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  1. 71 north to the Columbus outer-belt 270 west to 23 north to 98 (waldo exit). You will take 98 into Bucyrus where you will essentially keep going North but you want to make sure you take route 4 north. Take this into Sandusky and follow the Cedar Point signs. Have Fun!
  2. Very entertaining report! Thanks for sharing with us
  3. Awful idea! I feel like this is the type of coaster small parks get because there are relatively cheap and can fit in perfect at a small park. Sorta like screaming squirrels. Unless your Magic Mountain and your looking to squeeze in a coaster to raise your count.
  4. Do many people go to CP for the sole purpose of going to soak city? I know many families that go for multiple days get the pass but I don't know about people going for one day for Soak City.
  5. Can I vote this XYZ guy my TPR MVP so far this year. When he comments, I laugh!!!!!
  6. one of the best trip reports i have read in a long time!!! i could have gone through 4 or 5 pages of that!! great job
  7. ^The batwing doesn't look that big until you see the two guys at the bottom!
  8. I understand the point you guys were trying to make with the height restriction. Cedar Point certainly had a some questionable restrictions. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday.
  9. I feel like there is a contradiction here. If they have Iron Dragon then they aren't lacking it. They also have Gemini, Blue Streak, Mine Ride. How many more starters do you need? Should they add a few more kiddie coasters like MM? That seems a little redundant to me. I like Iron Dragon and hope it doesn't go anywhere, I just don't understand the point that was trying to be made in that post.
  10. Getting a grey out doesn't make for a good ride. People are weird if they think that. I don't need to feel like I just got out of a larger washer and dryer when I get off a ride in order to say is good. I like speed and smoothness and so does most people that aren't on TPR. Not one friend of mine liked any Batman clones over Raptor. Not one. Everyone got off saying how rough it was. Only here, do I see the praise for it.
  11. ^I hate Batman Clones. Way to jerky and and the tight transitions make for a raging headache. I don't get the love for these clones at all. I won't ride them at any park, even if there is no line. I think SOB gave a smoother ride.
  12. Not sure if anyone knows this, but Magnum XL200 is currently sinking.
  13. Oooooooo! I want a commercial stimulator. Depending on your partner, and the way you like it, it could be very forceful. I LOL'd. Am I the only one who's imagined a coaster with vibrators in the seats that changed intensity depending on the speed of the ride? With the tallest, fastest drop saved for the very end? Probably. I do have a very, very filthy mind. Gross
  14. You need to find a new hobby. Yeah, this is what you sit around and worry about? It's a f-ing amusement park. Do you think a little tackiness will matter to most people? GAL
  15. It would be a cool thread to have people post pictures of their favorite "actual" inversions.
  16. Ignore upkeep, coaster downtime, park security, and flat rides; while adding mediocre and/or kids coasters in order to make the claim of having the most roller coasters. See this park: http://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/
  17. I simply don't get this at all. I have ridden both and find power tower to be great. Dr. Doom was boring and hardly packed a thrill. We are all entitled to our own opinion but I couldn't disagree more on this one.
  18. Honestly, out of the two Superman Clones I've been on, I found their pretzel loops to be tighter and more intense. Tatsu's Pretzel loop was larger and more intimidating, but I felt like it didn't pull as many G's. I don't have a dog in this fight, period, as Superman and Tatsu are both boring to me (pretzel loop aside), and they give me nausea. As for KI, go to Firehawk first, if it's open. As opposed to Six Flags with Goliath? Or Batman, Superman, or Green Lantern! All lazy and overused names.
  19. I have no idea Robb but in that last picture, there looks to be a pretty kick-ass air-time hill! I love those old family photos! Maybe I sound like a dork, but I love clothing far better than what we see today. In a modern day picture, that kid would have his pants falling halfway down his butt
  20. Huss frisbees are one of my favorite flat rides. That huge one at CP is kick-a$$!
  21. Wow, from that picture it does look like the track comes really close to the ground on the entry and exit of the loop.
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