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  1. Isn't there a thread for coaster pictures. If you don't actually like the layout then why post it in the "Best Coaster Layouts" thread?!
  2. I'd say many people would disagree with you calling Silver Bullet's layout great, partially because if the first drop were any less steep it'd be classified as a turn. I agree with him. I think Silver Bullet offers a fantastic layout thats much more wide open and gives a free flying feel, unlike Batman Clones that offer a major headache following your ride.
  3. Im thinking maybe he shouldn't ride roller coasters no matter what kind of restraints it has.
  4. How much longer before Gatekeeper becomes solid white? Haha they probably poop all over it I'm guessing that's what he was insinuating.
  5. Riddler used to be one of my favorites at the park, but last time I was there a couple months back, my head got absolutely destroyed by the rattle. It was really bad and gave me a big headache, anyone else have this problem lately? Isn't this the topic that has been discussed for the last two pages?
  6. http://cache.rcdb.com/14vhbfpgg2gcrlg9ng006l.jpg
  7. Don't forget about the thugs that ditch in line. It happens everywhere but not at the level I have seen at the Mountain. Kinda sad really. The park has so much potential. I feel like they market to those types of crowds. You know, the YOLO crowd!!!
  8. 1. Millenium Force 2. TTD 3. Raptor 4. Maverick 5. Wicked Twister 6. Mantis 7. Magnum 8. Gemini 9. Blue Streak 10. Mean Streak
  9. I have always wondered if Steel Eel gave a ride that was as awesome as it looks? I love the supports!
  10. Imagine if they actually built a real coaster these days. How long would that take? Maybe thats why they build little cheapies(for MM) lately.
  11. Viper at SFMM and it actually remains one of my favorites at the park:)
  12. This one gives that type of coaster a run for it's money, considering the Slowest ever lift: One and a half minute lift for such tiny coaster. Is it true this is being moved to SFMM next year to increase the coaster count?
  13. What's sad is that someone puts a lot of time and effort into that place. It seems as though people are enjoying themselves:) I can't call that ghetto. I think I have a different definition of ghetto than many people in this thread!
  14. I would like to agree with this person! I'll add anything with 'X' in the title as well.
  15. This type of comment always rubs me the wrong way. Nothing personal, but I just don't think everyone agrees that strong forces makes a coaster. I personally love a coaster like MF and Silver Bullet, just to name a few, that are butter smooth and don't throw you outta your seat and jerk you around. The first time I rode Batman at SFMM I got off thinking it was the worst invert I had ever been on. It was jerky and it gave me a massive headache. It's the same reason I hate the last half of Magnum XL 200. I seems like a waste of speed to me. With that being said, I respect those who rate a coaster high because of overly strong forces. I just don't think everyone feels the same about it.
  16. ^Hilarious!!!! I think the gaps actually look kinda cool. I like it better than the concept art.
  17. Not really a fair comparison between one park and everything Orlando and Tampa has to offer!! As mentioned before, if you have lots of time and lots of money, there is far more to do here in Florida. If you need one day of thrill coasters and flat rides go to CP. I would say if you do go to Florida and want thrills, go to Universal and Island of Adventure. Absolutely amazing!!! The Mummy and Spiderman are better than anything disney has to offer in the form of thrills.
  18. We aren't really comparing Yolocoaster to Gatekeeper are we? Completely different leagues.
  19. Intimidator at Carowinds was much better than I expected. Outer Limits Coasters are much better than they get credit for. Also, Wicked Twister at CP
  20. I'm sure the CP fanboys are crying over the fact that Space Spiral would be smack dab in the middle of that photo. I haven't seen one person complain over the fact that space spiral was removed.
  21. Hi my name is Trent and I've only been a spectator until now. My favorite part of TPR is the pics, construction updates, and the trip reports. You cannot find so much from most other websites. However, the one thing I am confused about is whether this is mostly a SFMM website? I know TPR covers theme parks around the world but there seems to be a major focus on Magic Mountain and Im not sure why unless it's the main park of this website. I notice that there are far more posts in that thread and most comments are typical mumbo jumbo with nothing new to report on. I would understand if it was the most amazing park in the world but in my experiences, it isn't even close to being the best SF park. It is big and has lost of coasters, although most new ones seem to be nothing great, but the overall experience is mediocre. Lack of family attractions, flats, and kinda thugish at times are just a few contributors to this. With this being said, it seems many people here including moderators seem to be pushing MM as this wonderful place, while down-playing others. It's a shame other parks don't get the same kind of love from SF as MM gets. I wish TPR would push for this as it does seem to even a little influence, even if very little. Anyway, I can't express how grateful I am for all that TPR offers. It can be quite addicting at times!!! I just wish it wasn't so SFMM focused! Nice to be part of the TPR family:)
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