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  1. The ring on the end of the tunnel looks weird because they removed those green shard decorations from the end. And also the tunnel doesn't get any narrower at the end than it did before. It has always been that way. And if anyone wants to see good footage of Hulk, Mako Madness has some great shots in his newest video.
  2. Well that definitely wasn't what I was expecting to replace NBA, but it looks fantastic.
  3. 1. Without it, you should have time for at least one ride on all of the major rides. With the regular Quick Queue, you could get all the rides in plus some shows and a couple rerides, and with Quick Queue Unlimited, you could ride each ride 5+ times. All depends on what you think it worth it. 2. It does, but they only get updated 1-2 times an hour, so it can sometimes be a little off. Still, wait times don't change that dramatically over an hour so it's still pretty close. 3. Not a beer drinker so can't help you there.
  4. I think they'll have a hard time ever topping KaTonga. That show was just too good.
  5. I really, really want a dark ride to replace Gwazi. BGT is so lacking in indoor attractions that, for rainy Florida, it's kinda of ridiculous. There's nothing to do in the rain except for one of the indoor shows or to shop/eat.
  6. The park confirmed a while ago that Gwazi won't be retracked, and will be torn down. It seems that they have put all of their available resources into Cobra's Curse and just can't afford to tear down Gwazi right now.
  7. The track is the exact same as the old one, so layout and length are not changed. The queue line is being redone, but no one knows what it will be like when it is done. It's the same layout in the same spot with the same name, so I'm gonna go with no for it being a new credit, but really, who actually cares? No one knows about the special effects or really anything else other than the new trains, and we don't even know what kind they will be yet.
  8. Keep in mind that you'll be visiting during spring break season, so it will be busier than a typical off season weekday.
  9. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the least busy days to go for you. And yeah, get there before opening and go to Cheetah Hunt to beat the crowds, then head over to Montu, then go to Falcon's Fury, which you should get to just as it opens, as it opens 30 minutes after the park does. Also, remember that you have to put bags in a locker before getting in line if you bring them, and the new ones are an hourly rate, so consider either putting everything in a fanny pack, which is allowed on the rides, or just packing my light, as it will slow you down, and with how quickly Cheetah Hunt and Montu's lines build in the morning, it can be the difference between 1 ride or 3.
  10. ^^^ The park has not set an opening date. Just that it will be open "Summer 2016"
  11. It has been confirmed by the parks that both Mako and Cobra's Curse will have off board audio throughout both rides. CC will have it for a large part of the ride, but I'm guessing Mako will only have it in the second half and maybe on the lift.
  12. ^^^ Nothing official yet, but given BG's history of opening dates, they are probably shooting for a Memorial Day weekend opening, possibly with some soft opening before.
  13. No it's not just you. It does go down much more than the other rides at the park. Most likely because of the fact that it is the most complex ride there mixed with the fact that they don't go down for annual maintenance. Maybe once Cobra's Curse opens and CH isn't the newest coaster anymore they will be willing to let it go down for a few weeks a year for a refurb, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  14. Cheetah Hunt isn't closed for Cobra's Curse construction. It was probably just down for technical difficulties. Only things behind the construction wall are closed for CC. The Egypt area, along with Montu, are set to open this Saturday, Feb 20th.
  15. I also want to give a shoutout to Jambo Junction and Curiosity Caverns in Nairobi. People can overlook them while as they aren't exactly out in the open, but they both have a lot of cool animals in them.
  16. There used to be the Twister control room tour, but obviously that doesn't exist anymore. I don't know of any other semi-secret tours.
  17. At Busch Gardens Tampa, both chest and wrist mounted (not wrist straps, but actual wrist mounts) GoPros are allowed.
  18. Montu is scheduled to reopen February 20th. As for the best day to go, Mon-Thurs are the slowest days.
  19. - yep - been a while since I've gotten one. They used to be $6.99 and were sold by themselves, but now I believe they are $7.99 and come with some chips they make themselves. - Cheetah Hunt's line moves faster, but has 2-4x more people in it, so still takes longer. - Tue-Thur are the slowest days, followed by Monday, then Friday, then Sunday, and Saturday is the busiest.
  20. As am I. I was there all day and never got to ride. Just ended up doing other things in the park and coming back the next day to ride it as it was down for almost the entire day.
  21. They didn't soft open Cheetah Hunt to the public and that opening was a disaster. Also, Cobra's Curse ride vehicles have started to arrive! (From their Twitter account)
  22. ^^ the brakes get added later Also interesting to note that the brake run is still going to be tilted.
  23. The Busch Gardens attraction update page lists Montu as reopening on Feb 13th.
  24. Montu and the rest of the Egypt area are walled off for the next few weeks as the Cobra's Curse construction starts on the guest area of Egypt. While this is happening, they are also giving Montu a new coat of paint. Moroccan Palace is also closed down right now for a big renovation, and will be opening up again in February. It will keep Iceploration around as its show, so the renovation must be pretty much entirely focused on the guest side of it.
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