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  1. I'm not sure a pre-fab model will be enough of a draw as a custom model might be depending on how it's designed. Half of DL's current coaster collection are already clones. I can tell you now that expanding into the parking lot at this time has almost zero chance of happening unless they find another area to add more. This is simply because they need all of the parking for concerts with the new policy on that. But what about the campgrounds instead? I don't know if that's a possibility at all. I don't think they would put it by ROS. I think if they were to add a ride over there it would
  2. I wish ,but there is no way Cedar Point is going to sell Mean Streak to Darien Lake. Frankly I think that Darien Lake is better off getting a Big Spin coaster clone (Gerstlauer 380/4 spinning coaster)! Is putting in one of these spinning coasters really worth it though? I personally think I would prefer a euro-fighter although I do know that they are more expensive. Either way, whatever Darien Lake chooses to add I'm hoping that it's a custom layout.
  3. I found this map of the area where Thrillbilly was. I would say this is from the late 1980's. Not much is around the ride except picnic pavilions and the theater, so I would say that the fire didn't have anything to do with it.
  4. That could be very well possible since a break room was destroyed in the fire and the current one is near Predator. So if the old one was in the same location that the current one is in, it would have been near Thrillbilly.
  5. The article says the fire destroyed a maintenance building, a break room and a couple of other buildings. Not sure if any rides were damaged or destroyed. Also, turns out the giant wheel will be running all of it's gondolas this year!
  6. This is a bit off the current topic, but a local town newspaper (Which has a historical archives section for 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs, etc.) reports that there was a fire that caused $750,000 - $1 million worth of damage to Darien Lake 25 years ago. I did a quick google such but nothing came up (probably due to the fact the internet didn't exist back then), but this is the first I've ever heard of this. Does anyone know anything about this?
  7. I think the idea of naming it Bizarro was intended a joke and not a reference to the DC Comic character.
  8. Seeing abandoned amusement parks pictures is sad yet interesting at the same time. These pictures aren't mine (I've never been to SFNO) but found them on a site a few days ago and thought some of you might enjoy them as well: All of SFNO's original rides are still SBNO. Many of them will never operate again because they were destroyed when the park was flooded by Katrina and left like that for several weeks. What a shame. MOD EDIT: link deleted, trespassing is an illegal activity that TPR does not condone.
  9. The queue line for Viper at Darien Lake is very long and hasn't been filled in years (maybe even decades). There's also that old stand in the middle of it.
  10. ^ I think it's unlikely the wheel will have all of it's gondolas this year either. I worked it last year and we were all told that once the 10 that were being refurbished returned, another 10 would go out to be refurbished. I agree with Doug, it was strange at first but then I got used to it and it looked fine. I do miss the lights on it though. It would be really awesome to see it lit up again!
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