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  1. Do we have very many details about the Apocalypse retracting? Who’s doing it? How extensive is it? Is it getting the same treatment Ghostrider did?
  2. Pre-scare starts at 6:30 so you’d have 30 mins to do the 4 mazes backstage. I don’t think it’s totally impossible, but it also depends on what day you’re going as Thursday’s and Sundays are less crowded. Did you have a date picked out?
  3. If you do the pre-scare boo-fet and hit the backstage mazes first, be sure to visit them again later in the night. There’s a noticeable difference since the sun will still be up during pre-scare and mazes look better in the dark with their respective lighting in full effect. Also, the hourly through-put of guests for Trick or Treat: Lights Out and Infected are a bit slower so do those ASAP. And don’t miss rope-drop in Ghost Town at 7:00 because that’s a blast. See you in the fog.
  4. 2 new mazes is pretty normal for Knotts. But we’re also getting a new street zone “Forsaken Lake” underneath Silver Bullet, the new Time Zombies VR experience in the Boardwalk arcade and a show in Birdcage theater which hasn’t happened in a few years. Also keep an eye out for new atmospheric elements and characters all throughout the park this year. KSF starts in exactly 2 weeks!
  5. Just heard from someone who works at the park that they have indeed scheduled ride ops at Xcelerator tomorrow.
  6. Could you control the spinning on XK-1? Or was it random? Part of me wants to say the rider could control it but I’m not sure, I could be wrong.
  7. ^ Good. Neal can start by cleaning the trash cans in the parking lot (pictured on the last page)
  8. Scream > Riddler’s Revenge I’ve enjoyed every ride I’ve ever had on Scream. Riddler’s on the other hand, has left me with a headache every time I’ve ridden it over the last 5 years. I’ve given up on it and I’d almost rather ride Green Lantern.
  9. Our Thursday's and Sundays so far haven't been too bad and I believe they've been in the ballpark of 5,000-8,000 presale tickets those days (they typically let us know our expected attendance at the beginning of each night) but our Fridays and Saturdays are already pretty busy, busier than last year during the first two weeks.
  10. Carnevil and Fiesta never have fog. I work on Ghost Town streets and it still has the same fog as it always does, which is mainly found in fog alley and in front of the birdcage theater. Maybe you came thru when one of our machines was out of fluid? I've seen that a couple times this season already but it usually gets fixed within like 15 mins.
  11. I literally live across the street from Knott's Berry Farm. Technically I guess it would be Montezooma's Revenge because of its location close to the northeast corner of the park.
  12. SFMM Riddler's Revenge - headbanging, vibrations/rattle the entire time and uncomfortable bicycle seat. Green Lantern - Don't think this one needs an explanation.
  13. In my mind it would make more sense to remove Ninja before Viper. It also suffers poor ridership and it occupies a sizeable section of land in a part of the park that really REALLY needs a makeover (Cyclone Bay). Although the station sits on top of the hill, I could see a new coaster occupying that land and having a station somewhere in the Cylone Bay Area of the park, maybe where Deja Vu used to be. I could see them giving Viper the MK 1212 trains some day and keeping it around.
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