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  1. Roller Coaster at New York New York casino, it tried to kill me.
  2. My top 3 roughest rides 1 Thunderhawk at Dorney Park, ugh I would rather deal with Grunty Industries from Banjo-Tooie than ride this piece of garbage. 2 Sidewinder at Hersheypark, just not a fan of Vekoma Boomerangs. 3 Mean Streak, when I rode this in 2008, it shook me up real good, and was not very pleasant.
  3. ^Sunset admission begins at 5pm, and you will be looking at some heavy crowds on Saturday, but head to Fahrenheit and the Midway America section first, and work backwards. Skyrush is best saved for after 2pm because many people hit it first.
  4. I am the same way, coasters do not freak me out, but drop towers still scare me. When I rode Kingda Ka, for the first time, I was fine, but Zumanjaro was a different story, I wanted to crap myself, but I still went on the ride. I was freaked out for the first 175 feet, but I was fine later.
  5. Pac-Man on an arcade machine, I achieved a score of 674,660.
  6. I looked it up online, and there aren't any rides that require a Platinum Flash Pass at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  7. Giant supermarkets in the area of Hersheypark are selling discount tickets for 46.80.
  8. Tuesday June 16th. When was the last time you were under a weather warning?
  9. Recently at Hersheypark, as a train was leaving the station on Skyrush, the ride operator did a Simon says game, and he said Simon says clap once, Simon says clap twice, then he said ride Skyrush.
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