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  1. That is awesome Bill! I guess the real question is, does she have a sister?
  2. It's still in the same general area as a rendering, they just may have decided to make it a circle instead of half moon. It doesn't look like it enroaches into the general ride line. Perhaps its a seperate entry for Fast Pass or a feature spot for people to take photos at. I agree with thrillrider. Those do not look lie anything in the rendering or in the same place.
  3. I don't like any of the Batman Clones. They are my least favorite inverts.
  4. ^Marketing is a large part of this business. When it comes to products I care about, I remember the advertisements.
  5. There is too much siding with Dollywood here. I would not be mad if the ride didn't open on time. I remember showing up to ride MF at CP on the second day, and it valleyed and I didn't get to ride. Not Cp's fault. I also remember when Maverick's heartline roll had to be removed and opening was set back. It sucked a$$ but once again, not CP's fault. However, if there is an advertisement saying a new ride is open and you show up and find it's not open and wasn't even planned to be open, that is false advertisement. I love Dollywood and I'm as much excited for Lightning Run as anyone else, but it is complete BS if they are saying it's open, when it really isn't.
  6. ^^It looks huge! I love Maxair and I think this will be even better!
  7. Does Tony know of the boat? Lmao! I laughed so hard when I read this!
  8. Awesome! Hope you have a good time. Looking forward to a mini report later
  9. Revolution looks great! Even without the VR, this classic coaster has been majorly improved. Revolution deserved the love they gave it:)
  10. Yeah, why can't Cedar Point be more creative like Six Flags? Just name every coaster after a super hero or a villain. That is so very creative.
  11. I give up!! Laptop not letting me embed the video however, theres a great new testing video posted a few minutes ago.
  12. I'm just so happy for Kentucky Kingdom. It looked like we might not ever see the park operate again and now they will have two of the best coasters in America along with a full head of steam in the amusement park world. I for one will make the trip this year and I know the addition of Storm Chaser will draw many more from around the country to Kentucky! #KentuckyKingdomrocks!
  13. Yeah, I'm not gonna judge until I give it a chance and this report makes me a little more optimistic! Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. Don't talk about his beloved Six Flags Mid America. He will get his panties in a bunch.
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