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  1. No. Not a bobsled coaster. And NO. This coaster was not in North or South America.
  2. Nope. It's sort of a hard one. I'll let a few more people guess then I'll drop a hint or two.
  3. True. Personally, I would like to see that. I have never been on Scorcher, but it seems like Scorcher's twisty ending is pretty similar to Mantis's (which is nearly identical to Iron Wolf's). What is it that makes everyone say Mantis's ending is terrible but Scorcher's is good?
  4. Sorry about not going earlier. I was camping all weekend and had no Internet or cell connection.
  5. I like the new colors because they're something new and different. But I will have to say I liked the old ones better. Bizarre as the colors may have been, the red, yellow, and purple really POPPED, and I thought that was a great look. The orange looks okay too but it looks a bit...drab. It doesn't draw attention like the old colors did.
  6. To weigh in on the trim/no trim Mantis/Chang thing, keep in mind that Mantis's drop is ten degrees steeper and has a slight left-to-right bank. Chang's drop is straight. And I believe the space between elements was elongated for Chang. Essentially, Chang is like a slightly more drawn-out mirror of Mantis, for the first half, which seemed less intense to me when I rode both.
  7. I feel 98% positive Mantis will not be the first to go. Although someone was right in the CP thread that it may be the first B&M ride experience to be gone forever (I guess not counting Sheikra). Mantis will be have to be relocated or converted, OR BOTH! Relocated AND turned floorless...there's an idea. I would still have to guess the two Vortexes. Or maybe a random one somewhere overseas that just randomly shuts down one day and never reopens.
  8. ^No. I will miss it very, very much. It was my favorite standup! I never found it to be rough like 80% of people seem think it is. Intense, yes. Rough, no. However, I do like the layout, so I will still be happy if it comes back as a sit-down (or is relocated as a stand-up). But it won't be quite the same. I never understood how Mantis seemed to get SO MUCH HATE from everyone, especially when Iron Wolf/Apocalypse at nearby SFGAm was so much worse.
  9. Personally, I don't see the hate for Mantis that it seems to get from nearly everyone. Mantis has never struck me as being ROUGH (and I ride it a lot!), with exception of a few slight shakes on some rides and a nasty snap to the MCBR. It's certainly INTENSE, which I like. To be honest, I've had rougher rides on Raptor than I've had on Mantis. I've been on Iron Wolf, Vortex (Caro), and Chang Lantern (at both locations). Mantis was noticeably smoother than Iron Wolf, and was on par with Vortex and Chang Lantern in terms of smoothness, and nobody is calling for sit-down/floorless makeovers for any of the other B&M stand ups. On another note, though, I don't think CP will ever convert the coaster. It's popular enough as it is, and there's no way they could generate enough publicity for the altered ride experience to get people through the gate to ride it. Keep it as it is, as a select few think Mantis is great!
  10. DisneySea's version is totally unique, and the theming is absolutely stunning. Best one, definitely.
  11. ^Oh yeah definitely, I meant more on the return backwards run I thought it looked a little slower, but the loop still had some snap to it (backwards part, again). We'll have to see. As a GIB fan, I never had any problem with the old trains, but hopefully these make loading faster.
  12. Does it go slower with the new trains than it used to? I know Aftershock runs pretty slow through the cobra roll as well, but not sure if it's Goliath slow.
  13. It is Red Falcon! So much for making it tricky...Good job! Your turn.
  14. Haha, okay. No manufacturer yet but there's this: 3) Asia 4) It's in the park index (Robb's been there) 5) The park has an Intamin Giant Drop
  15. ^lol I just happened to be on the page at the right time. Rare opportunity! Pretty sure Megafobia is correct, so I'll go ahead. This one is meant to be tricky. Two clues right now - 1) Not in USA, 2) Steel. I can give away more later, if needed. First time uploading anything, so let's see if this works...
  16. I don't really think SFA really needs more inversions on their next coaster. They already have Batwing, Joker, Mind Eraser, and Apocalypse that go upside down, and with a smaller coaster collection I think that's enough. I think a great addition would be an Intamin or Mack (Premier, even) launched coaster. Maybe on the smaller side, lots of airtime, and no inversions. I really think another Rita clone would be good here (or Australia's Superman Escape) by Intamin, or a SWSD Manta style MACK launcher.
  17. Personally, I enjoy Mantis quite a bit. I actually wish they would lessen the MCBR so some speed can come back to the ride's second half, but I understand how some see it as rough, especially new riders. Chang Lantern (ridden at both parks) was good but I didn't feel it up to Mantis par. Iron Wolf and Vortex (Carowinds) were both okay, with Wolf being a bit rougher. I'd love to get on RR and Scorcher; most people say they're the best. For now, I'll go with Mantis. And slow transitions would be interesting and different on a stand up. I'd say they should keep any new layouts simple and now overly complex and G-inducing.
  18. I had a thread a couple years back about the future of stand up coasters, wondering if there would ever be any more. To me, they are some of B&M's most intense rides, although the GP seems to find them either too intense, too painful, or both. But all the stand ups were made before B&M turned to more forceless layouts. The stand up offering is one that might actually be BETTER in a more forceless version as there would be less G-forces, and less people complaining. In addition, I feel like the new vest style restraint on Banshee and the wing coasters would work great for the stand ups, as it would remove the head banging and a lot of the roughness. It just makes me wonder what a new-age stand up layout would be like (zero-g's? Immelmann's? cobra rolls?) with newer B&M trains and restraints. What do others think?
  19. I'm pretty shocked that Jester and Mega Zeph would even be considered operable. I thought that Six Flags would have waltzed off with any salvageable coaster possible. That being said, any hope for Mega Zeph's return would be epic! Based on Robb's POV video, those bunny hills look reminiscent of Boulder Dash. No word on the Boomerang? Not that it really matters that much.
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