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  1. sfcoasterfan - try to catch the silver train on Ghostrider. It came out of rehab most recently. Rode the front of the silver train a few days ago and it was the best ride i've had on it in years. Rode the back too and it was definitely not the worst ride I've had. I don't really mind the roughness on Ghostrider most of the time because of the speed/pacing (with the exception of the MCBR)
  2. I went on Sat night. Got into the park at 7:15 and we went through every maze except Mirror Mirror. That maze must have a really low capacity because every maze we did with the exception of Endgames (30 min wait) had a wait of 10 mins or less. By Midnight, according to the staff member holding the sign, Mirror Mirror was a 2 1/2 hour wait. Wish I had known, I would've hit that maze first.
  3. I can remember waiting close to 3 hours to ride Rocket Rods at Disneyland. That was ridiculous.
  4. So since LA Unified School District is back in session now (first day of school was yesterday, much earlier than years past) do you guys think the crowds will be a bit lighter for the rest of the month? I usually avoid heading down to SFMM during the summer because of how busy it gets, but I can't wait to ride FT much longer.
  5. Headed out to KBF yesterday and found Coast Rider doing test runs with water dummies. Looks good!
  6. I've done 3 different commercial shoots for Six Flags Magic Mountain over the last few years (for Superman:EFK, Green Lantern and general B-roll footage of Goliath and Riddler's Revenge) It's always a blast! Good luck to anyone who applies that get's in, and have fun! These things take all day and you'll likely do a lot of standing around/waiting but it will be worth it in the end.
  7. I did a commercial shoot for GL right before it opened (the day before media day I believe) and rode it 12 times throughout that day. The majority of my rides on it that day were enjoyable, with the exception of a few. It definitely became hard to handle after several consecutive rides though. One of our rides ended with us locked in the brakes in the station with the train completely upside-down. It took them a few minutes to release the train so it could rotate right-side up again. That was really uncomfortable. However, last time went on it, the first half of the ride had no flips and then we spent the entire second half of the ride completely inverted and all the blood rushed to my head. The restraints killed my shoulders and the whole blood-rush thing gave me a pretty bad headache.
  8. While Silver Bullet may not be as forceful as Batman, I love it for entirely different reasons. Obviously the intesity of Batman is totally awesome, but I like Silver Bullet's layout and variety of elements. I'm particularly a fan of the overbank turn before the cobra roll, and the combination of the corkscrew-banked turn-corkscrew towards the end, as it has a really fun flow to it. And the helix at the end has some pretty good forces too. Plus, it's re-rideable. I don't think I could do more than 2 or 3 back-to-back runs on Batman without it starting to catch up to me. But then again, I've never tried. So in my opinion, I sometimes don't mind losing out a little bit of g-forces in exchange for an interesting/creative layout. On the other hand, not a big fan of Riddler's Revenge. As Ed Farmer said, looks can be deceiving. Riddler's looks impressive, but for me, it usually ends up being kind of boring. Even on slow days, I usually don't return for a 2nd ride.
  9. It kind of depends on what style of coaster is in question. If a ride has OTSR, it's gotta ride smooth. Banging your head on the restraints is the worst. I don't mind my woodies being a little rough sometimes since theres no OTSR to smack my head around. Pacing is important. If a ride crawls through the course, it makes for a pretty unexciting ride. A ride with great pacing that never let's up until the break run is usually a winner. but I guess across the board, a ride definitely has to be forceful. Airtime of course is a huge plus for me as well.
  10. From that picture above, there doesn't seem to be as much of an elevation change going up that hill as I had initially thought. Maybe it's just the angle and perception in the picture? But if that's true, considering this will be after a 160 foot loop, It seems like it's going to haul-ass over Superman's plaza!
  11. It's looking like The Smiler's layout will be quite impressive. So compact and twisted!!
  12. The Sidewinder found on any Vekoma SLC. Along with Vekoma's cobra rolls (ie. Boomerang). However, I've had no problem with B&M cobra rolls thus far, I quite enjoy them.
  13. I had no idea it was going to be so close to the pathway! That's really low. I wonder what they're going to have to do in order to ensure the safety of the riders/people on the midway and prevent people from getting too close. Especially right there by the railing on the edge. It really seems like they couldn't leave it like that without some sort of fence/net/wall. Right?
  14. Taking a look at those trains, I realize they really didn't give riders anything to hold on to. Combine that with how open the trains are, and the riders are going to feel really, really vulnerable. That's going to add to the thrill so much!
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