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  1. It indicates that it likely will, albeit likely a lot more low-profile than its last sale. My understanding of the statement is that CNL reached its investment goal and will now start the process of liquidating its assets to repay the investors. The question now is will CNL be willing to sell its properties piecemeal or as a group (which currently, sounds like they prefer the 2nd way - since they sold the golf course portfolio in a package).
  2. No. Other rides will still be open but the ones you listed are the only ones that will be Halloween themed.
  3. Darien Lake will be offering both parts of their Halloween festivities again this year, including Fall Family Fun days (similar to last years stuff for younger kids) and a haunt called Outbreak. A sign for it was posted just today along with pushing the new season pass upgrade price of $19.99. Outbreak sounds like it will be pretty cool and their should be an official announcement about it coming soon.
  4. I thought Scrambler would come back in 2015, but what's going to replace, the 3 Point Challenge game? Who said anything about replacing the 3 point challenge game? He said it will be going NEAR it.
  5. I think what people seem to forget is that Amusement parks are private property so they think that they can bring anything in, say whatever they want, etc.
  6. I really like this park. I think it has a certain charm to it, especially with its small size. Whens the next update coming?
  7. The in park/on property locations for the tournament have not yet been announced but here are a couple of articles for those who are interested: http://www.wgrz.com/story/sports/2014/05/15/gus-macker-tournament/9156035/ (Video) http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/gus-macker-tournament-set-to-take-center-stage-at-darien-lake-20140515 (Article)
  8. Galaxy theater is on the map... Its that blue building between viper and the go carts. The bridge is still up so I'm not surprised its still on the map. I personally think the bridge looks nice when you enter the park, so I hope they don't remove it.
  9. I'm surprised Cobblestone Cafe was taken out before Greenbrier Grill. Also, I'm guessing this somewhat limits the parks food selection now, so I'm wondering if we will also be seeing a new eatery coming soon?
  10. This is awesome! I really like the story line and the park. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  11. No, I don't think so. The weather needs to close rides for 90 minutes before that guarantee is activated, and usually most storms pass over within that time frame. Plus if someone already bought a ticket and decides not to stay for the day because of a ride being closed or weather, the park has already made the money off the ticket sale. By having them come back as others have mentioned and staying all day because the weather is nice or a certain ride is open means they will spend more money in-park on food, games, etc.
  12. If I'm going to my home park I bring: - My wallet - Cell Phone - Keys - Employee ID (for admission) If I'm going to any other park I'd bring a camera as well. If I'm going to a water park I'll also bring swim trunks and a towel in a drawstring bag.
  13. We've really done this to ourselves though by making games like Farmville and Flappybird so popular. The games don't require any where near the expense a larger, longer developed game requires but still can draw in a huge amount of revenue. Its quite sad.
  14. I think it was a response to a question someone posted on the page. The only ride that was actually confirmed though was ride of steel. But I assume the other coasters will run 2 trains based the happiness guarantee, which one part of that means giving reride vouchers if the line is over 45 minutes on certain rides.
  15. Sorry, as koppen said, it cannot be rezoned. I didn't know about the stipulations that trees can't even be taken down though. That would make it very undesirable for anyone, I think.
  16. These ideas are really far fetched. I don't understand why there are complaints about discussing a similar topic that has been discussed before if it actually has a chance of happening. Now instead we are discussing things that wouldn't make sense and to be honest I don't think I would even want to see. DarienLaker, I also don't understand you agreeing with the complaint that the same things are discussed over and over, you are one of the leading contributors of that, actually. Anyways, I really, really like the direction HFE is taking the park. They are making it very similar to its roots
  17. CNL is kinda a conglomerate of a lot of different things. They own a couple of parks, some ski resorts, senior living complexes, etc. But nonetheless I completely agree with your statement. I would love to see HFE buy the park but from what I understand is that CNL is trying to value the park at a much higher price then its worth which would create a hurdle for HFE if they want to buy it. I do agree that the park is morphing right into HFE's vision with addition ideas such as lake monster, sidewinder, and the restaurant (HFE is known for their parks having very good food, aren't they?)
  18. I don't see the park taking out thunder rapids any time soon. Its a pretty popular ride and doesn't have mechanical issues that often like 'cuda did.
  19. The past weekend was really nice but tomorrow isn't looking so good. According to the forecast we are supposed to get some more snow (was hoping we were done for the season) but the good news is it should be melted by Wednesday.
  20. I decided to check back up on this and see that it still hasn't sold, and it doesn't seem like there's been much interest in it either. I've never been to this park (or any park outside of North America for that matter) but its always sad to see a theme park waste away. I just don't think anyone is interested in opening another park in its location. The land it sits on also cannot be rezoned until 2061 I noticed while I was rereading the article, so it may remain abandoned for quite awhile at this rate.
  21. It could also be Hydroforce, I know riders used mats on those as well. Do you know what year you are thinking of? That would make it easier to identify.
  22. Most parks don't know they are removing a certain ride 4 years ahead. Parks can be sometimes unpredictable when it comes to ride removal and other times they have logical reason (IE run down, maintenance issues, or selling the ride to another park). In 'Cuda Falls' case I could see Darien Lake selling the slides and the inner tubes for 'Cuda Falls to another park and using the money from selling said slides for something new! I doubt they would sell them and I don't think there's many if any parks that would buy them based on their age and that they were built to the teraforming of the gr
  23. I really don't mind that cuda falls has been taken down (All the parts from them were actually sitting in the parking lot the other day). I think I rode it only a couple of times and the last time was at least 8 years ago. They were fun, but the idea that something new and more exciting, especially compared to a 20 year old ride, excites me a lot more.
  24. This was kinda funny the first time one of these jokes were posted but its not really now. Additionally, it doesn't add anything substantial to what we were discussing or even bring up any of the points. Flood gate falls didn't even work properly when it was operating. An attendant had to push riders through one section of it and it wouldn't even really help reduce any strain on the slides anyways since its a different type of ride.
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