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  1. if the ones you are referring to are metal, then yes those are from Black Widow's cavern, they secure the talent so that they cannot run too far and fall into the trough.
  2. I saw some of you while I was walking to get ready for Party in the Plaza. I work backstage this season, so If you want to say hi you'll have to go see that show as I'm always there for it.
  3. The entire park gets packed during Haunt (We sold out park capacity last season) As far as the fastlane, stay tuned to the site closer to Haunt for those details. As to Vortex, not sure where that rumor started, but it just had a second queue line added for the fastlane
  4. Now that it's been officially announced I can go ahead and say that yes- the park is running the fastlane program, more info can be found here: www.cagreatamerica.com/what-s-new/new-fast-lane
  5. Not the reason behind it, you'll have to wait until opening to find out (No idea if half of what I wrote has any typos, seems this ad placement covers half of my reply...
  6. Like I said, every maze that does not have wheelchair access via the main entrance always has a side way in
  7. All maze cooridors are wide enough to provide access via wheelchair, in the case of TF and Slaughterhouse, the claustraphobia halls can be deflated to allow said wheelchair to pass through. If the guest can walk through the maze however cannot get through the queue line (Example being CarnEvil's queue) there are separate entrance points into the maze.
  8. As previously mentioned, you all assume just because a guest is in a wheelchair means they can't walk or stand on their own, which is not the case. Remember that there is still the bottom portion of the restraints which guests can sit on as needed.
  9. So it's false advertising? No, all the parks in the Cedar Fair chain use the same commercial, they differ only with the actual coaster names at the end.
  10. even pool cleaners do not wear shoes when cleaning pools, the shoes WILL permanently damage the ground of the pool. There's actually a lot of places that we can add things for Haunt. I've heard some of the ideas for this season but once again I am not at liberty to discuss any details as at this point they are still just ideas.
  11. Dearest Title Fairy, this Haunt Clown is looking for a new title! (Wait..that sounded like a really bad craigslist love ad)
  12. Why not paint it neon green with reds, blues, and purple thrown in? On seconds thought, pay no attention to that last suggestion.
  13. Eddie, I think he was more-so referring to the violence that happens at 49ers/Raider games, IE what happened earlier this season.
  14. The park does read this thread, in case you were wondering I'm totally looking forward to another great season working at the park.
  15. So how exactly does "American Woman" fit in anywhere with the Alice theme? Wasn't she English?
  16. I guess Simply Black only lasted one season in that park, it was gone so fast nobody noticed it was even there.
  17. How do I know it wasn't a child? Can we do this old school Nickelodeon style with us all sitting around a campfire? To begin, I had finished working a shift during the season in the theater, we had finished cleaning and all the lights were off (we don't use a ghost light for some reason) I had to run back in because I had forgot my jacket in the Theater Attendant breakroom, when I opened the door and went inside the pitch-black theater, I clearly saw a dark shadowy figure standing on the stage about 6" tall. I grabbed my jacket and came back out, looked at it and suddenly it swooped down off the stage into the seated area.
  18. i've had several encounters in the Showtime Theater.. and it for sure was not a child.
  19. I have several first hand stories about a couple of places in the park.
  20. Man, I need to find my all bellhop cast member picture back from my days working at Disney's Tower of Terror, we would take some of the most amusing pictures..
  21. ABW- I took offense to that post. please refrain from using "Gay" as a derogatory term, thanks.
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