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  1. ' i wonder if you really watch sports!? lol Why do you have serious doubts he is coming back to Cleveland? Why do you waste Pacer tickets if you don't watch NBA? #confused about non-sports fans using good sports tickets
  2. I think this will happen. It would be nice to have RMC take care of Mean Streak at the same time.
  3. I think Outlaw Run has far more to offer. Goliath has a great first drop, "One" nice airtime hill, and two very cool inversions. However, its over so quick. It just seems like there is a lot to be desired. Give me Outlaw Run any day of the week.
  4. Six Flags Magic Mountain for its dirty park and restrooms, hood rat clientele, bad operations, and because much of its capital is put towards lame a$$ one trick pony coasters.
  5. For a park, I'd rather have a B&M Giga or Hyper over nothing at all. Really? I thought most people would simply want nothing Lmao!!!
  6. Of course Thursday will be better. Who doesn't know that parks busiest days are Friday and Saturday? It has been discussed over and over on TPR and everywhere else.
  7. ^Sounds like a nice trade off to me!! I think it would be the best lift hill to be stuck on. Throw in all the goodies and Im happy!
  8. This place would be good for a little coaster like Green Lantern. Short and kinda lame but would probably be a big draw here.
  9. Any seat that is not on the actual coaster. I hate Batman Clones and will skip it anytime Im at a park with one.
  10. ^ I have Banshee over Montu as well. I love the huge elements that still retain force.
  11. In that last picture it looks like that guy is waiting to shoot the train as it passes by. Are we sure this ride isn't in Pakistan?
  12. There is still at least two months before kids go back to school in Ohio!
  13. Considering the ride only lasts about 30 seconds it would be difficult to have another train on the track.
  14. I've always enjoyed Mantis and have never really understood the hate it gets. I just keep my mouth shut and hope everyone buys into that opinion so the line dies down. Unfortunately not many people agree with the hate, and the line continues to stay long:( lol Dangit!!!
  15. I'm much more excited for Zumanjaro than I am for Goliath. Probably last longer and I cannot imagine to view from the top!
  16. Ah screw it. Just quit your job! There's this thing called welfare where you don't have to work and you receive all kinds of money. You even get this card that looks like a check card, where you can go to the grocery store and get 2 or 3 carts full of food for free! Meanwhile, if you play your cards right, you can get a free cell phone, probably better than the one I saved months for. And, I almost forgot, you can signup to get your utility bills paid for you as well. This should provide plenty of money for a ticket, parking, and even flash pass!!! What are you thinking with the job stuff?!!! lol
  17. How about just simply "Tallest. longest, & Fastest racing hybrid coaster?" Seems like that would be a perfect marking statement for them! --Robb "Seems like it would be easy to beat Gemini" Alvey I hope they do something sweet with this classic ride. I agree the tallest longest and fastest hybrid coaster is something MM would market and yet it still has the potential of being good. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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