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  1. I guess you can reinstall the game . Make sure you save your Projects in a separate folder so they will not be deleted.
  2. I'm sorry, but RCT3 felt like a disappointment to me when it came out, and this sets the bar way lower. Noticed how the trailer has no gameplay in it? There's a red flag right there...
  3. The architecture could be improved but is OK. Your queue lines could also use some improvement. It is good otherwise.
  4. You've hit the point where RCT3 becomes better than RCT2. Skillful, high quality work.
  5. I'm on the fence on this. Your path layout is not really well thought out and the architecture could be improved. It's good work otherwise.
  6. So, guys, herés my first high quality work, and I am proud of it hope you like it ,Weeman
  7. Thank you! I'll upload this to NE when I am done in a few months.
  8. A chinese area with B&M flyer, HIGHLY unfinished. I want to see If I am headed in the right direction. SCR43.BMP
  9. Hey, I am weeman. I like to play RCT2 and an avid fan of theme parks. I am also in band.
  10. Are you going to upload this to New Element? This would probably score you a bronze when finished. Dude if you'd theme correctly you'd be Legend.
  11. These are a bit more unfinished but here you go. SCR41.BMP This is the Second half of the arrow coaster,and the queue line. SCR42.BMP This is the end brake run on the wooden coaster.
  12. considering this is the worse half of the layout. Want to see more?
  13. Hello, TPR. I am weeman, and I have some screenshots of a park I'd like to show all of you. SCR37.BMP some wooden I am doing an Alpine themed section with a wooden coaster. Took a bit of time on those NCSO supports. SCR40.BMP Part of an arrow coaster I built. It themed to a Mediterranean setting. SCR39.BMP Some more of this Mediterranean architecture. Hopefully when I am done with this 3 map project I'll submit it to New Element. I have an account there but hardly go on.
  14. I think the green hedge on the station is a bit too much, and the turnaround is iffy, but great anyways.
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