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  1. I agree, Bill and Ted was more entertaining last season, this year's felt rushed and almost as if they ran out of ideas. (Come on, the Justin Beiber jokes are beating a dead horse) Best zone of the night for me went to Curse of Chucky, they all seemed to be having the most fun out of all the scare zones. Worst maze: El Cucuy, not sure why they decided to have such long empty hallways filled with nothing but fishing wire..
  2. In case anyone was wondering, this year's Maze of the year: Madame Marie's Massacre Manor. Scare Zone of the year: Underworld Alley.
  3. it rings to let them know they have special guests at the door. If you get a fright lane pass, push the doorbell button just to the left of the red doors.
  4. in case anyone was wondering about maze/zone of the night for opening night: Underworld is my zone this year, so totally happy with them after tonight!
  5. Jack seems to have the skills to win over crowds, and by win over I'm referring to them running away from him. Glad to hear you'll be coming to Haunt this season, stop by The Gauntlet, i'll introduce you to some of my clowns.
  6. as to your behind the scenes, Stay away from my black staircase!!! i've named it Artie,we've had some good times together. the 29th needs to hurry up so that we can actually talk to guests about that large wood structure being built, as I currently tell guests we are building a time machine.
  7. I was down there, just a little bit more south-side of that picture
  8. It's a lot of fun, but a lot of folks are surprised when they learn it's not as easy as it seems! Any thoughts on where you want to try and go? I'll be Supervising again, hopefully they bring me back to the same place as last year
  9. these guesses are entertaining me, I can't give out specifics because i'm sworn to secrecy but I can say that you are all in for a treat this season
  10. Haha working Underworld Alley during HAUNT when we still had Invertigo, cell phones would fly by our heads on a regular basis..
  11. I just hope this new coaster lives up to my GCI expectations with continuous speed and airtime.
  12. You Definitely saw me, I was the one out keeping that line entertained
  13. I've already watched it twice, one of the perks of working in Entertainment It's a great show and the set is really well done. If I knew what you looked like i'd say hi but I don't
  14. I think this is the only time I will ever hear the words "Smooth" and "Green Lantern" in the same sentence. Out of all seriousness, did you ride Apocalypse at all? just curious as to how you felt with their lap bar system in comparison due to the ride's major airtime(s).
  15. I know we were talking about the wheels used earlier, how would it's speed potentially compare to Apocalypse at SFMM with ours slated to having a larger height and drop, that is assuming they use 2 different wheel types as Apocalypse isn't even close to being a quiet ride
  16. Not to mention, it blends in nicely with the pre-existing green.. I'd also like to take this time to say how amazingly empty the park was yesterday for Memorial Day, I always enjoy getting to ride Apocalypse without lines.
  17. The parks do advertise a recommended age of 13+ however, we still see parents bringing their kids in strollers. Enjoy your kid's therapy bill once he/she gets older.
  18. Uhh maybe cause they need gravity. I was going to suggest dark magic hard at work, but I suppose Gravity could work...in theory.
  19. Indeed, it was more-so funny because of how his tone was when talking, I was half expecting some sort of complaint because they had to cut off the meet and greet line due to it being too long, but alas it was for a more hard hitting world impacting question
  20. I had a guest yesterday come up to me and say, "I have a serious question that I really need you to answer for me" he sounded so serious, but I had to force the laughter in when his question ended up being "What gender is Snoopy?" when I answered "Male" he asked in all seriousness, "Why was he dancing with Charlie Brown??" it became way more difficult to not laugh when explaining to him that Snoopy is his dog.
  21. What I mean is when the public treats facebook like a customer service outlet with issues they've had at parks, when the issue would actually be resolved directly if they were to speak with the actual guest relations department instead of Marketing etc.. it's kind of like calling a company and pressing random numbers on a phone prompt and then complaining that you had to be transfered because you failed to dial the correct department
  22. I also don't think people realize how useless it is to complain on Facebook..
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