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  1. It astounds me how both SFMM and SFGadv. can operate their stand-ups with 3 trains (even if they do it seldomly) when CP only ever tries to run two. I mean, I went to Great Adventure GL's inaugural season and they were actually running 3 trains flawlessly. And I consider CP to be actually pretty fast with Mantis. I feel like they could integrate the 3rd train without much problem.
  2. I am fine with the Go Carts disappearing, although I do hope at least one of Cedar Point's tracks remain. They are actually decently interesting and fit in with Challenge Park. What's surprising to me is that Six Flags hasn't started to do the same. At 6F Great America, they moved the carts from their out-of-the-way location to what used to be the shadiest, nicest area of the park! Seems like a lot of work for something that doesn't generate much revenue. Maybe Six Flags just has better ridership on theirs?
  3. Both options are an improvement as the big picture really updates the entire look. I prefer Opt. 1 slightly because of the Tweet feeder. I don't use Twitter personally, but I know a lot do and it is a current thing to do.
  4. Jetliner at Grona Lund is shown in U2's "Get on Your Boots" video.
  5. Went to Silverwood in 2008, when I was 15, and was a single rider. Riding the rapids ride, the guy assigning people to rafts was an older guy. I tell him I'm alone and he says "YOU'RE A SINGLE GUY!?" Then he shouts to the whole queue house..."ARE THERE ANY SINGLE WOMEN IN THIS LINE? WE HAVE ONE SINGLE MALE. ANY TAKERS?" Pretty much everyone heard that, so when I got paired with some middle-school-aged kids they referred to me only as "Single Guy." Honestly I was looking forward to some single females, but sadly, it was not to be...
  6. ^ Based on how Batman is so compact and was cloned from SFGAm, I would certainly say there's a decent chance. But I think--and hope--that most parks will go for a custom RMC.
  7. I believe they are putting the SkyCoaster between Nighthawk and WindSeeker. Looks to be a very tight fit, partially over water.
  8. Hey guys, doing a marketing project. Can anyone tell me what the overall price would be for 4 people with 3 days in Hersheypark. Plus 2 nights in the Hershey Lodge and the Spa. Does anyone know what that would be based on 2013 or 2014 prices?
  9. I know Rolling Thunder was demolished to make way for the path to Zumanjaro, but what is wrong with them just extending the Golden Kingdom path past Kingda Ka to the tower? Seems like that would make a lot more sense and take less effort. Its closer to the tower than Rolling Thunder was. And I agree that the Nitro/Batman side of the park feels neglected. That side and especially Movietown were ghost towns when I visited in 2011. A wing coaster would actually be very nice in Chiller's spot.
  10. I think the ideal thing for this park is still a hyper coaster. B&M, Intamin, Morgan, whatever. Just something big to put the park really on the map. Also, I for some reason feel a floorless coaster would be cool. Maybe as a possible replacement for Ninja sometime down the road.
  11. If I were to chime in here, I would say that the parks to NOT get an RMC would be: SFA: Roar, as a GCI likely won't get any makeover. Wild One is a classic as is. Park won't spend enough money for a new RMC woodie. SFDK: Roar, again, won't get it. And I can't see this park getting a new woodie. Maybe it's space constraints, but it feels just wrong for the park, IMO. SFGAdv: This one's iffy, but in my view, El Toro functions just fine as an extreme woodie. I can definitely see corporate investing in a new RMC for this park, but I feel it's unnecessary and money can be spent better elsewhere. La Ronde and Great Escape: As the unbranded 6F parks, I don't think these are super-high priority. Great Escape isn't high for new coaster investments and the classic Comet won't be touched. La Ronde's Monstre is more likely, but still I doubt it. I suppose La Ronde could realistically see a new RMC, though. SFOG I would say would only be in the market for an entirely new RMC, as Cyclone and GASM don't seem like I-Box material. SFStL's best option is to redo the Boss, even though I love it as is. (Wasn't painful all the years I went on it). No park needs four woodies.
  12. Did Astroworld's Condor end up at Great America or Great Escape?
  13. I would go on to say that Excalibur's lack of popularity is also very much due to its horrible location in the park. Literally the farthest thing from the entrance, wrapped behind the water park, and only accessible through a little tunnel. I'm not saying Excalibur is the best ride, but I bet it would be more popular if it had a more high-profile location. I mean, I only visited Valleyfair during Haunt, and I was disappointed that it was closed, but it makes sense to me to close the park off at that little tunnel. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of visitors didn't even know Excalibur existed. To me, Renegade works well at the back of the park, and Excalibur and the rapids are like an unnecessary add-on (even though they were added first). If Excalibur is ever removed, I would say use that land for a nice water park expansion. Integrate the rapids as a cross between the ride park and water park.
  14. There are several clones. Batman the Ride Superman Ultimate Flight Many 6F parks have either/both Boomerangs and wild mouse coasters. Many also have SLC clones instead of Batmans (or both, in La Ronde's case). Two have clones of the Coney Island Cyclone (SFGAm and SFOG), and two have nearly identical "Roar" GCIs (SFDK, SFA). SFGADv and SFMM's floorless coasters are mirrors of each other. Four parks have identical Pandemonium spinning coasters, and SFM has a nearly identical one called The Joker.
  15. My vote goes to GateKeeper. Even though it's pretty forceless and predictable, YOLO just doesn't have enough to it. It certainly gets some cool points for being unique with its LoopHat, but GateKeeper I think is the better ride.
  16. Hollywood Dream was great both forward and backward, although I preferred forward. Backdrop has a CRAZY wait time, I noticed it was 400 minutes (like 7 hours) when I went. Luckily the single rider Backdrop line helped out a lot. Great ride.
  17. The description of 300 foot wing coaster sounds like it could be an Intamin Wingish coaster like a foot SkyRush. How the 65 mph works is a little wrong though.
  18. This looks to be a great addition to that area of the park. Steel Venom always felt more part of Challenge Park to me than anything else, even before they removed Chaos (which sort of acted as a ride on the way to Venom). Vemon just felt like a hike for one ride. But they use the word coaster a lot. Is VF going through and calling it a coaster? If so, then KI and CP need to get the memo.
  19. Turbine/Underground and Monte have different heights? I thought all shuttle loops (at least all flywheel/former flywheel shuttle loops) were identical aside from some slight speed variations. And to add to the topic, Gerstlauer's trains look pretty cool, but I don't think they should be added unless the are absolutely needed for comfort or ease of maintenance. As long as the classic trains run fine, I don't see a need for new ones.
  20. The only unused queue that is currently there is Iron Wolf's. At least I can't think of any more. That will get some life in it real soon though! As for buildings, I couldn't really say. There is a picnic grove back there, but to my knowledge most buildings in the park are open and operational. Also, it hasn't actually been confirmed that Rajin Cajun's leaving has it? Makes me start to wonder if SFA is actually getting a new model, as SFGAm should at least have some sort of send off for it.
  21. When was that turn retracked and the bunny hill removed? Anyone know? I guess they probably took the hill out when they added the trims.
  22. Based on my visit a few years ago, there isn't really anything else.
  23. The stations of Intamin Space Divers never die, they only grow stronger! Ze Force is strong with this one...
  24. As big a CP fanboy as I am, I have to say that SFGAm has pulled out all the stops on this one. This looks crazy intense and I am so surprised something this big could fit in Iron Wolf's old spot!
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