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  1. All the mazes are pretty close to being done, all final touches are being done, only one left to build is BWC which won't take too long.. I got to walk through Slaughterhouse today, I will say this much.. it will NOT disappoint you, if you go to the park tomorrow i'll be helping out with Karaoke, come say hi
  2. Resident evil is another example of a game inspired movie fail. Sorry, but they butchered that game's story line.... as to this movie, they better have the long list of breakdowns scroll down the middle of the screen accompanied by the annoying beeping noise, as for a "theme park comes to life" what does that mean exactly, they aren't going to base it off SFNO?
  3. Where Club Blood's exit used to be. I know people keep saying how they wanted a new maze but honestly I am excited for this year, the event has improved A LOT, it's going to be weird not scaring for once, and not being in Underworld as I always was, but I think i'm going to have a lot of fun helping the folks at Gauntlet step it up this year
  4. I've trained our sliders this year as well, they've got lots of new tricks up their sleeves I won't be scaring this year, i'll be Supervising the Gauntlet.. nice solid group of talent this year, stop by and say hi
  5. Club blood's entrance has been moved as well, both entrances were moved to help avoid both lines crossing each other on busy nights as well as help keep the midways open, like I said earlier- there's a lot of enhancements and the like that haven't been announced, you'll just have to wait until the event, also I strongly suggest getting there early each night for this year's opening ceremony
  6. In celebration of Star Tours, I say this.. "I find your lack of dole whip disturbing"
  7. Perhaps they have a fear of heights? I had a guest ask me if it was true that we have a real live great white shark swimming around our pond in front of our carousel.. I wish we did..then i'd name it Melvin. then there was this conversation I had with some drunk guests who hopped over a small fence to sit on a rock while drinking.. Me: Hey folks, can I please have you come back over the fence, it's fenced off to make sure nobody goes over there.. them: Why? Me: Safety them: why? me: Because there are Velociraptors that use the bushes as cover. them: *hop over the fence quickly and take off running"
  8. Just a heads up we're hiring more Monsters for haunt this year, another job fair is being held on the 11th (sunday) 10am-3pm. and on that note, only 23 days until Haunt!
  9. it would probably get deleted from the FB page as it could cause issues with guests believing false information.
  10. right next to the confirmation that the 49ers will be changing their name to the Santa Clara Woodstocks.
  11. why is it whenever I look at that twisted drop i think to myself, "Oh god that's going to hurt"? hopefully it runs nicely, would love to be able to go to that park and ride something other than Medusa and V2 without getting injured
  12. ^^^ yes, but it's not the same case with all the parks
  13. you do realize that half of these things listed here have nothing to do with the individual parks themselves, right? it's not the individual park who decides what ride they get =p
  14. haha not sure why i typed PP instead of TM, I blame my day job. AAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS It would be nice to completely enclose the bottom of the log ride but that would require massive building permits haha
  15. wouldn't forsee us getting SHM, Knott's perilous plunge is actually inside a mountain haha, Pyromaniax could be fun but then again anything with fire is amusing to me..I'd like to see us get Virus Z for a maze or Lockdown: the Asylum, crazy folk and undead are always fun.
  16. ^ it's improved each year, so i'd say it's well on it's way to becoming huge
  17. aww looks like this is the same night I have to run Scare School for my Street zone up at CGA =( Was hoping to get to go sooner than we take our Sup trip for the year.. Have fun guys and gals
  18. Haunt is still hiring if anyone is still interested hehe in other news looks like i'll be in charge of Gauntlet this year, big change from 2 years in underworld.. Also there's a few new goodies in store for everyone at Haunt this year, that haven't actually been anounced Also- our slider team has been doing amazing during our training nights this year, taught them how to do various tricks etc, also got some new blood (pun totally intended) so this will make my 7th year of Haunt (4 years @ Knotts, 3 years @ CGA) as i mentioned before we are still hiring, head over to the official Haunt site: CGA Halloween Haunt I can say with 100% honesty it's a great job with great people, we're more like a family
  19. Agreed! you should stop by the Zombie-o-rama in downtown san jose on the 31st, we'll be there with the Hearse
  20. Actually not sure about the same cast, I know Knotts's blood drums had a slightly larger cast of drummers, so there is always that possibility, i'd assume 2 different casts as Primevil percussion and blood drums have 2 completely different makeup/costume schemes, it wouldn't make sense for our makeup artists to have to remove and re apply each time between shows Zombies Gone Viral I believe is unique to the park as I haven't seen it at any other CF Haunt event.
  21. i'll be working Pirate adventure i believe on Sunday, also i'm still waiting to see which area i'll be supervising during haunt... as to bang and blood drums, yes they will BOTH be at the park.
  22. exactly.and you can technically consider Slaughterhouse a new maze as it's been re-designed, and re-named unlike CarnEVIL last year that just received an enhancement. and it feels nice to be able to chat more about haunt now that i'm able to talk about this year =p
  23. ^ see, everyone was freaking about about "No new mazes" like I said folks haha this year's plans are amazing
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