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  1. Every year that I've seen the ride in early Spring it has been taken down that far, so it is normal for them to take it down to just the frame.
  2. What? In what world would that make sense to leave both theaters SBNO? I don't see that happening. The galaxy will probably be SBNO again but surely the Grande will still have shows. Plus there was a post on Facebook a few weeks back saying they were holding auditions for a Silvertree Production show.
  3. No, because the two trains are not exactly the same. From my understanding it would cause faults and other problems because the trains would run at slightly different speeds. The sensors are really sensitive to that type of thing.
  4. Why one train operations again, is Darien Lake too cheap to buy two trains for Ride of Steel? You are acting like this is a surprise when its been mentioned several times before in this thread. The reason for just 1 train is likely because the money they have for improvements this year is already spent with the new ride and the train. The water slide is costing about $2.88 million and I think I saw somewhere that new Intamin trains are around $200k (could someone confirm the typical cost?) If my numbers are correct, once you count the tax incentives the park received from Genesee
  5. Looks like the official reveal of the slide is coming this week. The new train is also confirmed: The Daily News Online
  6. So who is going to fill Doug's spot? Will this thread recieve an equivalent in the near future? The park is currently accepting applications for the position. Several other full time positions are open too.
  7. I've personally never ridden a slide like this one whether it be a mat or body slide, but I also rarely go on waterpark attractions. I don't see premier abandoning the dry side of the park. Based on what we've heard already they did put money up for that side in terms of the new train and more two train ops. I would assume that since they started repainting Mind Eraser last year that they will continue to move forward with that on other attractions as well. All these moves are pretty expensive, and probably sucked up most of the capital budget used on the dry side of the park.
  8. I doubt it. Anyways, I just looked into the ride and it looks pretty awesome. It's capacity is high, which I think is great. Some of the lines in the water park get really long, especially with cuda falls not there anymore. If they did add this ride I think it would really help reduce that problem.
  9. Searched for the town of Darien planning board meeting info and found this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.townofdarienny.com/PDF%2520Files/legal/2016/Darien_Lake_Kraken_Racer_public_Hearing.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjfzbDy3KrKAhUCXD4KHaoqBqwQFggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNHfWHzTVij6vUSwPoNO9MWybfS9Rg The title of the document indicates that it is likely for a Kraken Racer. It's a water racing slide from Proslide. More details can be found here
  10. Link? I've attached a picture from the news paper. It doesn't reveal any details other then they are planning on adding a new ride.
  11. We should find out what new ride Darien Lake is planning on adding in a week or so. A local news paper had a notice about an upcoming town of Darien planning board meeting where the plans were going to be discussed.
  12. Still pretty cheap to me, so the is hardly necessary in my opinion. Two hours down the road in a smaller park they sold them at $89.99 in 2015 and there were hardly any significant complaints. If my inside knowledge is correct, that price will increase in 2016 as well. Darien Lake has great value for an enthusiast with a Season Pass as I'm sure an enthusiast would use the pass 5+ times for a price less than two visits at full price. It was a somewhat sarcastic . Although as a family of four its costing me $80 more this year (youngest didnt need on this year) I'm not surprised by
  13. Any mention of if the meal plan will be availible again?? It will be available again.
  14. That's definitely not true and hasn't been for at least the past few years.
  15. I agree, itwould/will be a good move when all the empty areas are filled up. In regards to the laser show, moving it near ride of steel might be difficult as they would have to make sure none of the lasers go near ride of steel or else it would have to close for the show just like how boomerang, giant wheel, red hawk, blast off, and sling shot currently have to. The whole park is closed by the time the laser show starts. The lines may close at 10, but the rides finish out their lines which sometimes results in Ride of Steel still running cycles until 10:45 pm.
  16. I agree, itwould/will be a good move when all the empty areas are filled up. In regards to the laser show, moving it near ride of steel might be difficult as they would have to make sure none of the lasers go near ride of steel or else it would have to close for the show just like how boomerang, giant wheel, red hawk, blast off, and sling shot currently have to.
  17. The cost of paving new parking lots across the street and building tunnels would be counter productive, at least at this stage when there is still space to expand within the park. If you consider the averages for parking lots, each car takes an average of 200 sq ft on the low end (this includes the aisles, parking spots, roadways in the lots, etc. Darien Lake would need approximately 4,000-5,000 spots. Mutiply that by 200 and that's how much sq ft would appropriately be required. Now the average cost of paving per sq ft is $1.50 - $2.50 Based on these figures, we are talking about $1.5 mi
  18. I don't believe anything anymore until I see it. There have been too many people saying they "have seen corporate talking in the park" or have "insider sources giving them information". How many users have there been on this thread alone that join, post some rumor claiming they know somebody important, then disappear once they realize their "rumor" (really just pipedreams) didn't come true. I'll just be overwatching the real sources (that don't always make thing public) for any new information. - The assessor's office will publish a sale of the property pretty soon after it is made
  19. The moment when you realize that it's very likely Especially knowing they are one of the contenders, (or maybe the only ones), that want to purchase Darien Lake. People, take note... ^ hes dropped more than a few hints that hes in the know about HFE buying DL, so pay attention... Unless he is corporate HFE or CNL, which I somewhat doubt, I wouldn't consider him a reliable source regarding any sale of the park.
  20. Darien Lake's fall events have been announced. This year its called Harvest Fest and the full details can be views on Darien Lake's website: https://www.darienlake.com/harvest-fest/ The event is set to include various live entertainment, food trucks, craft beers, crafts, and other fall themed activities.
  21. Since the beginning of this week and it is expected to be an extended downtime.
  22. The coasters are. However, Giant Wheel, Twister, and of course Ranger are currently down. There isn't an ETA on when Giant Wheel or Twister will be back up.
  23. CNL released their quarterly report the other day. No news on what attraction properties are being sold beyond them stating that 3 of the properties are currently being held for sale. Higher attendance has been confirmed in the report as well, as we have all already noticed. Here is the report if anyone wants to see it. Coasterkid - There are going to be some fall events happening on the weekends during September but the details haven't been released yet.
  24. Yes, depending on the weather and special events I have seen it happen before. When its happened, I've seen parks use some type of auxiliary lot that they overflow into, which is usually grass or gravel. Not sure if CW has any of those areas around.
  25. Where did you hear that CNL is divesting their theme park properties? Is this for certain? If you got this information from a website, I would really appreciate it if you could post a link to the website or at the very least, provide the web address in a new post to this forum. It has been noted in their SEC filings. They aren't just selling off their theme parks, they are selling everything. www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1261159/000119312515112488/d832390d10k.htm
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