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  1. I got one as well. (Worked Entertainment during the regular season as well)
  2. No idea, they don't give us numbers. All that was said is all 3 zones were within 40 votes of each other and that all 3 zones had over 6,000 votes each.
  3. In case anyone was wondering what the official results of 2011 Maze and Scarezone of the year were: Maze: Slaughterhouse Scarezone: Underworld Alley. Thoughts?
  4. I would do that with CarnEVIL as well, was funny when the guests would cheer for me when I pulled a group of 12 out of line, had them sing "I'm a little teapot" with me before releasing them back into line.
  5. To be honest, security only needs to be called if there is a serious issue with guests. They have a lot more on their plates with drunk guests, talent getting hit, etc.. If we were to call security every time someone cut in line, they would all be tied up and unavailable if they were needed for a safety issue.
  6. Indeed we did! Sorry to all about the line cutting issues, rest assured we all make an effort to catch it when we can, and yes guests do (tonight was no exception) get ejected for repeat line jumping.
  7. Approaching this from a haunt trained side of things; Was it wrong to scare the child? Not exactly, however it is in your best interest as a monster to guage your intended target. If the parent brings their child willingly into your zone, it is your job technically to scare. On the other side of the situation, the parent gave the monster a clear sign that they were not having a good time and as such the monster should have let them pass thus avoiding the above situation.
  8. My guess would be it all depends if JMA decides to change the name or not.
  9. Rule number 1 of Scare Zones: "No matter where they are located, parents will end up wandering in with their children."
  10. So, based off this "lawsuit" PETA is only seeking justice for 5 Whales. Does this mean a counter-suit can be filed on the basis of racism, seeing how they do not seem to care about the rest of the park's inhabitants?
  11. ^ yea, last Sat was chaotic, long story short the final park sweep took a bit longer than expected, I wasn't able to get my guys out as a result until my area was cleared, by that time the decision was made to let the boofet group in, so all my crew just stayed where they were in the zone
  12. ^ hahaha excellent, i'll be sure to hand pick a special blend of Boofet talent this week
  13. not to mention the statements from both the city and JMA already confirmed the park is not going anywhere. anywho, Gumball.. will you be joining my clowns for another play date this weekend?
  14. ^ done! and to one up that, I shall use pure invisible wood straight out of the Netherlands, come see for yourself if you think i'm a liar.. oh yea, veiled Carnevil reference.
  15. ^^ and yet another rumor. i'm not adding any speculation, like i've said before people need to stop getting themselves worked up over nothing until confirmation is shown one way or the other. now if you excuse me i'm going to go build that Aquatrax by hand.
  16. ^ Stop over analyzing every little detail, the last day of the 2011 season is the 31st, then before that was advertising sales of the 2012 season pass, do you feel a draft, oh..no it's just the rumor mill starting to blow around again.
  17. ahh I love this weekend, My Gauntlet won zone of the night for Fri and Sat, we shall rock it again tomorrow
  18. ^ Safety measures in case the maze needs to be shut down for any emergency, every blackout station has one
  19. ^^ Try dealing with endless complaints from angry parents threatening your talent because their kids are scared.
  20. Just a quick note as far as my zone- we were operating 5 talent short that night, mix that with several guests wanting to get physical = more talent on extra breaks to cool off after incidents.. it becomes challenging to keep them motivated for the rest of the night when it's back to back issues, they get on edge and start wanting to avoid large groups of people.. we do the best we can to prevent it but sadly there's only one of me and 34823490283490237842937434908573489573045789248957348957348957348957 groups at a time on busy nights as to the signage, yep DMC and TG's signs were brand new, put in Sat right before opening, I love our's, it's Rainbow-riffic
  21. *insert Jungle cruise backside of water joke replaced with rock wall here*
  22. My top 6 (In no particular order): Bare: A Pop Opera (Played Peter, VERY emotional and well put together show, amazing music!) Rent (Got to play Mark, emotionally the hardest role to keep composure with, hit too close to my actual life..yea..) Urinetown (Did the show twice, never gets old) Sweeney Todd (It left a nice scar on the back of my head from failed flipping barber chair sending me into the set..) In the Heights (Best line ever is from Vanessa- "I wish i was mad...i'm just too late..") Wedding Singer (Also did this show, you can't go wrong with the 80's..) Not really a fan of the old stuff, Cats for example, puts me to sleep every time within the first 20 minutes.. Phantom was a lot of fun..
  23. Medusa demands sacrifice in the form of doublemint, if these demands are not met, one of the dolphins will get it!
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