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  1. Believe me: I know this timeline very well, as I was trying to raise a family of five with three little kids during that time, and it was the beginning of the end of our financial stability as a family, that we're just now getting over... I recognize that its addition bolstered attendance through those early years. But it's not still drawing people in like that now. Now, it's a burgeoning economy, and the park's proximity to the prime vacation destination of Lake Michigan that is fueling the crowds. This only seems to reinforce what I (and all of us MiA fans, really) are saying, that a major roller coaster addition to the park could only boost attendance even more! If they saw such a tangible increase out of Thunderhawk, which automatically turned off the healthy contingent of GP that don't like inversions, imagine what they'd see from an Intamin Hyper or Mega-Lite, or a Chance Hyper GTX! So I think we're in agreement on that - even if I cannot in good conscience call Thunderhawk a good roller coaster! (FWIW, I'd agree that it's the best of its kind - but that's not saying much to me...) I'm sorry to hear about what the economy did to you. I know it hit many hard and I am thankful that we do appear to be rebounding a bit. The thing is the market. I don't know how long it would take for the park to hit 1 million people. But its possible. Believe it or not, following Thunderhawks opening in 2008, Muskegon tourism promoters were working with Cedar Fair to try to bring a Michigan's Adventure official campground, motel & indoor waterpark. Mark my words, but remember the Jourden family owns Duck Creek across the street. I see them eventually selling that to Cedar Fair and that becoming the official RV Resort for the park. Then there was the quote from Camille-Jourden Mark "As long as we continue to get a return on investment, we will continue to invest". The infrastructure upgrades going on behind the scenes have been great, but she was quoted with "big capital on the way" last year and she wouldn't say that just for infrastructure. So fingers crossed.
  2. Thunderhawk opened in 2008 and attendance jumped rapidly. The economy didn't rebound in the summer of 2008 and leading into 2009...it actually was beginning to crash. But no I am not saying it is the sole reason, but it was one of the main reasons. The park had, however, seen attendance growth in the seasons preceeding leading all the way back to 2003. But that was the biggest single jump in the history of the park. And it has been stated numerous times by management that the addition of Thunderhawk was the reason for the success. You spend that on a ride and get that enormous turnout. The park was just riding the wave and probably never even thought of another coaster following it (but seeing as that was so long ago, I hope a new coaster is on the table. I really want the Chance Hyper GTX rumor to be true)
  3. On a day where the park was packed, Thunderhawk's station was a ghost town when I was there the other day... I'm guessing the honeymoon finally wore off! (Or maybe word has finally gotten out to enough people about what a terrible coaster it is... ) Thunderhawk is stated to be one of the best SLC's out there right now. Compared to others, I actually rather enjoy it. In addition, since its opening, the park has consistently brought in crowds that continued to increase annually. They're up to around 750,000-800,000 people per year as of the last time I heard. That's really well for this park considering they were only getting 400,000 when Shivering Timbers opened.
  4. Rmc! It sucks that we probably wont get anything until the relations improve, or CF sees the need for a new B&M at MiA. Maybe an el-loco? Honestly Intamin have higher maintenance than B&Ms so I actually think we would see a B&M before Intamin even if the relations return back to normal. Maybe B&M will crawl out of its force-less-crap-hole, takes some chances, and make a Mega-Lite. B&M did make a family invert, maybe they are looking to expand business? I wonder what the price tag on a B&M mega-lite would be if they did ever make one. Didn't realize how cheap ST really is. Dang. Honestly though every time I go I see people working on ST so I can't see how maintenance doesn't like it. A B&M is too expensive and capacity is too large for the park. Unless it were a cheaper B&M with lower capacity than usual, then maybe. I still don't think we'd see a B&M at the park for awhile, as much as I want one. Presently, Thunderhawk is listed as the parks most expensive expenditure at $8 million (though people on here have been trying to argue that). I'll go with what the park states on that though. Even if it weren't, I believe Grand Rapids cost around $6 million and was the largest until Thunderhawk. I think $10 million is most certainly doable, but it does appear as if the chain has been staying away from Intamin.
  5. The head of maintainance has already said they don't want to deal with the headache of a drop tower or huss product. The park could use a lot. A modern B&M is not the top of my list of wants I think, as long as the park stays under 1 million guests, that a B&M is just too big of an expenditure for it or the market. I think there's a ways to go until then. As for the drop tower or HUSS Product issue. I think its only a matter of time before we see some sort of drop tower come to the park. I think Demon Drop should've went to MiA instead of Dorney myself, but it is what it is. As for HUSS, a lot of people are distancing themselves from them for the time being due to the maintenance headaches and the fact the company went belly-up. Please post as soon as you can. S&S wouldn't be bad honestly. Maybe even something from Premier's stable. But, if you want to talk about likely candidates for a coaster, I think S&S is the most likely aside from Zierer or Mack. Hopefully they could work something out with Chance. I know that there are rumors of "bad blood", but eventually things could be worked out and Chance and Intamin can begin a good working relationship with the chain again. As for the waterpark stuff. I think you're on to something. With the new employee center being built, I suspect the back parking lot will be moved as well and the waterpark will be expanded. Put in some box slides back there and maybe even a ProSlide Rocket or something. Have some fun with it! I'm also going to stick with a Planet Snoopy becoming part of the Back 40 eventually and a Disk'O Coaster making its way to the park. Which isn't all that much more than their previous record. The question is, how long will it take to recover from that. Thunderhawk brought in unprecedented record breaking crowds that never really died off. So the park rode the wave for quite a long time. A Mega-Lite would lead to a larger gap I assume. At any rate, can't wait to hear about the "major capital".
  6. ^Don't forget, if things stand true to the "leaked plans", it will also feature a "Worlds First". World's first Vertical Loop on a Dive Coaster. And wouldn't longest drop on a Dive Coaster count as a record too? Anyway, exciting times ahead. Tis the season!
  7. At least the Lions have a better chance of getting a Super Bowl title than MIA getting a new coaster. You'll eat your words before you know it my friend! It may be awhile, but we'll eventually get both!!
  8. ^^No worries haha. I know what you meant, just having some fun with ya. The future is bright for this park just like many in the chain. We'll see lots of infrastructure changes for the better in addition to new attractions in the next few years. I'm excited to see what "older refurbished" flat rides are brought back from Europe by CF and which parks get what rides.
  9. That may be hard to pull off. Whenever quality takes on quality, things get rough! But, if they want quality more than quantity, then power to them . They have a good collection as is.
  10. So true! Mediocrity all over the place. If it wasn't for Renegade it would be one sorry coaster line up. Fighting for the #1 coaster slot then would be WT and SV. I would like to see the Dino's removed and a coaster up in the front of the park like everyone else but until I see another CF park that had the Dino's before VF remove them then I am skeptical this would happen. I keep reading in theme park forums about that they are on 'contract' for a specified time but have never heard or read that from CF anywhere officially. Is this true or just another 'wishful thinking' rumor? I was told there was a contract for a specified amount of years. The terms, I am not sure. I know the Dinos were making mad bank for the parks in their first years of operation. Not sure how they're doing now but I heard the condition is also deteriorating.
  11. ^If its something of note, they'll want to tease it for marketing. I understand some being "surprises" that come out of nowhere or just statements saying "We'll announce something on this date". But if its a coaster, they'll want to. I believe they did tease Renegade if I am not mistaken. Even Michigan's Adventure teased Lakeside Gliders. They even teased Beach Party.
  12. It has wheels with polyurethane treads. Either way, technically the two are different. I say don't touch ST though. It doesn't need anything!
  13. ^Super specific...I think we just witnessed a very subtle advertisement for Super America and the Culvers on Cantebury Drive. I'd say it was advertising for Valleyfair and Cedar Fair as well (and possibly even B&M)...but everyone already knows that posting on this thread. At any rate, if its something big, then we will be seeing "teasers" and such like from the other parks soon. But, as I always say, anything is anything and with the parks focusing on infrastructure upgrades, you cannot go wrong. The company is doing something right, revenue continues to climb and season pass sales are at an all-time high. Customer satisfaction is climbing too.
  14. ^^Is it just me or does anyone else actually see the Barrel Roll (or 540 Corked Roll as they call it) in the video screenshot posted? Because I believe I do, in fact, see the Corked Roll right before the final dive. EDIT: Nevermind, it is a bit off. Its more of a roll right into the Raven Turn.
  15. ^The first ride of its type, developed by Schlitterbahn and White Water West was "Dragon Blaster" at the park in New Braunfels. White Water West has been using the water jets to propel the rafts up-hill since Dragon Blaster opened in 1994 (for rides dubbed "water coasters" nowadays such as ProSlide's Magnetic Rockets or the Master Blaster types). Master Blaster opened in 1996 and featured more hills, and that is seen as the "innovative" one that lead these types of coasters into the future. ProSlide came along and developed LIMs to shoot the rafts up. Now they'll transition this product to water jets. Both work great but I've heard the water jets are more reliable. I don't know that for sure though and I'd take either at my local water park!
  16. Do you think maybe that's why they say it's going to be a "Historic Day"? "Announcing the worlds FIRST roller coaster to feature Virtual Reality theming - where the water is always choppy plus thunder and Whyte Lightning ignite the sky!" But remember if there are any virtual raindrops the ride has to close down as per Cedar Point's virtual rain policy. An article out of the Toledo Blade (see link) stated that the virtual reality concept would be just a test and not permanent yet. It's going to go on to one existing rollercoaster later this year, so that would rule out the Dive Coaster. Also, remember, this is a way to try to figure out how to help enhance an old attraction, so the Dive Coaster wouldn't even be a candidate. Here's the link: http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2015/08/05/Cedar-Fair-ride-to-test-tech-thrills.html Kings Island says get in line... Gurl we've been the test park since 2008 Yeah, but they perfect everything at KI I'd say that Kings Island has been the test park for the most part. These notable ones stand out, and there are probably even more that slipped under the radar or that I am not even thinking of right now. -Dinosaurs Alive! -FastLane/FrightLane -The short-lived (but may return soon) Season Pass Loyalty Rewards Program -And, if I am not mistaken, they also tested FunTV before it became FunTV as well as electronic wait time displays. -PLUS, according to the article above, Kings Island was the first park to get in-park WiFi and Carowinds rolled it out too. I wouldn't be surprised, in all honesty, if the VR actually went to Cedar Point for a test during HalloWeekends on either CCMR or Iron Dragon. But, at this point, it could go anywhere. But I would classify Kings Island as the "test park" (if you really want to go down the path of a "test park"). Going back to the VR, I just don't know what to think about it yet. Could be very interesting.
  17. ^Not gonna happen! It was mentioned in the conference call and then a news article that the VR wasn't going to be a permanent attraction...yet. Ouimet stated it would be a "test" on an existing coaster and that it would be carried out later this year. My bet, for some odd reason, is on Iron Dragon beginning in September and running all of HalloWeekends.
  18. ^^^Yes, it's a coaster and a dark ride. But it was stated that no dark rides are in the pipeline for 2016 for Cedar Fair parks. Therefore, unless the Point plans to build two dark rides, one as a dark ride and one coaster/dark ride combo, then we probably won't see a dark ride next year. As for "record breaking". If all rumors end up being true, this will break many records and could even break many more. Now that we have seen other dive coasters add inversions outside of the Immelman, this is intriguing. -Tallest Dive Coaster -Fastest Dive Coaster -Longest Dive Coaster -Longest Drop on a Dive Coaster -First Dive Coaster with a Vertical Loop (possibly the tallest vertical loop? Depending on momentum and train layout) -Tallest Rollercoaster to feature inversions -Most Inversions on a Dive Coaster Of course this is all spit-balling here, but they announced GateKeeper as a "record breaking scream machine" as well. And it did break many records (many it still holds). Therefore, yeah, this would count as record-breaking (if it indeed is what it is)
  19. Look, I REALLY want this to be a coaster too! But I DO NOT get the "obviously it's a coaster, duh!" vibe from anything I've seen yet. Assuming there is a coaster element to the dark ride (Like WMG), even the wall procession could be pointing to it. What do you think sounds more "Historic", and EPIC - grabbing the attention of everybody, not just coaster enthusiasts... "Announcing, Cedar Point's first immersive dark ride and roller coaster experience!" Or... "Announcing the world's highest, fastest, and longest Dive Coaster!" Again, I want this to be a coaster, but I've seen nothing yet to make me certain it will be, and plenty to give me doubts that it will be. Quote from this article: http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-dark-rides-20150415-story.html I think we're looking at a coaster and no dark ride, for 2016 at least.
  20. Ha! That took me so long to realize it was a Revolution. I just thought that was a part of the building. At any rate. This is exciting for Nickelodeon Universe!
  21. I'm game. In my line of work, I'm all about promotions. I just love that kind of stuff. Marketing and Sales are one of my fortes! Anyway, the Coaster Campout for this park is intriguing. Are any other parks in the chain planning a campout this year? Wondering where the camping area will be. Honestly, it's a good deal if you can pack 4 into the tent (just like Cedar Points) $50 per person, food and admission included plus a night at an great park. Wondering if maybe we'll get some "teasers" of a potential 2016 attraction at this years campout (Camp Rou? )
  22. ^They opened it as Twisted Sisters, but the band threatened to sue the park due to the name use. That's when it was changed to Twisted Twins.
  23. Is it just me, or could we possibly be looking at Universal's third gate? Maybe that Nintendo Theme Park since they bought rights? Guess we'll see.
  24. .....with a train blocking it. How much walking time would going around behind all of that really save? There's actually already a service road that runs back between the train and Thunderhawk/Wolverine Wildcat. It's fairly large and there is plenty of room to pave that and turn it into an actual path and put in a new service road next to it OR keep that service road and put in a new path. There wouldn't be much room to add rides or attractions on that path. Maybe a flat or two and a restaurant or food stand. Any future attractions I bet will have to deal with the train somehow or sit adjacent to Grand Rapids. The connecting "midway" would help a lot though.
  25. Excuse me? Some of us farther south may take offense to that. Kalamazoo's craft brew scene is growing really fast and we already have Bells anchoring. Of course I'm just throwing a fun argument up...but between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Southwest Michigan is truthfully beer heaven! Lets see more bars like the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange too. Nothing like grabbing an expensive beer for cheap because the market crashed (and Bells, Great Lakes, Founders and many other regional, national and international creations are featured there). Anyway, yeah....back to this land clearing...you bring that Hofbrauhouse, I'll bring the money (and credit cards). Enough said! But, in all honesty, I am expecting a Dive Coaster and am rather excited about it if it does come to fruition.
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