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  1. People say ROAR at SFA is rough, when I went on Rolling Thunder, I banged my knee so bad after the first drop I was limping the whole day! Roughest Wooden Coaster I've been on.
  2. In addition to Starbucks and Celebrate The Magic, a huge attraction remodel will take place in 2014! DUFFY'S GREAT ESCAPE for those few knuckleheads on here, this a joke
  3. You just answered your own question... The fact that that is sitting in plain view of guests and is NOT part of theming is absolutely unacceptable. It IS a part of theming Matt! It's Disney Quality! What better way to add atmosphere to a train ride than by having a legit antique train!
  4. Sally : What new dark attractions are being developed for the future?
  5. It seems to me that Gotham Ops are the best. Also, is it true that the train at SFA is the same one from Astroworld?
  6. Yes, especially with the Ride ops. They always seem friendly and hardworking.
  7. Yes, Saturday the 27th was the busiest I've seen the park all year. Even busier than the summer. Bridge of Terror and Toxic Fallout seemed to be getting negative feelings, but everybody seemed to rave over Backwoods Bloodshed & Blood Factory. I feel TF and BoT would have benefitted a lot if some walls were put up so you couldn't see it from the midways. Even some cheap black plastic would've done the job. I did however enjoy this year's Fright Fest more than past years.
  8. I've been on WDW's Space Mountain, BTMR, Expedition Everest, Rock'n Roller Coaster, SFGAdv's Dark Knight & Skull Mountain, KD's Flight of Fear, and KW's Exterminator. My favs are EE, SM, FoF, and R&RC
  9. This sounds pretty cool! Like another version of those other HB themed camp sites (Bedrock City and Camp Jellystone)
  10. Well, maybe I'm too jaded by Haunted Houses to really get scared anymore, but they did have a good amount of startle scares that made me jump. IMO, the scariest was Backwoods Bloodshed mainly because of the wooded forest enviorment, the startle scares, and a few effects that I won't give away.
  11. But the Bridge of Terror is very tight, and there are alot of turns and walls blocking your view. Because of the limited sight, the large groups really didn't take much away in my opinion.
  12. When I attended, Backwoods Bloodshed was sending groups of 4-6 through, Toxic Fallout was sending groups of 5-10 and Bridge of Terror was sending groups of 10-12 through.
  13. Fright Fest was great! Terror Twister and Road Rage Cage had huge lines because they were simply amazing! The shows were entertaining, the scare zones were loaded with monsters, and the mazes were pretty decent! Backwoods Bloodshed has an cool "claustrophobic" effect that is very suprising! Anyway, a couple videos of SFA's Fright Fest have already surfaced
  14. The description for Ghost Town on the Fright Fest website gives a little backstory about Coyote Creek! I know most people don't care about storylines like this, but I'm a huge fan of this kind of stuff!
  15. I am pumped for this year's Fright Fest! I'm attending this Friday and I haven't been since 2010 so I'm ready to experience all the new attractions! I have been through Bridge of Terror before so I know what to expect, but Blood Factory, Terror Twister and Toxic Fallout seem like they are gonna be awesome too. It's also clever how they will be having the Carn-Evil near Joker's Jinx, because of the evil clown similarities!
  16. When's the last time you went? A lot of people who have terrible experiences in the past, have returned recently and saw how much the park is turned!
  17. They need a nice flat ride in between Superman & Batwing. It's a long walk for just one coaster, and the have a nice amount of space!
  18. It will be more crowded than usual, but still nowhere as crowded as other parks. Expect no more than 30-45 minute waits at the top attractions(Apocalypse, Batwing, and Superman)
  19. I'm not a huge fan of the Little Mermaid, but I AM a gigantic fan of theming! This looks amazing!
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