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  1. It will probably be called Roar. In the preview you will hear an iron wolf howl in a graveyard of the park's old rides and then a loud ground shaking and obnoxious roar and the park's former stand-up coaster will collapse and disintegrate. All of a sudden wooden support beams will start shooting out of the Earth like laser beams and Roar will be born. The trailer will not be like Banshee's trailer backwards at all.
  2. ^^The people that stay at Universal Resort's hotel get to go into the park an hour before opening so I would recommend staying at their hotel if you want to get everything done before the crowds come in.
  3. What I find surprising is that I know many people on the theme park forums that are from celebration. I was actually living in Celebration until I moved to Chicago a few years ago. I hope you enjoy the neighborhood as much as I did because it was a blast being so close to so many major theme parks. Celebration is even where I developed my interest in theme parks and I wouldn't be on this site today if I didn't have the opportunity to live there.
  4. This park deserved to get Chang, I don't think SFGA needed any more coasters.
  5. I saw a SFMM recreation on Youtube that looked a lot like that. Lol.
  6. Even though it's a good park, SFGAm doesn't have the same high quality thrills as other Six Flags parks. The park could really use some ride that is more intense than the other coasters seem outdated. I don't want to see them go, but I would really like a ride that would be 100% worth going to the park for. Unless Six Flags puts some money into the park, I would rather be at Busch Gardens where they have a larger variety of attractions. I know that the company has to be careful with their money but I look at parks like Six Flags Great Adventure and think, "now that's a destination!"
  7. That model is massive. It must have taken forever to put it together.
  8. Can you please use CPisco's footers or Weber's footers? I think they would compliment the ride more than your current footers. Otherwise, I like this ride. Could also use some rocks and ground cover too though.
  9. Update One I made this a while back but I'm starting it back up again. It is nowhere near completion, but I'm posting it on the forums anyways. It still needs ground shrubbery and foliage to go along with it. Anyways, I present this tropical B&M.
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