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  1. Thanks for this but I don't think anyone was indicating that Darien Lake ever went crazy with additions. Rather, they were stating that if Darien Lake followed the plan outlined above, it would be "crazy". Additionally, with the information you listed, they were pretty evenly spread out over a number of years. There was no time where the park went crazy with investing tens of millions of dollars for several years in a row. I completely agree with the posts above about how the expansions should be done. Slow and steady is the key, especially as it makes mends to its relationship with local
  2. Is this actually confirmed? I was by the park last month and they were still up. I'm not sure how long it would take for them to be taken down but it seems a month would be a really short time.
  3. It's already pretty short on handicap spots so taking even 45 would have an effect. Even without that area, the space is still pretty large.
  4. There's no way they could cut into parking again unless they add more space elsewhere without adversely affecting parking overall. The Splashtown area already took a HUGE area of parking away, but at the time and still now none of that was really needed with attendance levels. The current parking setup can accommodate approximately 15,000-20,000 people depending on a couple of factors, and that includes parking all the grass areas around the theme park parking lots. Concert parking does actually regularly spill over into the general parking as well, although in general the park tries to avoid
  5. I do agree with you. Maybe it has something to do with the piping and water pumps for the 'Cuda Falls? Maybe tearing it out would have caused damage to 'Cuda Falls piping. I really have no idea how they worked or why floodgate falls was never removed, but there must be a reason. Especially with how gross it would get over the course of the year. Sk610 - None of the expansion can spill over into the parking lot unless they decide to add more parking elsewhere. Especially handicap parking. That fills up very quickly on busy days, and on busy concerts days all the lots can get filled to capac
  6. SbSteveZ - Floodgate falls will likely be removed as well. The reason it hadn't been removed before was because it could undermine the stability of 'Cuda Falls, at least that's what I've heard. I think its exciting news to hear that 'Cuda falls is going to be replaced. They've had a handful of problems over the past few years plus there was the useless and obsolete floodgate gate falls that nothing could be done with. I think it'll be really cool to see the area redeveloped.
  7. Robb, I completely agree with you. It sucks for Theme Parks because they are stuck in a 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' place. However, obviously letting anyone with a disability like this ride could have a lot worse consequences for the park then not allowing him to ride if something were to go wrong. It sucks that everyone in this world so sue crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy later tries to sue the park for discrimination.
  8. "Refurbishment" in this case is just like when a ride op tells you the ride is down for "technical difficulties". It was used as a way to explain why they were closed without giving out what was wrong with them. I don't think there's any planning for a "secret" ride or attraction either. Last time I was by the park the slides were still standing so no surprises this year at least anyways. I feel like the likes not being open should almost be non-news anyways. Does anyone know how long water slides normally last? I'm thinking 20 years is a long time for water slides especially when you fac
  9. Probably not. They were in bad shape last year and it would cost a ton of money to fix them. Probably more than what's it's worth to keep them at their current age. I do agree that the park should just make an announcement about them one way or the other though. Just like last year they should have said the reason why they were closed. Not sure why it was kept as such a secret.
  10. Darien Lake released their new webpage today. I think it looks a lot more like the other HFC parks' pages than what it did previously. Check it out: https://www.darienlake.com/
  11. The additions are planned out for years in advance. That's how it is at every theme park (or any company, for that matter.) Although it looks like no new rides this year it does appear that more announcements related to entertainment and in-park events will be coming up. The following is from Darien Lake's FB: Also, does anyone know if the in-park concerts were popular back when they had those?
  12. When I was younger I used to dream of owning an amusement park, which was actually kind of strange because I barely ever visited them despite living about 15 minutes away from one. I really became more obsessed with them in 2012 when I started working at one, though. Although originally it wasn't my dream job, I now wouldn't mind having a career in a theme park as a full time employee.
  13. Hey all, I was thinking that most forums have a section for feedback and suggestions so I was looking for one on TPR because I had a couple of ideas. But then I noticed that we don't have one! I think TPR should add one of these even if it's just a subboard of the off-topic section. It could be used to suggest changes/additions to the forums, site, etc. It also could be place admins could get feedback on updates they are planning. What do you guys think about it? Should we add one of these sections?
  14. I think a good solution here is if you don't like the thread then don't read it... As to doom monkey's post I agree with Sk610 that a roller coaster could fit in the area without moving shipwreck (where else in the park would it go to anyways?), by placing the new coaster in the cuda' area and behind shipwreck.
  15. Moving the slides it really out of the question. They are built to the terrain under them so without having all new supports fabricated (or the terrain modified for them) it's not going to be moving anywhere. On top of that, there is no room in the water park to move them to even if they could be moved. Nothing is special about these slides other then that they help take a lot of strain off the others during the water park's busy summer months.
  16. It's certainly in a good location but would need tons of money poured into it. Most of it's larger rides have been removed (apparently this was to smuggle drugs in with the ride parts when they were shipped out) and even if they were still there they'd be inoperable by now I'd assume. The park has a pretty "colorful" history under its past owners from what I'm reading... They were pretty crazy.
  17. Ever dreamed of owning a theme park? Okay, we all probably have. Now your dreams can come true via eBay for only $2.2 million. The abandoned Spreepark in Berlin, Germany is up for sale. The park has been closed since 2002. You can read the full article about it here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57619304-1/buy-an-abandoned-amusement-park-on-ebay/. It appears to be in really decrepit shape, but that's to be expected since it's been left to the elements for 12 years.
  18. I've seen some pictures of the former Six Flag New Orleans park, but those were taken illegally so I can't share the link. They were pretty interesting though. It's sad but also cool to see what happens to the parks once they are abandoned. As to your Olympic reference, virtually every Olympic complex falls into disrepair pretty quickly after they are over because there are so many facilities and no use for them. I remember reading somewhere that some of them are converted for other uses, but many are just abandoned. That's sad when you think of how beautiful some of the venues are and ho
  19. People always complain about The Ride of Steel at Darien Lake being poorly themed and named because it was done haphazardly after Six Flags pulled out. Personally, I think the name could fit in possibly with paint change, especially with the way HFC is trying to theme the park after the area around it and New York State. There was a time when steel was a major industry in Buffalo so with some adjustments it could definitely fit in.
  20. I think they can still improve an area of the park as the area in front of Galaxy is seriously in need of some improvements. It could also potentially include the area around prospectors pizza, batting cages, and the bumper cars. Speaking of area at Darien Lake that needs improvement, I could think of two other places in the that needs improvement; the Ride of Steel/Predator area and Hook's Lagoon! Yes, we know. This is only the billionth time its been brought up. Hook's Lagoon needs improvements? I don't think it really does. There are other areas the park would be better of spendin
  21. I think they can still improve an area of the park as the area in front of Galaxy is seriously in need of some improvements. It could also potentially include the area around prospectors pizza, batting cages, and the bumper cars.
  22. There wasn't hesitance due to falling attendance (that actually sped it up if anything, as they wanted it to increase attendance this year) but rather falling profits at CNL. I still say something is probably coming to the UFO area (I really can't seem them leaving it bare for 2 years in a row) but based on their announcements so far it might not be a ride. HFC is obviously in Darien for the long run though as they appear to have extended their contract. It was up for renewal and they renewed Darien's but not Elitch's. I take this as a good sign that they have some big things down the
  23. Sorta, but Nik has also said he has wanted to stay in and be more apart of area (ie. His museum he wants in nf) and I guess this is one way for him to do that.
  24. Nik Wallenda and his family will be at Darien Lake from June 23rd to labor day. They will perform twice daily in the galaxy theater. They will also be running an interactive tight rope training for guests at the gazebo stage. Personally I'm not sure this will be enough to boost their attendance very much but we weren't expecting too much more than this I guess (most of us at least).
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