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  1. That very well could be it, but this is already announced. I feel that he wouldn't have been so secretive about something that is already public knowledge.
  2. I know someone who works at Sally Corp and he wouldn't tell me details, but did tell me they are developing interactive animatronics based on a popular video game franchise for a major theme park. Fortnite retheme is gaining credibility...
  3. Went a few weeks ago and just wanted to post my thoughts. Crews were efficient and friendly, but all the coasters seemed in rough shape. I love this park to death, but come on, where's the maintenance? Maybe it was just an off day.
  4. Whenever I've been, they've never stopped the line around fireworks time. Maybe it depends on the manager?
  5. visited Fright Fest the other night, thought I'd post ratings of the 6 houses Terror Toy Shop - 8/10 - Super entertaining, must do Twisted Fairytales 3D - 7/10 - fun but not that scary Aftermath - 4/10- Lots of empty spaces, not very scary Voodoo Curse - 5/10 - biggest letdown of the night, not much voodoo & more generic haunted house I noticed Haunting of Hall Manor - 9/10 - amazing trail, very spooky, must do Spider Outbreak - 5/10 - short house and had a short wait, spooky but nothing to write home about
  6. Alot of people I know genuinely think Expedition Everest goes upside down during the backwards sequence...
  7. spotted this while lurking through old posts. Thought it was perfect because of the Apocalypse! 666! Apocalypse! Devil! Nicki Minaj!
  8. Since Six Flags has the license for DC Comics, does anybody know why the Six Flags parks don't have a Superman walk around character? They heavily work him into the rides, but you never see him walking around with Batman, Green Lantern, and the other Justice League members. Just curious...
  9. Wild One is amazing in the front row. One time on an empty day, I marathon'd it in the front for 5 times in the front row, then did twice in the middle and was done for the day
  10. Since Six Flags has the DC license, they would theme the Penguin exhibit to Batman & The Penguin! Not to mention renting out the animals for ad space. Instead of a Snickers wrap on a coaster, they could put it on Shamu!
  11. Wednesday would definitley be the best, but if you get there early on Sunday waits should't be a problem. 45 mins-1 hour tops.
  12. I haven't been on many, but my favorite is probably SFA's Road Rage Cage during Fright Fest. They had fog, lasers, and techno music which really made the ride awesome. Felt like I was in a Tron Lightcycle race. Least favorite is some random ones I went on at a carnival. Too many cars in a small space, and went very slow.
  13. Related to BOAS, I remember back when Expedition Everest first was coming out, there was an online scavenger hunt game themed to the village of Adandapur and one of the prizes you could unlock was a teaser video for the ride. In the video I remember seeing brief glimpses of an AA snow leopard but I've never seen it in the ride. Did the snow leopard ever appear, is it still there, or was it taken out? Or is my memory just on the fritz....
  14. Exactly. Keep in mind that SFA only sucks in the eyes of some enthusiasts, but the GP love it, and that what contributes mostly to the success of a park. And as unlikely as it is, that would be awesome if Disney bought SFA.
  15. For those who have been, is the Dumbo play area similar to the ACME Factories located at numerous Six Flags parks?
  16. I'm heading to MK for a couple days around Christmas and I'm so excited to check this out! I'm definitley eating at Gaston's and riding Little Mermaid!
  17. Even though its gone, Skull Mountain at SFA was pretty awesome yet underated. I also think The Haunted House in OC, and Winnie the Pooh at Disney World. Pooh has gotten alot of hate because of what it replaced, but I'm a big fan!
  18. It was either Rock N Rollercoaster at MGM or the Looping Star at the Pier in Ocean City MD!
  19. Don't forget to stop at SFA near DC!
  20. As a HUGE Simpsons fan, this expansion is looking to be AMAZING! I haven't been to USO & IOA since 2004, so hopefully I can go soon!
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