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  1. It's nice Six Flags is able to save some money and use KK's existing structure. This will help them finance the next SFMM coaster.
  2. This is exactly the thing that happened with that Gizmo guy and now he hates anything to do with Ohio. Lets hope those kids don't grow up and develope his negative personality:(
  3. ^I respect your opinion, but I have never had, what I would call, a good ride on a Batman Clone. And to use the word "majority" is saying that you know everyones opinion. I disagree that most people would want Banshee to be like Batman.
  4. This is just an insane comment...IMO. A coaster that throws you around as if you were stuffed into a washing machine or dryer for a few minutes doesn't make it a good ride. If Banshee was anything close to Batman I would be saddened.
  5. We are complaining about the colors now!! haha At least it's a unique color scheme. Someone else would have bitched if it was green track! OMG, this thread is funny! How long before we here, "I don't really like Banshees location. Why couldn't they have built it on the other side of the park?" or "I don't really like the station." or "I don't like the pullout of the station. Why can't it have a little drop following?" or "Im concerned it's not going to make be blackout with is forces on the bat wing." or "I'm from Ohio but I was picked on my whole life and now I detest anything from Ohio!" Feel free to add...
  6. Yep! A few pages back one of the Ohio nut jobs called me "TPR's most negative member" for pointing out the widely known fact that modern B&M inverts aren't as good as the old school ones like Dragons, Montu, Katun, Batman, Nemesis, etc. Banshee will be a smashing success for the park and WAYYYYY better than SOB. But one needs to go into this with realistic expectations considering the types of rides B&M is building these days. Aww....Thats cute you two found each other! Neither one of you have even ridden the ride, yet you know it's going to be boring and forceless! And on that note, I love the newer inverts. Personally I enjoy a smoother ride and less rough transitions. I actually found the Batman Clones to be a terrible ride experience. A major headache if you will. Kinda discourteous to insult fans of a park for being excited for their new coaster.
  7. I'd say there's a 1% chance of the media day event being that good! lol Kidding of course! After watching the video's, it looks as though the top speed will take place right after the zero G.
  8. I'll take this all as complimentary from an Ohio State fan. I'm guessing you were bullied as a child and possibly as an adult:( I hope things are better now:) Anyway, I think Banshee looks great! Good for Kings Island.
  9. The most negative TPR member. Nothing in Ohio is ever good enough for the Gizmo!
  10. Green Lantern is NOT a flat ride. It is an Intamin ZacSpin roller coaster, and there are only 3 like it in the world. Sorry, I see it as a flat. We are all entitled to our opinions:)
  11. Green Lantern at SFMM is a decent flat, but I like the Huss Frisbees such as Maxair.
  12. Gotta say I'm intrigued by YOLOcoaster. I wasn't too excited at first but it looks pretty fun. I like the no station look as well. Kinda like Expedition G-Force. Also, have there been any rollbacks? Looks as though it could happen quite often.
  13. I feel like this is one big, long, run-on sentence! I have tried reading it several times and all I get out of it is confusion and a headache.
  14. i just wanted to let it be known that I do not agree with this post.
  15. Im always sad to see the end of a ride. Even though it could shake apart the foundation of a building, I was sad to see SOB go. Just as I would be sad to see Gwazi leave that park. It wasn't great, but I always rode it when I was there. Just my 2cents!!!
  16. All I can say after all the construction, pics, and now reports is, SWEEET!" I wanna ride me some Iron Rattler:) SFFT deserves this. In fact, I hope Six Flags parks around the country get some love like this!
  17. All I can say is WOW! Who knew that the removal of two rides and addition of one would drastically change the look of CP. I cant wait to see it in person:) Thank goodness CP doesn't simply add one trick ponies to keep a coaster record.
  18. Im not that enthused for Full Throttle, but I would hope for SFMM's sake it won't be a minute wait or a walk-on in only a few years!
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