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  1. Can't wait to hear "WHO's Ready to ride the Big Orange and Purple One" someday
  2. ^they couldn't get it finished for the Summer but it Apperantly will be ready by Fright Fest.
  3. ^Hooray for People loving Arrow for once. I hate when it's always "Arrows Hurt" or "I don't care if they broke any records, they SUCK!" I'm am Visiting the park sometime either this year or next. Probably on a week day In Early June. What will the lines be like?
  4. ^^What's in that area now days? I think I see Demon Drop still.
  5. How is the Fast Pass operations at CGA? I'm thinking of getting of one when I go in 2013 if the lines aren't long, but I don't like the idea of Fastlane not merging with the normal line before the station. Do any ride have the 2 lines not merged?
  6. Station wait for S: UF? Over here at SFGAm we still have 2+ Hour waits on ANY day for Superman..
  7. Raging Bull at night during Fright Fest after a 2.5 hour wait. Awesome, but the trim....
  8. Awesome!!! I'm going to the park in 2013 because my stepbrother lives 14 min away!! XD
  9. KI should replace SoB with a Record Breaking B&M Hyper Invert.... That's what I've been thinking, since they like Big rides and the don't have a very good Invert.
  10. When I rode Zeus at Mt. Olympus, it was so horrible I had to go to the first aids office. I mean, seriously, I got bruises on my RIB CAGE. It was HELL.
  11. This s great! I used to live in NM, and now I moving back to CO so I'll visit again!
  12. Steel: Raging Bull @ SFGAm Wood: American Eagle @ SFGAm Shuttle: Aftershock @ Silverwood
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