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  1. I don't have any photos to post. However, it really looks fantastic from I-44. You can see it really well. While driving on 44 this morning, I could see that they were testing the different LED light patterns. Even during the day I could tell that the lights are truly awesome. Even if it wasn't a ride, the lights would be a fantastic addition to the park. I'm really starting to like the Fireball more and more as the park keeps it's flat ride collection refreshed. If any of you remember my optimism at the beginning of last season, this season is even better!
  2. I feel like this technology would best fit suspended coasters, such a Ninja. Not real excited about it but I wouldn't mind giving it a chance.
  3. ^Your getting a carnival ride! With that being said, I expect something good next year for SFSTL.
  4. Well those people are weird! But are entitled to their opinions. I agree with those that only care about the ride itself.
  5. Well those people are weird! But are entitled to their opinions. I agree with those that only care about the ride itself.
  6. ^I'm actually a fan of the colors. I do see a difference between this orange and that of the orange of the other coasters, however purple would be sweet even with the same silver backside. Maybe Valleyfair can get a monstrous purple coaster in tribute of the Purple People Eaters!
  7. ^WOW!!! Won't be making it to the West coast this year but i cannot wait for the POV and reviews This thing looks fantastic!
  8. One is going to be called "FireBall Reverse Blast ™" Dueling FireDragons? They would take at least 2 more days to install.
  9. #SkullMountainLivesMatter Save your comedic juice. It's just not funny
  10. *Fireball And it's not exactly a "park the ride" type situation. Fireball is a good amount taller than similar portable rides. Then, once the crane has erected the majority of the ride, there is the utilities hook ups and small things before the ride can actually cycle. Now I know it is this way for non-flat rides, so usually it is more focused on the amount of cycles instead of the amount of hours. Some rides have to cycle each vehicle thousands of times, but I'm not sure if that applies to flats like Fireball. Thank you for the information. Please forgive me for asking a question. We can't all be know-it-alls like MichelleLynn and those cool sunglasses.
  11. On a more serious note, once they park Fire Dragon, how many hours of testing is required before it can be opened to the public?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the track will be directly attached to those two footers where there are no supports.
  13. Should be on its way. I think someone spotted it being pulled by a semi truck down the highway.
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