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  1. The Grand Theater and Gazebo stage are labeled on the map, so I'm sure there are plans involving those locations. The Galaxy has been left out though, so it looks like that will SBNO this season.
  2. I don't know about corporate but even just in a leadership position at a park (ie. manager, supervisor, etc.) will change some of the magic because you start evaluating the operations as you wait in line, ride the rides, walk through the park, etc. You'll spot things like incorrect uniforms (for example. maybe just an untucked shirt) and notice other things that are being done incorrectly more often. I'm still able to go to the park I work at and other parks and have fun, but I'm also usually going with other people who I work with. If I went with a non-employee friend I would probably annoy t
  3. 2015 hours have been announced on the website http://www.darienlake.com/park-hours/. Looks like the park won't be open in October this year. The summer hours are pretty much the same as they've been for years now.
  4. I wonder if it has more to do with the skyline as it means it will have less of an impact then if it was clashing with the giant wheel. Basically, it will be less noticeable to those living in the area. The traffic thing is interesting as it indicates a really large attraction which would effect traffic might have a harder time getting approved. Something else that's interesting on that report is the projected cost of $1 million.
  5. I saw that photo in the plan that Darien Lake submitted to Genesee County for the construction, so I would guess DarienLaker probably got it from there. As for that building next to the area where the UFO used to be... Half of it is Subway and the other half is the old queue for the UFO.
  6. I've worked in rides and admissions/parking departments at a park for 3 years. Some days rides was great but other days it was terrible. On the other hand I've loved working in admissions/parking just about everyday. Many of my employees seem to enjoy it as well, but operations can differ from park to park. Another key point is that unless your 18 you won't be able to operate the majority of rides depending on state and company policy. If you're under 18 and hired to work rides you can only attend (which means not press any buttons.. just check restraints and signal clear) or work in kiddi
  7. Then don't. Elitch Gardens was under Premier's control when the ride was named I do believe... Therefore they could very well call it the same thing, but who knows. I do think the name and ideas for it shouldn't really be the main point of the discussion here though. -- Its sad to know that UFO won't be coming back as it was a cool and unique ride, but it also makes sense considering it was probably pretty hard to get parts for it. Sure, the park could have probably have had them custom fabricated but that would have been very expensive and taken a lot of time. Not really worth it f
  8. Yes, one that is a combo theme and water park but pretty small called Clementon Park and Splash World and then one that is just a waterpark called Ocean Breeze Waterpark. They also own a marina.
  9. Not that I know of. It's because these properties are owned by an investment company rather than an operations orientated company. While it is working, but I think it could be debated how well its working.
  10. DarienLaker, Premier is not taking over as the owner. They've already managed Elitch for almost a year now. It should be interesting to see what will come to Elitch during this off-season, as that would be Premiers first real project there. In terms of day-to-day operations, I heard they ran a couple of car load sales this past season. Sk - Premier manages several other CNL properties - Frontier City, Elitch, and a bunch of waterparks. I haven't followed any news on those parks so I don't know of any changes that have occurred at them.
  11. I don't think so because the way its worded indicates differently to me. "seeking attractive exit alternatives for the remainder of our property portfolio" sounds like dumping the properties. If they file an IPO the "company" (CNL Lifestyle Investments) would still exist and hold the properties. But like I said, that line makes it sound as if they don't want to hold the properties. Of course, the first line of that statement regarding the liquidity, indicates that an IPO could still be an option but that isn't their focus right now.
  12. This line in the SEC filing indicates differently: Based on that line, as of right now, they are looking for ways to offload the remainder of their properties while leaving the door open to say that they could consider doing something else (basically the first part of the statement).
  13. I would also imagine the price that Darien Lake would sell for would also be pretty high and I somewhat doubt Premier would have the capital on hand or even be able raise enough to purchase it.
  14. While CNL Lifestyle is looking to sell of their properties, I don't believe they have a deadline they must meet. It's not going to be like when Six Flags declared bankruptcy and had to sell off several of their assets as soon as possible. So therefore, I don't think anyone should be too worried that the park will close, even if it doesn't find a new owner by next year. Coasterkid124 - You are right that clean bathrooms won't bring in troves of new people, but if a new ride is added and brings in a lot of people, the park is going to need clean bathrooms to make them stay and continue comin
  15. It was really busy the days that the park was open with its Halloween events, so I would assume they did good during that. Lets not get ahead of ourselves with DL Guy's post that management is already shifting hands. No reputable official news or documents supporting his claim have been made. The line added to Wikipedia that someone quoted has no reference listed and was edited in by an anonymous user, so that's not reputable either.
  16. They actually can't as they need to sell the properties to repay the investors their original investment back plus whatever they made on it. For investors who purchased into this portfolio, it was almost like buying a bond. You invest an initial amount of money, the investment makes money over awhile, and then once it reaches its maturity, you get your money back plus whatever was made. CNL's portfolio of lifestyle properties reached that maturity point, and is now repaying the investors. No, its a different company. It is however managed and owned by people who used to be apart of Si
  17. The information regarding the liquidation of the REIT was discussed a few pages back. The investment portfolio has reached its maturity, which basically means its time to repay the investors of the portfolio. As Thedarkmaxim said, there was two ways they could have done that, and it appears they choose the first option he listed.
  18. Anyone here make signatures, avatars, or similar graphics? If so, share some of your creations with us! I've tried my hand in it, and I think I'm decent - here are some of my better works: One of my first experiments with C4D's: And my most recent, inspiration came from seeing The Maze Runner last night:
  19. I saw The Maze Runner last night and thought it was pretty good. I actually am looking forward to going to watch the sequel as well, which will be out next year.
  20. From a new countdown timer on the website's homepage the 2015 opening day has been announced. It will be May 9th. This is the same weekend the park has opened recently - the second weekend of May.
  21. Ride of Steel isn't necessarily a bad name... the steel industry was huge at one point in WNY so I think it could work. However, the colors would need to be changed to reflect a theming in that direction. I also don't understand why some people put a retheme so high on their priority list. Sure it would be nice, but its not anything new and won't affect attendance.
  22. In regards to the concert venue - it is owned by Darien Lake, but it is leased and completely managed by Live Nation. So the owners of Darien Lake do not necessarily have control over the day-to-day ops of the venue, such as for example, alcohol sales. If HFEC was to purchase DL, I don't think HFEC would want to take over ops of the concert venue anyways. Having it leased out to and operated by a company in the music industry makes much more sense.
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