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  1. My only complaint is that I wanted a tornado bowl slide of some kind. I actually prefer what Valleyfair got to the slide complex that Dorney is getting. This looks much more thrilling. I'm excited to try these new slides. Edit - Guess the kids area could have been improved a little bit too. Still excited for this addition.
  2. Uh oh, they didn't say anything about 2015 in the announcement of the announcement. If I learned one thing from Cedar Point, it means they won't actually announce anything.
  3. That's what you get for not announcing the 2015 addition yet, and also removing one of the most popular rides in the park!
  4. I would rather them forgo the wooden coaster for a 400 foot tall B&M. But I'd also take a wooden coaster. Any coaster really. Well we are at it, maybe a coaster for Valleyfair (no, not Mantis)
  5. Months ago, a poster came into this thread and told everyone what was happening for 2015, including a floorless Mantis among other things. it seemed legit. I'd prefer if they just replaced Mantis with a new B&M of some kind (Dive Machine!) but where there's smoke there's fire. I think 2016 is a brand new coaster.
  6. I doubt they rename the water park, but we are all in agreement on the next couple years. A major waterpark expansion for sure, it just makes too much sense.
  7. Considering everyone always talks about Millenium Force, and it's my third favorite coaster at Cedar Point alone... I'd have to put it on the overrated list. Give me Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster over it by a long shot. It's a great coaster, don't get me wrong, but it's not the best in the world.
  8. One more strong addition to the roller coaster lineup and I'll have to make my first trip up to Canada. A Dive Machine would certainly do the trick!
  9. Tony certainly knows how to mess with people. The advantage of knowing a dark ride is coming, he can joke about all the stuff we'd rather have!
  10. Gary - how did you get in a position where you know more than the rest of us?
  11. Wait, why does everyone think Gary has inside information?
  12. That's how roasts work, you insult the things you love, Excalibur being the "pig".
  13. Valleyfair can build higher. Will they? I don't know. But they can.
  14. It really is a beautiful coaster. A family actually called it a hidden gem during my first trip to the Point in 04'. They were wrong. Absolutely brutal ride, I wish they'd burn it down.
  15. Cedar Fair has really turned this into a destination park, bring on Ziz
  16. I can't stress this enough, the height restriction doesn't encompass the entire park. I assumed announcements were usually made in August, but Valleyfair doesn't appear to have any sort of pattern.
  17. Definitely! Looks like I will wake up early. Now it's setting up a place to stay that's close by and relatively cheap. I think the Holiday Inn down the road will do.
  18. Hey folks, I will be heading down to Great America on the 21st of August, a Thursday. It's my first trip to the park. Is this a park where I can hit the big coasters all in one day, and still get some time in the water park? Also, how would you suggest navigating through the park, normally I'd start at the back and work my way up. Wishing it wasn't peak season, but the way my trip worked out, I should be able to get a full day at the park. Can't wait for Goliath
  19. I look forward to reading the rest of this TR. Congratulations on the weight loss. And Maverick is definitely the best in the park. Love that coaster.
  20. That is terrible news. Hopefully the injuries are minimal. This might also be the last straw for Skyhawk, my favorite flat ride in the park. Cedar Point has had a rough year with this incident, the water main break, Top Thrill being down for a while, and the parking mishap (back lot waiting hours).
  21. You are wrong. He's neither confirming or denying the rumors.
  22. Just started following this now after reading a few complaints about "66 days" being too long to speculate. Having only read the last clue, I'm thinking it will be a record breaking B&M Wing Rider? I won't be online for the announcement, but I'm excited for it.
  23. I could see some mat racers, similar to Dragster H20 at Cedar Point (hopefully a little more intense). I also want one of those slides where the floor drops below you, and a Tornado Bowl Slide. I've never been to a nicer water park than Cedar Points, so that level of expansion sounds very appealing to me. Of course WE do, but most don't. Let speculation and hype continue to build until they are reading to blow our minds.
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