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  1. Exactly what I was expecting to the T. Well, I didn't predict All Wheels Extreme but I was under the impression that the amphitheater would be renovated and not completely torn down. I think this is good for the park. Flyers are awesome and its a nice "throw back" for the 40th.
  2. I love the Screamin' Swing rides for sure. The airtime on the tip of the arcs is amazing. However, I will state that maXair has some pretty awesome air and is all around a more insane ride. I think its a toss-up between the two for me though. I may actually make it over to Valleyfair next year to check it out with my Platinum Pass. Less than 10 hours away and I keep asking myself "why not?" EDIT: Where does it say that Excalibur will be closed for the season on the website? I can't find it.
  3. And there goes my coffee.....all over the table....and myself...
  4. ^^Umm, how can you flat out compare a coaster type you've never ridden to another coaster type? That's what he was getting at when he said you obviously never rode a DM. Because comparing one to Rougarou or GateKeeper is insane....
  5. Was just discussing this with people. I don't get how the 12 foot difference makes a big difference first off. Second off, how was everything still built with the airport still operating and then all of a sudden this with it defunct? And as for it posing an obstruction. When flying over areas such as this, a pilot is required to fly 500 feet above the TALLEST OBJECT in the area unless permission is given otherwise. So pilots will already be operating at over 920 feet over and near the peninsula. So I don't get why 230 would be a big deal. At any rate, you have Wicked Twister (215) and WindSeeker (301) just across the way. Power Tower (250) and Top Thrill Dragster (420) not far away! And just a few hundred yards north, Millennium Force (310). Just blows my mind. Shouldn't pose an issue. CP could either blow the money and lower it to 217 and see if a tunnel is possible to use the track still OR they can progress with the study and the FAA will, more than likely, approve the 230 height after awhile. But that may eat up some valuable construction time. Better hope that El Nino winter is true for us then so it can be finished no issue!! EDIT: LiveStream Link here: http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2015/09/cedar_point_to_announce_new_co.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  6. This was in the news today: http://www.wzzm13.com/story/news/local/muskegon/2015/08/25/neighbors-want-theme-park-to-connect-to-muskegon-co-wastewater-system/32363527/
  7. ^Several parks still haven't announced. Besides, a check mark doesn't just mean one park gets it. This could be another water park expansion for all we know. My bets: -Knotts Screamin Swing -Disko or a Waterpark expansion. Of course it could be anything not a coaster.
  8. My suggestion? Buy it now and get it processed this year. Either buy from Michigan's Adventure or Cedar Point and that way you don't really have much risk involved. Buying now also gets you one visit this year, so you could buy it and already start making your money back by a visit to CP or MiA. That and its already processed so you don't have to stress about being screwed or not.
  9. No offense, but in these arguments you always seem to bring up everyone's lack of "business intelligence". Do you actually understand, not just business, but how this industry operates as well? Or do you just read things online, listen to conference calls, listen to investor reports, financial reports etc... and think you have it all? Because a lot more goes into it all than just that. No offense, but it just kind of irritates me when people just dismiss other thoughts as "not understanding business". Like I get it to an extent, see the MiA thread, but just stop with that rhetoric. Because do you think you can run a million dollar business? If not, then don't think someone else can't (what if one of these enthusiasts already does? Not too likely, but its still possible) I, for one, do trust Matt Ouimet and am excited to see how the chain evolves into the future. However, never judge a book by its cover regarding Six Flags. While I do love Cedar Fair, and they're my go to chain, but I still go to Six Flags parks and enjoy myself. Never feel unsafe and, while operations at some may not be the best, I still enjoy myself. Try it sometime. And while Cedar Fair is my "go to", I'd prefer not to play favorites. My stock portfolio has a plethora of entertainment companies in it and that's just because I love the industry, no matter the company! End rant. Anyway, excited to see what the future holds for CGA. With the new expected events area and the fact that the park is impressing executives, I think the future, which was dismal looking not too long ago, just became a lot better.
  10. You didn't. CedarFair1 just likes to throw his prediction of Canada's Wonderland getting that into lots of conversations. Whether that happens or not, is to be seen. But it does bring up the discussion of how many major coaster installations they'd do in one year. Anyway, I think KD has a terrific coaster lineup as Robb stated. And Delirium will be a nice flat ride addition to the park. With attendance maintaining with the additions, why rush to put in a super-major capital project?
  11. ^Pretty sure it was just to post their deals and payment plans for Season Passes right now. All Cedar Fair parks are doing it. Get a Free Visit this year for First Time Passholders or a Free Fast Lane for renewing passholders.
  12. ummm. I bet there huss and gerstlauer. No way they got a Mondial revolution. Its not a Zamprela. Its a gerstlauer Correct on Skyhawk being a Gerstlauer. But the Delirium actually is Mondial.
  13. As expected, the park has officially announced that their announcement event set for next Tuesday has been indefinitely postponed. Looks as if Coaster Campout will continue tomorrow however.
  14. ^I know perfectly well how the business works actually, but thanks. I was just pointing out the flawed logic behind it still because CF stated they were ready to ramp up the investments, especially in the labeled growth parks. In terms of profit margin, despite making the lowest amount of money, Michigan's Adventure makes a profit-margin that is on par with all the larger parks. That's a healthy sign. And look at Carowinds, there were specific mentions in the investor presentation back at Carowinds that stated they want to grow Carowinds to be compared with Kings Island (and adjust that to make EBITDA match too). I was specifically pointing out your "sorry who" regarding Dorney. Also, decisions aren't just based on potential ROI (which is a moot point because Lagoon just added a $20 million coaster that will take a few years to make back) They're based on attendance patterns as well. Some smaller parks don't have large slips or large forecasted slips in attendance due to a loyal local fan base. So they don't need to add rides as often because of that. When attendance seems like it may slip, then they add.
  15. No other injuries were reported according to news sites. Glad to hear that... I was thinking he was hit by the Legs of the Passengers? if Not, what caused the trauma ... what hit him? According to the press conference with the assistant police chief, who didn't go into much detail because the investigation was on-going, stated that it is their belief that he was struck by the train itself. Whether it was the bottom of the train on a pull-up or if the front row was empty, I don't know, but that's what he stated. He also reiterated that no other injuries were reported to them. We'll see as this all unfolds. Such a sad incident, but it could've totally been avoided by just not going in to retrieve items. Fill out a form and you may get it back (if the phone even survived the fall and could be located). But as long as you do it the proper way, you'll leave with your life still with you. Still, sad that someone lost their life.
  16. No other injuries were reported according to news sites. Many Six Flags parks do this, I know all the big coasters at SFGAm have those display bins.
  17. Yeah....no! Those check marks probably shouldn't be assigned that way anyway because multiple parks could add some of those in the same year. And your lack of other parks mentioned just shows how you think the business operates (and your "sorry who" comment proves that). Dorney and MiA will also receive things in those years, and for the other parks to be lumped together like that just makes it to where anything is possible there it seems. Not that I'm doubting some of them because I feel a few may be right. But we know major capital is also on the way for MiA per a release not too long ago. As for CW, I sense some waterpark stuff for next year. Also, that 2018 coaster re-work you have circled I think will be for Mean Streak at CP and not for CW. And CP's dark ride will probably be sometime in the future and not for 2016 (maybe a VR experience but not the dark ride). Of course, just predictions.
  18. Do any other parks in the CF lineup have a free water park? If not, I still think MA is the best value park of them all. Yes, only Cedar Point and Knotts Berry Farm have separate admission waterparks. As for whining about prices...you get that with everything nowadays. We have an event near here that offers over 14 hours of family entertainment for just $8-$10 plus $5 parking. But people say that's too expensive and children 3 feet and under get in free. Everyone always wants lower prices or they blow up about it. I think the prices at MiA are reasonable. I'm sure something will be on the way soon.
  19. Its going to happen on some coaster in the Cedar Fair chain very soon. Just as a test though. And it won't be this one BECAUSE it says existing coaster. Which makes me wonder if this VR will be on a coaster at Cedar Point and they'll announce the "test" for this fall on the same day? Article: http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2015/08/05/Cedar-Fair-ride-to-test-tech-thrills.html
  20. ^West Michigan. On this side of the state, Cedar Point is an overnight trip, but if you're looking for a fun day trip, you decide between SFGAm or MiA. And that is the majority of people on this side of the state, see it in my FB feed all the time. On this side of the state, MiA is closer to SFGAm than Cedar Point is. MiA is split market in the two big markets in the Midwest, Chicago & Detroit SFGAm is, obviously, a part of the Chicago market and Cedar Point is part of the Detroit market. Michigan's Adventure does have the smaller but thriving markets of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, which could help with expansions in the future. I'll have to find a copy of the Investment information for the park, but it lists Six Flags Great America as its main competitor but does also list Cedar Point as a competitor. Cedar Fair tries to draw people to their other nearby parks though (remember the FunGuide from Cedar Point that used to be sent out? It always included a coupon to MiA). I wouldn't be surprised if a CP & MiA Combo Ticket pops up in the future just like there's a CP/WWK and CP/KI combo ticket. MiA would've never stepped on CP's turf. So that wouldn't be a region to purchase it. I think they purchased it because it was a park doing so well with a signature attraction and they felt they could make it their own and find a way to make more money with it. It has worked! Its like the purchase of Kings Island, that remained open and its even closer to Cedar Point than MiA. Yet, you see them pumping money crazily into it with new attractions that could spoil Cedar Points dominance. So that really doesn't make much sense...though I do see what you're saying. Going back on what you were saying earlier about it not being a destination park but the beaches nearby being the destination. I can't agree more! Being from here, we know tourism is the second largest industry in the state and we rely on it. We know Michigan's Adventure will never be a "destination park" and that most out-of-towners just add it onto their already planned vacation. Well, what if MiA attempts to become a "better part" of that destination and capture more revenue off of it? This could help solidify future expansion and there are numerous ways you could go about it! -Purchase Duck Creek RV Resort across the street. Many families utilize this for a camping trip. By purchasing it, you can advertise it as a place to also explore other area attractions and even capture revenue from those not attending the park. You could also offer discounted tickets, early entry etc... -Build a small motel (expansions can come later) with the same idea as above. -There's always that indoor waterpark/resort idea too. That would help but that would have to be further on down the road. But imagine MiA churning the money year round like Cedar Point does with Castaway Bay. May not be bad.
  21. Rumors (and these are just rumors for now) are floating around that the coaster will feature an 8 across seating pattern and the new vest harnesses. That could be interesting on a DM.
  22. I'm confused how this is Geauga Lake in disguise. Geauga Lake grew too fast for its own good (Michigan's Adventure has not) and suffered massive attendance and revenue drops (which Michigan's Adventure also has not). And to make money and grow the other parks? Each park has their own accounts and the GM's have the creative decisions (and that GM is the daughter of the previous owner of the park and also was the GM prior to Cedar Fair's purchase of the park). The cost of capital is taken out of the direct percentage that the park itself makes each year. So x amount of money made at Michigan's Adventure doesn't go to increase the budget for a major thrill attraction at Cedar Point. If Cedar Point wants a major attraction, then they save it themselves. Michigan's Adventure has the highest profit margin in the chain, but that doesn't make it the most profitable park. Overall, yes, the profit does help drive the chain when it comes to debt loads but has nothing to do with what other parks build or invest in. But if it were TRULY Geauga Lake in disguise, then how come when the chain was in serious debt in 2008, they chose to put Valleyfair, Worlds of Fun & California's Great America up for sale and MiA wasn't included on the list? This is far from GL because MiA isn't losing money like GL was. MiA was purchased for potential and not for CP proximity (though it was stated when Kinzel was CEO that he hoped for people to spend a few days at Cedar Point and then go up to MiA). If anything, SFGAm is more of a competitor in the market to MiA than Cedar Point is. Yes, we all want that shiny new coaster. But considering its size, you have to wonder what a new, bigger coaster would do for the park. Once we push a million people, I'm not sure how much the park would be able to grow after that to continue to increase attendance. Some parks, such as Dorney, have been stuck in that zone for years and it sits in a much, much larger market than MiA does. Its simple business. You grow at your own pace for what the market supports...you grow too fast and then you do become Geauga Lake! Right now, the timeline for a new coaster has been every 10 years. It just is what it is. I'd love a new coaster too, but the improvements that have been coming are great. I also believe the park needs to focus on other areas and not just coasters as well. I'd be cool with one soon, but then waiting for awhile and building up other things like in-park entertainment, flat rides etc...
  23. ^I have never had an issue on Thunderhawk and I ride it quite often and have since it first opened. Its pretty tame for an SLC. I've actually had worst headbangs on other coasters than I have on Thunderhawk. And the GP does love it. I take some GP friends there every now and then (two of which are close to making the conversion over to coaster enthusiast) and one still swears Thunderhawk is the best in the park. The other still goes for Timbers being the best. But watch out for Flight Deck. Ouch! But, I'll still ride it haha
  24. I'll believe it when I see it At any rate, I'm sure we'll start hearing something soon about this "major capital". But it could be just about anything honestly. And it could be within the next five years too. I do expect a waterpark expansion and/or a standalone water slide (like a ProSlide Rocket) added eventually. I feel its only a matter of time before something like that comes to the park. Same with a Disk-O. The chain is in the best shape it has been in in a long time (along with the highest season pass sales ever). The park is also extremely healthy, so its only a matter of time.
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