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  1. there's a lot more walls for CarnEVIL stored backstage of showtime theater
  2. I try, unless you were being sarcastic, in which case I will be forced to use my psychic powers to give you a migraine....ok so no idea where the last part came from, I just got done working an 12pm-2:30am shift at the park, I need sleep...or coffee....*shrug*
  3. anyone who comes and says hi to me at Ice Show at CGA will be rewarded with dancing, i'm just sayin'
  4. Talent: Monsters who work in a Maze, Scarezone or ATMO Atmo: Atmosphere, these are monsters who are free to roam the entire park, not just in a designated scarezone Blackout: they are the ones not in costume in all black throughout mazes to ensure steady flow of lines and mazes as well as to ensure safety of guests and talent. as far as placement, it's all done via interview, unlike Knotts we do not make our Street (Scarezone) monsters audition. Just ask for Nibbler haha all our vets know me
  5. Stitch is pretty much the same only..Disney'ized to be way more family friendly..
  6. haha, well it got started that there's a dead body frozen under our ice in the GAT, funny when guests come up and ask us if it's true, we tell them no and they insist we're lying.. seems they do not realize that the ice is temporary as we remove it when the season is done..(I mean come on folks, we have a show there every year for HAUNT) I guess people refuse to believe us..
  7. I honestly have no idea lol, they seem to be on an odd schedule this year as far as when things are being updated etc.. Welcome aboard You'll probably see me during your HAUNT training as I'm usually up there talking about Slider practices etc for those of us in scarezones (I train our Slider team) A lot of us have pride for our zones/mazes, the season is a friendly competition (Mazes vs Mazes, Scarezones Vs Scarezones) Awards at the end of the year etc etc etc as well as some incentives for showing up all weekend every weekend.. Maze wise Toy Factory (TF) won Maze of the year back in 09', last year CarnEVIL was the winner for the mazes.
  8. 1st year as Talent? and technically we do have some things that have been modified/expanded/made new, it's just not updated on the Haunt site yet
  9. don't even get me started about the rumor of a dead body frozen under the ice at the GAT (Great America Theater)
  10. Talent is a lof of fun (I've done 4x years at Knotts, this is my 3rd year at CGA) Picnic Pavilion is where the Boofet is held, also the area behind the redwood stage is too un-even not to mention there are still events that use redwood while haunt is in progress (Cheerleader days) Where in TF are you this year?
  11. I'm either going to be a Supervisor this year or go back as the Sliding Groom for the 3rd year in a row.. at least this year i'll get to wander the park As to the suggestion of a maze in the wave pool, basic pool care 101: never walk on the bottom of a pool if it has no water in it, shoe prints will become imbedded in the foundation and will ruin the pool.. not a good idea
  12. also a maze at that arrtaction would cause blockages of the walkways once the line got long enough, it would make walking through that section even worse
  13. haha I wish.. but sadly no, just my name tag that says Anthony on it.. not as exciting, i know.. I do still have my name tag that says Nibbler though...it's sitting here on the wall of my desk at my regular job =p
  14. they were e-mailed the info from this thread. again the only one who knows what the plans are, would be Cedar Fair. until they announce it officialy.. everything else is just mere rumor and speculation, which is why i'm avoiding the discussion lol, cedar Fair looks down on speculation from it's employees
  15. I'll be working at the Ice Show on Sunday (CGA), feel free to come say Hi, Angry_Gumball knows who I am =p
  16. Why is it every time I see Ispeed, I immediately think Apple has attempted to enter the coaster business..
  17. I had multiple guests ask me, "What time are the 9:45 fireworks" followed by, "Where are they?" also had a guest ask me if he had missed the fireworks..
  18. ^ Glad I wasn't the only one who started laughing out loud when I read it =p
  19. I'd register but I work at CGA haha, if i'm there on Sunday be sure to say Hi
  20. Amen to that! Still not that excited over windseeker, I think that park could have received something better, oh well maybe next year
  21. Shame about Xcelerator, hopefully there were no injuries this time around..
  22. it's amusing watching everyone go back and forth formulating all these scenarios =p
  23. Redwood is primarily used for our bigger events (Spring Celebration, Kababayan, etc etc etc)
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