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  1. It looks to be the standard Intamin hydraulic OTSRs. It won't be uncomfortable though, as it has been made known that the seats will rotate back up about half way down before hitting the brakes. We don't know yet. Right now they are adding the tracks on the side that weren't already attached and they are working on the queue. The topper hasn't even left the lot yet, so it will probably be after they finish putting all the missing tracks on. I'd give it a week, weather permitting.
  2. I took a little trip to BGT today and was greeted by piece #6 of Falcon's Fury. For some reason, it feels like a huge difference between 5 and 6, unlike the difference between 4 and 5. Anyway, here is the first picture. Sorry it is blurry. It was raining so I had my phone in a plastic bag. And another further away, but clearer. It is tall enough to easily see from around most of the park and parking lot now. And here is one from BGTFans.com that is up close and clear.
  3. If I understand correctly, the tubes on the side that have gaps in them currently is where the wheels will run inside of.
  4. What provider do you have? It is 132 on FiOS, 108 on Comcast, 155 on Bright House, 190 on Dish, 283 on DirectTV, 266 on U-Verse, 144 on Cox Cable, 158 on Optimum CableVision, and 238 on Time Warner. If you aren't listed here, I don't think you have Nat Geo Wild.
  5. I would much rather see them remove Gwazi than Scorpion considering the condition each of them is in. I do hope Scorpion gets revamped a bit with the rest of the area though.
  6. Is it too late to count out the RMC rehab for Gwazi? I always thought that the only issue that would prevent that would be lack of maintenance, and I want to say they've been maintaining the Tiger side, though I could very well be wrong. Restoring Gwazi to more than its former glory with RMC iron horse track and the like would be great. Paint the rails the respective color of the track (yellow rails on Lion, blue rails on Tiger) and get Rocky Mountain or Gerstlauer to make trains and it'll be good as new AND a people eater! Maybe even add a high-speed barrel roll/upside-down high five element on the two airtime hops where the trains intersect each other. I've not ridden it (I get to go through such a painful rite of passage to the online coaster community in a couple days) but it looks beautiful on Google Streetview and it'd be unfortunate to have to tear something that looks that pretty down. That being said, how painful is it compared to Son of Beast, Mean Streak, The Beast, and Thunderhead? Just out of curiosity. My dad wants to know because he doesn't like rough rides and I'm honestly wondering the same thing. As for a barrel roll, it would have to happen here: It would be the perfect spot for one. As for how painful it is, I have never been on another wooden coaster, but Gwazi isn't too bad. I can ride it more than once without bodily injury, and it is definitely better with the MF trains than with the old PTC ones. I could barely make it through one ride without getting a headache on those.
  7. X Scream at the Stratosphere. I will ride pretty much anything, but that is not one of them.
  8. SheiKra. My mom made me do the biggest one first so I wouldn't be scared of the rest. I was terrified of it, but it worked
  9. My first (and sadly only) was Python at BGT. I was 8 or 9, and I cried for the whole queue. I don't remember anything except for the headbanging on the corkscrews :/ I wish I would have ridden it more now, as there aren't many left, and I would like to have a complete memory of one.
  10. Never been on one. Never even been to park that had one before. Not sure if I should feel left out or grateful...
  11. I rode a spring-based one at our state fair and it was a blast. Very smooth launch, but still forceful, and it wasn't rough at all. Its price was ridiculous though...
  12. That is correct, although it is still a continuous chain, not a cable that stops at the top and returns back down. As linearinduction said, it works like straight lift hill Schwartzkopf coasters, such as Scorpion at BGT.
  13. Having seen one IRL, I can say for sure that they do work with a hook on the chain lift used to pull the car to the top. The car stops at the base, the chain engages the hook, then it goes up at full speed. Confirmation of this can be found here. And here is a photo of one:
  14. I didn't see anyone else post this, but SDC just announced that they finished the track work: link Edit: Dangit. I thought I would be the first to post it, and then you go and post it just before me
  15. On one of the questions, I believe it was about Sky Wheel, Maurer Sohne was spelled "Maurer Shne".
  16. Ok, before I start, I am just going to say that yes, I did search these forums for this topic, and anything I found was either did not answer my question or was a deleted thread. Anyway, I see talk about "credits" everywhere on this forum, and I see that some people have them entered in somehow, but how do you enter in your coaster credits? I can't seem to find a place to enter them in. I have found countless threads talking about what counts and what doesn't, but nothing about how to enter them in. So, any help would be appreciated.
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