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  1. Just pushed Nicole at Carowinds over 1000 dollars. Have fun this Sunday.
  2. I am only 95 dollars from reaching 500 dollars, thank you to all of the awesome people who donated to me. Let's keep it going, the first 2 people who donate 45 dollars to my page, will get 46 donated to their pages.
  3. Just shot out a 45 dollar donation to John, and 10 dollar donations to Lorine, Nicole, Joseph, and Lisa.
  4. Just made a 15 dollar donation to Jasmine at Canada's Wonderland. She is now at the minimum, but there still some riders who need to hit the 75 dollar mark.
  5. ^To answer some of your questions 1 You will NOT need to pay for admission if you are participating in the event 2 Not necessarily, but the parks put forth a lot of effort, so I'd suggest sticking to those rides 3 The park will be open to everyone that day 4 The members of TPR will be more than happy to help you raise the 75 dollars needed 5 You do not need to be a Club TPR member 6 The person you are going with does not need to be a member here Hope this helps.
  6. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. To celebrate, the first 3 people to donate 10 dollars to my page, will get 11 dollars donated to their pages.
  7. Today at 2 p.m. When was the last time you had an oil change?
  8. I just donated 10 dollars to Steven, Sarah, David, John, and Jasmine.
  9. Just sent out 25 dollars to Josh at Valleyfair, 15 dollars to Matthem and Josh at Knott's, 15 dollars to Adam at King's Island, and 15 dollars to Teresa at California's Great America.
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