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  1. were those the same ones over by Show wardrobe? if so then yes those ones would be the dressing room flat, CarnEVIL's are stored backstage and behind Showtime
  2. Some of the new descriptions of the mazes/scarzones are updated: Slaughterhouse: There are too many people in the world and not enough food. This Slaughterhouse takes care of both problems. A constant feed of humans are being subjected to the grinders which keep the river of blood flowing through this dark complex. It’s a virtual cornucopia of bloody remains as parts are ground into a tasty meat treat using a very special recipe which includes one very special ingredient …You. Do not let the fear paralyze you as you attempt to escape from the edge of Annihilation. Dead Man's Cove: The Captain and his crew have been joined by ghastly creatures from the depths of the Abyss. Lost for all eternity, these forsaken souls wander Dead Man’s Cove in search of treasure. Only this treasure isn’t your ordinary booty, it’s your soul! And, if you are not willing to join, they might just have to make you. Underworld Alley: In an age of darkness, at a time of evil, as night falls, the Army of the Dead is awakened from their graves, looking to wreak havoc on those brave enough to enter their graveyard. These recently departed and tattered souls are lost in a world of transition and searching for the next soul to join them in a horrifying syndicate of wickedness known as Underworld Alley. Shows: Blood Drums: Out of the beauty of the night, Blood Drums is tapping into the simple and complex rhythms of fright. You will find yourself being taken away to a magical and frightening place. When the drums reach a fever pitch and the blood boils with revulsion, the mind has no compulsion. The leader will have no need in seizing souls as they will have succumbed, gladly offering up what is there for the taking. Blood Drums is a mesmerizing amalgamation of cadence and sound.
  3. they are working on it. a lot has to be done for the actual update as a lot of things are being re-written. as for the walls, yes those would be for CarnEVIL
  4. Can't say that I agree with the above statement, "Ghostface" was never the same character in each film, therefore can hardly be boasted as one of the most dangerous slashers, unlike the Sleepaway camp series (As cheesy as they were) or Childs Play etc etc
  5. the forums need a "Hug Button"
  6. The Attendance was very low on Sundays in 2008, this is why 2009 only was open for 2 sunday evenings, however those 2 nights were a lot more busy in 09, so 2010 all 3 nights remained open again, attendance has grown almost double each year, this year we're expecting it to be even more busy..which is a great thing
  7. 2008: Mazes: CarnEVIL, Werewolf Canyon, Camp Gonna'getcha, Cornstalkers, Slaughterhouse, Club Blood Scarezones: Underworld Alley, Dead Man's Cove, Witch Doctor's trail, Gauntlet. Shows: Ed Alonzo, Dave Hill's Hypnotics, Comedysportz improv 2009:Mazes: Toy Factory Added Scarezones: Remain the same Shows: Comedysportz removed, Shocking Sideshow of freaks added, BANG added Misc: Park only open 2 sundays during the season. 2010: Mazes: CarnEVIL gets new rooms added as well as new soundtrack, Cornstalkers gets new entrance sign and music, Camp Gonna'getcha replaced with Black Widow's Cavern. Scarezones: Remains the same, Gauntlet gets new theme overhaul, minor theming added to Witch Doctors, Dead Man's, and Underworld. Shows: FANGS added, Ed Alonzo removed Misc: Attendance skyrockets, HAUNT remains open every Fri-Sun for the season opposed to 09's Fri-Sat operation with 2 Sundays open.
  8. In case anyone (or anyone you know) is still interested in working at HAUNT this year but was unable to make it to the last Job Fair, we are holding another one on August 20th (Saturday) from 10am-3pm outside our HR office, more details can be found via link below: http://www.cagreatamerica.com/jobs/jobs_description.cfm?emp_id=2181 if interested please be sure to fill out the application BEFORE you head out to the job fair.
  9. Just wait for the official announcement, this year is going to be awesome.
  10. ^ it's everyone's first full run with full makeup and costumes, also if you're able to get out of makeup, costume, TAS out early enough, they'll sometimes let you go through the other mazes etc that are on the same night as you, for example last year I was able to make it to Dead Man's and Black Widow's even though they were on the same preview night that I was on. as far as it not being "As Scary" it's not always the case..it's actually rarely the case. Keep in mind we have a lot of Vets that return each year who are ready to bring their A-Game even for a preview, last year Myself (in Underworld Alley) as well as another talent in Dead Man's Cove were able to make 2 associates wet themselves during the preview night. A lot of us take this job seriously and are 100% dedicated to our mazes/scarezones as well as take great pride in trying to make our area the best in the park. It's a great group of people that work as Talent, it's not just a job, it's more like family haha, for example i've already been running our slider training for our slider team this year, we all go and eat after, and have random parties througout the year as well.. really isn't any other job out there that feels the same
  11. Untrue, we have our employee preview nights the wed and thurs before opening night, each night 1/2 of the park's haunt mazes/scarezones are open, if you are not working on that half then you get to come through them, the other night you work your half of the maze and everyone else gets to go through, generally it's grouped together like this: Group A: Club Blood, Guantlet, CarnEVIL, Werewolf Canyon Group B: Slaughterhouse, Underworld Alley, Toy Factory, Cornstalkers, Dead Man's Cove, Black Widow's Cavern. Not sure if they plan on changing up the groupings this year due to WDT being wiped or not, but we'll find out. As far as CarnEVIL changes that were made last year, it received a new soundtrack, new paint scheme inside, as well as several new rooms.
  12. mmmmm 7th Portal.. for some reason I was addicted to the last song that played during that movie..Stan Lee goodness right there!
  13. Hey, I like Jaguar haha it's fun for being such a low intensity ride =p
  14. it normally would go live mid-late August, once it's all complete and pretty i'll let ya know. as to the removing CarnEVIL comment, i doubt that will happen anytime soon, it's one of the most popular mazes in the park, also won maze of the year last year
  15. Also for those who've already looked at the Haunt Site online, it's actually not officially "Live" per-say, it's still showing a lot from last year and is not updated quite yet for this year's information.. just a fyi
  16. I ate anything guests were foolish enough to hold up to me...fries, corndogs, chicken strips....park maps..a pleather belt... demon hasn't done photos for a few years now
  17. If only you knew how many of those Haunt maps I've eaten over the last 2 years at CGA and 4 years prior while working at Knott's.... the demon photo booth used to be right where the first exit ramp flattens out and turns, against the fence
  18. if i end up working with the promo team again i'll more than likely be wearing my Nibbler name tag again =p
  19. I'm sad the season is already almost over.. for anyone going to the Zombie-O-rama in San Jose, keep an eye out for the Haunt Hearse, we had some fun give-aways last year.
  20. "Where's the bathroom with the dip'n dots stand inside of it?" me: ..... ew?
  21. haha the Hearse drives quite nicely, I drove it around for promo all last season, it's just on the illegal side to have the underglow lights on while driving =p also it has a working P.A System *smirks*
  22. depends what they plan on using it for, the 2nd Hearse we have is used in Underworld Alley during Haunt.. it also served as my personal bench last year
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