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  1. Pictures by any chance?? Thats one of the nice things about the CP thread. When someone makes a comment like that, you usually get a pic. However, then some kid usually complains about people posting pictures
  2. Where is the Boat? Can someone please ask Tony where the damn boat is?
  3. Yeah but when you have Dip $hits that jump fences and people that want lawsuits all the time, you almost have to put these nets up. I agree they are ugly but the park has to cover their a$$. Anyone see the morons that are trying to sue Disney because the grandma had a heart attack when the non-poiseness snake bit her grandson? The kid got a bandaid and returned to the park, but now they are suing!
  4. Wellllllllll if Darien Lake still had the rights to superman, the anme would make sense. Now though, it's painfully bad. I like it much better now that Superman isn't part of the name.
  5. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, an any variation of these super hero names.
  6. You completely missed his point. Cedar Point will never get a eurofighter in any form because they are a relatively low capacity ride, it has nothing to do with how efficient CP's staff is. No i understood his point! And, nobody ever considered CP getting a Eurofighter! Thanks for your attempted help
  7. Actually CP'S efficiency is way better than most US parks I have been to. Don't make that comment unless you know.
  8. Agreed, or maybe a small coaster that could interact with Magnum. Another possibility would be to use some/all of that space to enlarge Soak City. But I'm hoping for a coaster. Maybe they will buy the rights from Six Flags and install a Looping Dragons clone.
  9. Holy bump. Also I disagree 100% Maxair is greatness. 'He searched that far back just to make a negative comment about a ride!!
  10. ^The bottom drawing looks like either E.T. or the robot from Rocky IV.
  11. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining about it, I just think it's a little sad. If there's a ride I'm excited about, I'll every so often drop in to see what sort of progress has been made, but then I move on. I don't check every hour or so and gleefully post updates about the latest five bolts that have been moved onto the construction site. I try to live as well rounded of a life as possible; coasters are only a small part of it. When I check on updates, it usually goes like this: "Oh. Pretty cool." *continues living life* I certainly believe that to each their own, and I do appreciate following a project from afar, but I will never, ever understand being so fixated on it like some people here. I don't check every hour either but it's certainly more exciting to see progress on the coaster rather than read peoples negative comments about a ride, park, or manufacturer. Just my Humble Opinion.
  12. Did you miss all the pages of people complaining about how forceless dive machines are, and how they couldn't belive that Cedar Point would get a coaster like this... back when it was first leaked that Cedar Point was getting Valravn?? Oh dear God. And let's not mention all the comments about the color being to similar to other rides in the park. Many of those who have amazingly changed their minds now that they are seeing construction photos??? Those people are almost as bad as the turds complaining about people posting construction pictures!!
  13. according to google earth, those latest shots were taken on 10/2015, so they could be Valravn I know the street view is from September 2015. So what point are you trying to make by saying that the supports and track look just like Valravyn's? Sounds like you asked a question, and when people answered it, you said you know.
  14. For those that don't know, I love the picture updates! I was acknowledging how silly that comment was after seeing the beautiful picture of snow covered Valravyn!
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