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  1. The only other time I know of something similar was either 1 or 2 years ago (I think it was 1) in the winter, there was one day where it was cold enough that they didn't want the splash, so they drained the water down to below the scoops. But this is the first time I at least have seen it run without the actual scoops themselves.
  2. It's true and it's amazing. It's really surprising just how much faster it takes the final turn without the water brakes, and it comes out of the magnetic portion of the brakes still going pretty fast, so the friction brakes really kick in hard. If you can, I recommend anyone go and ride it before they put them back on. I'm not sure why they aren't on right now, but I kind of wouldn't be surprised if it was for Howl-O-Scream, just to amp the coaster up a little bit. Here's a screenshot of a video I took on the 26th of it running without the water scoops.
  3. Yeah, it's very rare to see anyone but children sitting in the test seat. I think I have seen an adult trying it maybe 5 times in my life and I have been to BGT hundreds of times. As for grouping, on Cheetah Hunt especially, it's just not practical. Sure you could on SheiKra, Montu and Kumba, but on Cheetah Hunt, at their fastest, they are sending out 16 rows of people every 90 seconds. That's just not really possible to keep up with, especially with the super long station that's very hard to see the end of from the turnstile, and the language barrier of many foreigners that slow down the process. At the expense of capacity, they just let everyone choose their seat, which actually makes people quite happy as they like being able to choose, and they don't usually know that it meant a somewhat longer wait for them. Falcon's Fury is the one ride in the park with actual forced grouping, so there is rarely an empty seat. It makes sense though, as the grouper has a long time to set up the seats while the ride is running. As for Manta, it's hit or miss for me. Sometimes I go and there is a grouper setting up 3-4 in every row. Sometimes I go and there is a grouper in one station but not the other (not sure why that would be), sometimes there is a grouper that just waves you through (usually on quieter days), and sometimes there isn't one at all. I don't know, maybe they could learn something from Universal and their incredible grouping, but with the park not as busy, and the ride vehicles not as suited for it (their vehicles usually have less rows to make it easier), it's just not worth it to them to do it.
  4. Yep, they still do that. Love that they do that. Although it would be best if people just tried the test seat located at almost every major ride entrance before getting in line...
  5. Yep, although they can put some of the smaller pieces two on one trailer. But that's also not even including the supports, chain, ride vehicles, etc. There's a lot more coming then even just the track.
  6. They haven't said anything about the drop angle yet. I think the only stats we really know are height, speed, and length.
  7. Not to mention that revenue and attendance were not too different from last year, just a slight drop, but profits were down, meaning that they are just spending more money, which makes sense with all they are spending on new advertising and on new attractions and exhibits this year. Attendance only dropped 100k, which on 12 parks, of which most are open year round, is not that much. Revenue dropped $13m from $405m to $392m, while profits dropped $32m, meaning they spent an extra $19m more this year than last year. So it's not just dropped attendance, which they have said the only real place they are having trouble is San Diego. San Antonio experienced a decline, but they said the awful weather was the most significant factor there. If they separated everything out and took away the San Diego parks, I bet they would be looking pretty good right now, but the California area is just going to be a tough battle for them.
  8. I would I hope so, but the honest answer is right now no one knows. The park is saying its routine maintenance, but the employees say that it is technical issues that they aren't able to fix and haven't been able to for almost a week now. So I wish you the best, but no one can say for sure if it will be up, as this is not a typical shut down.
  9. I'm sure it has some, but they have mostly just taken the time they can't work outside to work on the queue house inside, so the time isn't totally lost.
  10. It's not. That picture is from May 2014 when we got 6 inches in 3 hours.
  11. ^^It got a full repaint in 2006, and a cleaning with touch-ups in 2010. ^Yeah, definitely don't think there's enough room in there for anything, let alone an animatronic. But even if there was, definitely wouldn't want them to put one there. Just doesn't fit the park's style and wouldn't make any sense, and would just look like a cheap gimmick.
  12. It's a mixture of high capacity, taller height requirement, too intense for some people, and they're older rides.
  13. Maybe during the off season, but for the on season it's more of: Montu: Walk-On - 20 Minutes Cheetah Hunt - 15 Minutes - 75 Minutes SheiKra - 5 minutes - 30 Minutes Kumba - Walk-On almost always Scorpion - 5 Minutes - 30 Minutes Falcon's Fury - 15 Minutes - 60 Minutes Sand Serpent - 10 Minutes - 45 Minutes Phoenix - Walk On - 15 Minutes Congo River Rapids - 15 Minutes - 90 Minutes (all depends on the weather) Flume - 15 Minutes - 60 Minutes (also weather dependent) Tidal Wave - Usually a near walk on, but can sometimes go up to 45 Minutes if other water attractions break down Skyride - 10 Minutes - 45 Minutes on the Crown Colony side, 5 Minutes - 30 Minutes on the Stanleyville side Ubanga-Banga Bumper Cars - 5 Minutes - 20 Minutes But yeah, I've been going to this park for well over 10 years and I've never been there for a full day and ran out of time to do everything, with the exception of days with an abnormally large amounts of lightning related park shutdowns.
  14. School goes back in session on Aug 25, so any day before that will have more crowds, but still shouldn't be too bad, especially on a weekday. I'd wait until you get there before deciding on Quick Queue or not, and don't go to Cheetah Hunt first thing to decide, as between opening and 1pm, the line will definitely be long. As for seating with Quick Queue, it spits you out at the area where you choose your rows (the "bullpens"), so you can choose your own row.
  15. Yeah, bags aren't allowed in line at major rides. There are cubbies, but as they are unsecured, bags and other valuable items aren't allowed. Non-valuables, such as hats, glasses, cups, etc are allowed in line and will be placed in the cubbies. There are small free lockers at the top of Cheetah Hunt and SkeiKra for phones and other small valuables. If you don't have a secure pockets use those lockers. A ride operator will gladly lock it up for you while you buckle yourself in. Loose articles are considered secure when placed in a zippered pocket or fanny pack (hats on belt loops will be asked to be removed and places in a cubby, so don't bother attaching it there, cuz it will just slow down the operators), or in the case of GoPros or other similar cameras, a chest or wrist mount (not a strap, but a mount). Anything else is not allowed, and if seen, you will be asked to place it in a cubby. Lockers are $0.50 each time you lock them, and have no time limit. They only take quarters, and there are change machines that take $1 and $5 bills near most of them. Cards are not accepted. They have implemented new lockers at SeaWorld that take cards, but are much more expensive ($1 for the first hour, $2 for each hour after that vs $0.50 for as long as you want). Not sure if they will be coming to our park, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I think that covers everything you could possibly want to know.
  16. The front is definitely better on Cheetah Hunt just for the forces at the top of the tower after the second launch. The back just gets slowly dragged over the top. Also, almost all employees at that ride do not assign rows when running dual station. Keeping up with 16 rows is practically impossible, so we just tell you which station to go to and let you decide on the row you want.
  17. The line is the shortest during that time, as well as any time after 9pm. Especially do not ride it in the early morning, as everyone goes there first, so it will usually have over an hour line for the first half of the day, fading down to 20-40 minutes as it gets past 2pm since everyone goes to eat at the back of the park. Then it starts to build at 4ish, then fades down again as it gets closer to 9 since most people go to see Kinetix, and then it stays shorter for the rest of the night.
  18. They're definitely the worst day of the week, but the park is open from 9:30-midnight, so you'll have plenty of time to do everything. Just make sure you wait until 2:30-4:30 to ride Cheetah Hunt and you'll be able to ride everything. Also, make sure to see Kinetix, as it's a really good show.
  19. Manta had about 3 weeks of soft opens for a couple hours a day. Cheetah Hunt didn't have any non-media/employee soft opens, so the general public had to wait until opening day for that (well actually, more of the day after opening day, as it was down for almost the entire day it opened). So still don't expect it to be open in April, but there might be a soft open early to mid-May.
  20. Yeah, pretty much every major ride in the SeaWorld/Busch family (except for those that faced delays like FF) opened the Friday before Memorial Day, except for Kraken, which opened the Friday after Memorial Day. So if all goes well, expect it to be open May 27th. That's my best guess at least.
  21. When they say summer, sometimes they mean Memorial Day weekend as that's kind of the beginning of the summer season for theme parks. Or it could actually mean the season of summer, which would mean June. So for Mako, I'm expecting late May to possibly early July. As for Cobra's Curse, they haven't given a timeframe at all besides 2016. I doubt it will be open by April. I've heard they're hoping to have it ready for Memorial Day weekend, but are just a little shy to give too specific of a time after the whole Falcon's Fury delay of opening.
  22. I mean Cheetah Hunt is the ride that breaks down the most in the park, but it's the most complicated one, so that's not surprising. Nothing that I know of bad enough to hurt the relationship of the two companies.
  23. Yeah. About the only thing I can say is, unless you get to it in the first 15-20 minutes of park opening, wait to ride Cheetah Hunt until at least after 2pm. Everyone goes there first, so the line stays very long for the first part of the day, but after people stop entering the park and the existing people move to the back, the line dies down dramatically. It will be about 45-75 minutes until about 12, and by 2-3pm, it will be below 30 minutes. It happens every day like clockwork. Also, seems like common sense, but water rides are busiest during the middle of the day. If you want to skip the lines, go do them while everyone is at Cheetah Hunt, then catch a ride on SheiKra (or vice versa. Either way, dothe water rides and SheiKra first to avoid lines). Won't be as effective at cooling you off. But you can always just go stand under SheiKra's splash zone if you really want to get wet in the middle of the day. As Skeibs said, everything else won't have too much of a wait, and if it somehow does, just come back to it later. Usually just means you got unlucky and some big tour group went in before you and the line will be back to normal within an hour.
  24. Even better. Busch (and SeaWorld) has $10.99 souvenir cups with free refills for the day you buy it, and $0.99 refills for any day after that. They just put up a stand selling blue ones at the entrance, but they are also sold at practically every restaurant and snack stand if you want a different design or color.
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