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  1. Not to mention bright light + dark maze = no longer dark maze but instead blind talent.
  2. We don't exactly allow filming in the mazes, so that could also explain why you're having a hard time finding them
  3. Also it all depends on how you approach us, if you begin to get angry because we have done our job and lash out with the un-necessary swearing or threats of violence, then chances are we aren't going to feel any sympathy in watching you collapse to the ground in tears...if you go about the situation calmly and nicely then your chances of a clean chase-free escape are more in your favor.
  4. ehhh if that area ever gets as bad as "that city that shall not be named" then i'm moving out of SJ and heading back to Anaheim to work for Disney again =-p
  5. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, Have you memorized the End of Line Dance yet?
  6. Yikes.. Not sure how they train their talent over at Six Flags, but that's crossing the line of acceptable comments made to any guest, annoying or not.. at Haunt we deal with some irritating individuals who come solely to cause trouble, but you can always tell a skilled monster by the way we respond, we get our point across without crossing the line..
  7. Can't see any of the images, just nice X's =( Edit: Thanks Eric! had to do all that via cellphone, work comps wont load Facebook images..
  8. haha, She's the one who challenged me and said I couldn't make my clowns come after her I'm not sure when the next time i'll be out in costume will be, I just got lucky it was a slow sunday so my boss let me run around for about 45 mins, it was nice to know I still haven't lost my touch hearing guests ask where my character went for the rest of the night
  9. Thanks to those of you who have gone into the Gauntlet and said Hi to me haha, I got to hop back into costume last night and show my monsters how a pro handles scaring =p Behold, making "her" first appearence, I present.. "Ash-Schlee" Suffice to say, it was amazingly fun to skip as flamboyantly as possible through the fog.. not to mention making people so confused as they tried to figure out if i was really a girl or not, only to run away screaming after I switched back talking in a deeper voice.. it was a success hahaha all my talent want me to come back with this character more this season =p P.S. I Invented a new sport.. seeing how many napkins i can stack on top of a guest's head while they eat funnel cake.
  10. "Carnevil area"/"Area outside Carnevil" we're called The Gauntlet!!!! Glad you had a great time, saw you come through our area a couple of times
  11. Shortcuts across the park aren't fun for monsters, guests would be able to skip the scare zones
  12. Thanks haha 1st year as a Sup, so i'm trying to build them up as much as i can haha.. We (Gauntlet) have a start time now at 6:30pm for the Boofet guests, unlike last year where they didn't open until 7..
  13. haha glad you had a great time, and even more glad my Gauntlet folks did their job
  14. lol I posted the V.I.M packages a few pages back Anywho, come say hi if you're going, i'll be Supervising the Gauntlet this year, My clowns and freaks are like my children..my very demented children...that have no souls..and take pleasure tormenting you...just like me! I'm happy with all of them and have 100% confidence that they're ready and rarin' to go!
  15. ^ haha yep, I worked it this season, was fun to see Skillet rock it out with pyro.
  16. Rawkin- you're thinking of Spring Celebration, and yep.. we still do it every year
  17. for anyone interested in behind the scenes look at CGA's Haunt, here are our new packages for this year: Maximize your Halloween Haunt experience with a V.I.M. (Very Important Monster) Package! Choose from 3 different meal & tour options. Each includes an escorted tour, front-of-line access to Haunt mazes and attractions, and a look at “backstage” Haunt operations. Advance reservations are required. Call (408) 986-5853 and book yours today! V.I.M. Packages do not include Haunt admission fees which must be purchased to accompany the V.I.M. Package. Front-of-line access limited to one (1) time through each Haunt maze. HALLOWEEN HAUNT V.I.M. PACKAGES STANDARD V.I.M. PACKAGE - $55 per person plus cost of admission Pre-Scare Boofet in the Picnic Pavilion (5:30pm-7:30pm) Guided Haunt tour (7:30pm-9pm) ULTIMATE SCARE V.I.M. PACKAGE - $99 per person plus cost of admission per person Steak & Lobster dinner in The Consulate (6pm-7:30pm) Guided Haunt tour (7:30pm-9pm) Maximum spaces available per night: 12 GHOUL TIME V.I.M. PACKAGE - $500 plus cost of admission per person Exclusive/private Haunt tour for your group (maximum of 12 people) Exclusive/private room at Ghoul Time Snacks Game tokens Haunt Souvenir Mug
  18. Fixed. In all honesty folks, some of us love parks for more than just it's coaster count.. a lot of us have tons of memories here, and it's kind of sad to see the majority of people only care about who gets what rides from the park, rather than have concern for the park itself.. Like I said from day 1 of this being announced, i'm looking forward to see what they can do for the park, I have no reason to believe they won't help get it back where it belongs, CGA is truly a great park and I have no shame defending it
  19. I don't know anything about future plans but i'd assume (this is all my personal thoughts) the park would still do a halloween event just with a different name, after all it's extremely popular Only way to know for sure is to wait for next season.
  20. Stop being so negative! with that being said, NO you cannot have Flight Deck.
  21. Maybe i'll stop by and say hi, I have a scare school to run for my zone sat night, may come during the day
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