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  1. He said six flags America. Oh that makes a lot more sense. I just get them confused with the two names being so similar. Sorry about the confusion I had. SFGAm kind of feels out of place with its lack of thrill rides compared to some other parks in the chain so I'm really excited for this coaster. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.
  2. Yeah, Mountain Creek is still a crazy water park. Look at Bombs Away's 18 foot freefall drop off a cliff.
  3. I thought the removal of Iron Wolf wasn't shocking because it was getting taken down, but the fact that they re-used the rough head-banger at SFA.
  4. ^Sorry, it's just that I have had to wait 4 hours to ride X-Flight, 3 hours to ride Raging Bull, and over 2 hours to ride Ragin' Cajun. The park gets so packed that I wish that the Chicago area had another park so we wouldn't all cram into SFGAm. There are just no other theme parks for people to visit in my area so ride waits are the worst I've had at any park. I was better off at Universal and Busch Gardens during spring break with the wait times at this park compared to them. I wish the park would do a better job at keeping the crowds moving in lines.
  5. Viper is my favorite wooden coaster in the park right now too. Much better than American Eagle that makes a sound like a thousand bullets are hitting you because the first drop is so rough.
  6. B&M hasn't ever made a wooden coaster? Oh really... Lol, not really. This is what I think a wooden B&M woodie would look like though, but with steel topper track.
  7. Did you get a chance to ride Vertical Velocity? Sounds like you had a good time at the park. Don't worry about the lack of thrills at Great America, we are getting a giant RMC next year.
  8. Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure is a bad name because it just seems like they couldn't decide on one name so they put both possible names together.
  9. A giga coaster would be nice for the park. Seriously, your parks needs some new big thrills that would make it a destination.
  10. Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure had a lot of good airtime that I wasn't really expecting and it is now one of my top favorite wooden coasters. Shivering Timbers at the same park had such insane ejector airtime that I got scared for the first time on a coaster since I was young. Now that's a coaster!
  11. Yes! Very good name. How about Big Foot? I think Sasquatch sounds more Canadian... Which would fit perfectly if the ride's entrance was in Yukon Territory since Yukon is Canadian. Exactly. Iron Wolf's entrance was built in the wrong spot. I don't know if they have room for it there, but that would make the most sense. I don't get why a wolf would be in a county fair.
  12. Yes! Very good name. How about Big Foot? I think Sasquatch sounds more Canadian... I actually had the same idea, but I didn't feel like posting anything cheesy on the forums.
  13. My three favorite possible names for this ride are Grizzly, Roar, and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Sasquatch.
  14. Cheetah Hunt's launch reminds me of a, well, roar. It sounds pretty awesome when riding it.
  15. Didn't know you were here Booink! And you went to SFGAm without inviting me? I'm only 45 minutes away. Anyways, that was a great trip report. I'm surprised that you were able to get that many rides in at a park as crowded as Cedar Point. You got some nice photos and I can't wait for part two.
  16. Steel: Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa Wooden: Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure Not including Wild Mouses that is...
  17. Wooden Wolf would sound like a step back and they can't do Timber Wolf because the name is owned by Cedar Fair and World's of Fun would sue the park. It's probably going to be called Roar, because Six Flags doesn't want to pay for new names when they already own some old names. They won't have to make unique merchandise for the park if they name the ride Roar so they will probably go with that. X-Flight does have original merchandise, but it is still an unoriginal name. I shouldn't even say that X-Flight's merchandise is original because it looks very similar to X2's and they used the same color scheme and the cars slightly resemble each other.
  18. I'm never going to speak the term YOLO again after Full Throttle.
  19. I still find it hilarious when people think that X-Flight is called the X-Factor ride.
  20. An older style wooden coaster like Hades is not meant to do inversions like that so I'm not even going to bother riding it. My worst experience with a coaster was when I went to SFGAm in May to ride X-Flight. The power in the park kept on shutting of and the ride kept on breaking down while it was hot 100*F day. I waited in the line for four hours before I got to go on and when I finally rode it it was a good ride but not worth the wait. I also had a similar experience when trying to ride the Incredible Hulk at IOA during spring break. I also waited for three hours to get on and it was 40*F and I was freezing because I had packed for warm weather like Florida typically has. That night I went back to the park with several layers of T-Shirts to go ride the Harry Potter dark ride.
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