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  1. Currently playing, Jak 2, at the point where metal heads have reached Haven City
  2. Chuggaconroy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I just go to Planet Fitness to work off Thanksgiving Dinner
  3. Playing the original Spryo The Dragon is where mine comes from
  4. Gas prices annoy me, they always go up for no reason and not to mention never return to less than $3. The worst part is that the price is controlled by tycoons who will raise the price of oil when a tornado touches down, or when they are "not making enough money" and they wanted gas to $5 a gallon, when all it takes is $4.11 to crash the market. Let's tell Congress they need to set gas prices lower and set a maximum price.
  5. Skyrush at Hersheypark, since I got a season pass for 2013, then Great Bear alot
  6. Although I only went to Cedar Point once and to Hersheypark countless times, they are tied for my favorite parks. Each park has a unique coaster, Stormrunner is something really fun and Maverick was one of the coasters I enjoyed along with all of them. Skyrush may have painful restraints, but I don't mind. Waldameer in Erie and Knoebles are very unique and feature fun.
  7. I am from good old Harrisburg, Pa where the gas is $3.79 and centrally located between several good parks Dustin is the name I live 10 minutes from Hershey and it's excellent park I was born on 7/27/1994 and am 18 years old I've been to Cedar Point, Hersheypark,Waldameer, and Knoebeles My favorite coasters are as of follows Hersheypark is tied between Great Bear and Stormrunner Cedar Point, 3-way tie between Maverick, Mantis, and Raptor Waldameer, simple choice, Ravine Flyer II Knoebeles,not so simple It's a tie
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