, which is definitely unique compared to all of their other properties. By getting people to stay longer and spend more (2 days of food, lodging, etc.), it will more than make up for not having the highest attendance in the chain.
  10. It'll be hit or miss in the morning, but as the day warms up you should be fine for most rides besides Dragster. Yesterday the forecast called for 15-20MPH winds and all the rides were operational (besides Maverick) by mid-afternoon (including even Dragster) despite the unusually cold temps. I was extremely surprised to see them have nearly everything open yesterday. They even ran Millennium Force when it was raining/hailing and Valravn seemed to stay open during the on and off rain later in the morning. I wonder if it was so cold they needed to keep the rides running so they wouldn't need the water dummies put back on the trains.
  11. Friends at the park have said that TC is only running 2 trains today. It's disappointing that they gave up on the 3 trains at all times policy.
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