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  1. The line for Twisted Colossus is already underneath superman for the passholder ERT.
  2. Planning on hitting up the park on Tuesday May 26th. Setting aside any expectations of a busy crowd because of Twisted Colossus... is this normally a busy day? It's the first day following the Memorial Day weekend. I figure everyone will be back in school/work by then.
  3. Some guy on Instagram just commented to the @ourmountain_thrillpark page that Twisted Colossus just took it's first test run. He's a lead at SFMM supposedly... If so this is great news!
  4. Super excited about the Hatbox Ghost returning to the Mansion! I can't wait to see what he looks like. I wonder what they were finally able to do in order to get the desired effect they couldn't get back in 1969? Is it still a lighting trick? or is there going to be some sort of digital element to it? We'll find out soon! Now if only we could get the old bride with the beating heart back in the attic....
  5. No idea what you saw, but Supreme Scream definitely operates the same on all three towers. A slow ascent to the top, followed by an accelerated drop, and a few bounces.
  6. Not sure, but Ghostrider still looks good an hour away at KBF. Not even close to being as faded as Apocalypse, and it's 17 years old.
  7. Apparently Scream's trains won't be getting any new colors, just a refurb. Anyone else think the purple and yellow is going to look a little odd with the new blue and orange?
  8. I'll take Scream over Riddler's Revenge any day. I've found Riddler's to be more rough than Scream as well. Plus, that zero-g roll over the station is one of my favorite elements in the park. Not a fan of the orange supports now but I guess it's better than the faded eyesore it had become.
  9. Depends on the ride. There are many attractions that are perfectly safe for a young child as long as they are able to sit up on their own and on the inside of the seat, next to an adult. I do agree. It depends on the ride but I dont recognize which ride at SFMM that is by the picture. We have very few flats at the park but the ones we do have outside of Buggs Bunny World don't seem safe for a toddler.
  10. Just saw this on Instagram. Does this seem sketchy to anyone else??? And what ride is this by the way?
  11. Not really feeling the orange supports on Scream. Almost any other color would've gone better with blue in my opinion. I wonder what the new paint on the trains will look like. Perhaps a third color will be accented on the train somewhere?
  12. Went to Scare School last night, I'll be working in Black Magic. At the end of the night they gave out a few "golden tickets" to experience Trapped next week during dress reharsal. They only gave them to select employees who did a particularly good job during the walk-thru's they were conducting. Really stoked to say I was a recipient of one of those golden tickets and I'll be experiencing Trapped for the first time on Tuesday night. I'll let you guys know how it is! I'm also really excited to be part of a new scare/illusion inside of Black Magic that wasn't there last year. Just one more week until opening night!
  13. Since Colossus County Fair is becoming a newly themed area "Back Alley" I'd like to think they'll be giving Scream a new coat of paint. Probably the worst faded paint in the park besides Tatsu. If they're giving that whole area a facelift ,they really shouldn't leave Scream looking like that.
  14. It would be interesting for them to move the park entrance to that side of the park so it would be much closer for guests. Also that way you could enter beneath the new RMC Colossus in a similar way you go underneath Gatekeeper at Cedar Point. Would it also be possible to enter Hurricane Harbor from that side as well?
  15. SFDK's V2. I rode it during its opening season before the modification and it instantly became one of my favorite coasters. The park violated the city's 150 foot height restriction so the 186 foot tall front and back spikes were lowered to 150 feet with the front tower at a 45 degree angle and, while the back tower is still vertical, the front row of the train doesn't hit the 90 degree angle anymore. Damn that height restriction! I'm not even going to elaborate on how ugly it looks too.
  16. Just got hired as a monster for the Black Magic maze (which is adding some new stuff this year including a mirror hall) Really stoked to be a part of Haunt this year. On top of that, this year's new attractions sound great.
  17. Anybody know if this marathon will effect the ability to ride Colossus for people visiting the park Aug 5? I'm visiting the park with my brother who lives out of state and we are going to say goodbye to Colossus. If this marathon is going on, will it be closed to the public? Because if so, this puts a HUGE damper on our plan to ride Colossus one last time.
  18. I haven't bothered to head out to SFMM during the summer in a long time but I have a brother visiting from out of town Aug 1 to Aug 10 and he really wants to go. Does it even make a difference during the summer to aim for a weekday and avoid weekends? Or will the crowds be the same either way? My initial instinct would be to aim for a Tuesday and avoid weekends but I'm not sure if it matters this time of year. Thoughts?
  19. I said its not not going anywhere because this isn't enough of a reason for a park to spend millions removing a ride due to an act of nature. The tree falling on to the track causing a derailment has nothing to do with the rides reliability or how it operates. They'll probably just fix the train, remove the tree along with any other questionable trees in the area, and have it cleared for operation again soon.
  20. My wife and I are planning on visiting CP for the first time sometime during the 2015 season. We are travelling out from California and want to make the most of our visit and we plan on spending two days at the park. I have a general idea of which rides to do first to avoid long lines, but one main question I have is what month to visit. I have heard about instances with wind requiring cedar point to close a few rides unexpectedly. Is there a good month to go to avoid this? Or is it really unpredictable?
  21. I know it operated for quite a while, but I'd like to mention Eagle Fortress at Everland in South Korea. Mainly because it looks amazing. Looks to me like it was probably the best Arrow Suspended Coaster ever. It's been SBNO since 2009. rcdb.com/1337.htm
  22. Wondering if they will be running Colossus backwards until it's last day. Does it even make sense to turn it back around for a month just to close the ride in August? Seems like a lot of unnecessary effort.
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