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  1. In any park, I think theming makes a huge difference. So, Yes, I do care about theming at SF parks. My home park is SFA, and while the theming isn't great, I do appreciate what they have going on. The First 1/3 of Gotham City looks pretty good with the Police Building, Games Stations, and Batmobile. But the last 2/3rds are BARE. Also, the theming on Apocalypse is very well done. When you walk through the queue, you really do feel like you are in a deserted wasteland and when they have the Tactical Soldiers running around, it enhances the experience greatly.
  2. WDW doesn't have a Casey Jr. They have the Splash'N'Soak Station but thats not a real "train ride"
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't SFA either the only or one of the only parks in the US with 2 different train rides(Capital Railways and Whistlestop Train)?
  4. I volunteer at the Haunted Barn & Hayride at the Anne Arundel County Faigrounds in Crownsville MD. I help with Set Design and am a scareactor also. It's a fun haunted attraction thats pretty scary IMO. Haunted Barn & Hayride Come check us out if you have a chance. Heres a few pics pic of the haunt featured on a full-page spread in the Capital newspaper
  5. Here I will post pictures and trip reports from parks I travel to and visit! Last Saturday I took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure! It was my 3rd visit to the park and it was just as awesome as remembered. Here goes! first stop was Nitro! Awesome ride and got 2 rides in a row! then headed over to Batman! Sadly, I had to do the Walk of Shame . Luckily I got the credit back in 2010 though was able to snap this shot though! Since I'm Dark Ride Nick, I had to ride Houdini! Tried to hit Skyscreamer, but It was broken down all day! The only time it was working was during ERT for NY Firefighters now this baby! why so serious? now for the main reason of this trip! it was running AWESOME! Got 2 rides in with only a 10 minute wait. Keep in mind this was around noonish! crowds were light for a saturday! now for some total bull... big shot! hahahaha "Wanger" Green Lantern Superman Bizarro : one of my top coasters! another Batman Track shot finished the trip by catching Gary Sinise (known for roles in Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, and CSI) and the Lt Dan band! they put on a kick ass show! to end, I'll end with this funny pic. Thanks for reading!
  6. Whats your favorite rollercoaster at a Six Flags park themed to Batman? Mine is Batwing at SFA! Vote and comment if you want too. I decided not to include villain themed coasters such as Joker's Jinx or Riddler's Revenge.
  7. I might be heading down to SFGA next weekend. Haven't been since 2010. Does anybody know if Green Lantern has the "big boy rows" in the back?
  8. Heres a fun game : Have a Roller Coaster describe your love life! Hahaha ! Mine is : Ride of Steel
  9. ROAR is a pretty terrible name for a pretty good ride
  10. Superman was running 2 trains today! No line at all because of it! Also, I saw a mechanic working on the other Batwing train. A glimmer of hope?
  11. If anything next season, this park needs a dark ride. Maybe one of the Sally Scooby Doos or the Sally Goosebumps rides they have talked about.
  12. Visted the park yesterday. Construction has started on the roof of the station. It's curved so it looks like it'll be themed to an aircraft hangar. SIDE NOTE : A Top Glow Watergun game has been installed where the Skull Island Fountain was.
  13. So how many of you TPRers have ever worked at a theme park? Ride Operator, Character , Manager or any other positons? How did you like your job there? I am working as a Ride Op now at a Major Chain and I love it!
  14. Hey guys. Visited the park last weekend. Only took a few photos because I was distracted by my friends most of the time. Anyway, I figured I'd post them here just for the heck of it. On Saturday, the park was running really good, and every ride was working except for High Seas. On Sunday, High Seas and Superman were shut down the whole day. All the CMs were really nice and friendly. Park was clean and looked brand new! nice view of Gotham City Pirate's Flight in Skull Island "Why So Serious?!?! Oh it's a funeral? We can be serious then...." Apocalypse peeking out behind Wild One Because Batman is known for his chicken strips... Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who's the coolest coaster of them all?" Old Stunt Arena/Converted Concert Venue Wild One & Tower of Doom
  15. Once (at Six Flags America) a guest asked me if her Busch Gardens Season Dining Pass could be used at Six Flags! i told her it couldn't because they are seperate companies, and she replied "Well that's dumb!"
  16. Looks like they patched up the holes in the mountain! Looks really natural! From the SFA facebook page
  17. Apocolypse is looking awesome! Can't wait! I was there also when they were putting the final piece in and everybody was clapping! Haha. SFA was running great past weekend, ride crews are great.
  18. Apocalypse is gonna be SIIIIICCCKKKK! (in a good way) The only standup coaster I have been on was Shockwave at Kings Dominion, and that was killer rough Hopefully the B&M will be smoother!
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