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  1. I'm also conflicted. I'm planning to finally ride it in June, and I wanted to experience it in all of it's rough/wild/classic glory. However, I'm sure GCI will do a great job, and the ride will be less painful than it is now, from the reports that I've heard. I hope the refurbishments can be done in a way that makes the experience more pleasant without sacrificing any of the unique and classic elements.
  2. Every time I see more pictures of this ride, I become more convinced that it will be the best thing to open next year.
  3. My first visit to Cedar Point, especially riding Maverick!
  4. Not a coaster, but on Catapult at SFNE, I had the lapbar pulled down extremely tight (for obvious reasons), and while we were inverted, the bar popped up a notch. Fortunately it was still locked, but in that split second, I thought I was going to fall out.
  5. It still has some roughness in spots, but it's not painful at all. Also, the rough spots are taken at slow speeds, so it's more like a brief bit of shakiness, then it goes back to being smooth. It's a good ride, and since Georgia's seems to have a more exciting layout, this one should be even better!
  6. Fantastic! SFOG already has a great collection of coasters, and by giving Cyclone the Rocky Mountain topper track, and the addition of DDD this year (which looks to me like the best Eurofighter in the US), SFOG is really making a push to become one of the best Six Flags parks. I hope to ride this sometime soon.
  7. Michigan beat Ohio State finally!!!
  8. Skyrush because I'll actually be riding it! Maybe the Port Aventura Hyper as well.
  9. Question: Will there be an answer from every video (as in the first answer from the first video, second from the second, and so on)?
  10. There's a building going up in my neighborhood that directly blocks my view of the Lower Manhattan skyline. Grr.
  11. ^^Amen. The operations were fantastic this summer, and the lines were constantly moving even though it seemed like there were a million people in the park. And seriously, six years (if the 2013 rumor is true) between coasters isn't THAT long, compared to many other parks. I mean, I guess you'll just have to deal with a park with only 17 coasters and a myriad of flat rides. Oh the horror.
  12. This looks like an amazing show. I wish I could be there. I'd really like to meet the people at the companies behind all of the awesome rides that we have. Also, I saw the Facebook post, and I want that IAAPA Bag-Of-Crap!
  13. ^^Yeah, I was referring to how Hamas is known for putting military bases in areas with large numbers of civilians nearby, especially children. I know I wasn't supposed to get into politics, but yeah.
  14. So I'm guessing there's a military base right next to it? (sorry) But I think it's great that this can exist in such an unstable and violent area. Hopefully we will see other facilities designed for fun and entertainment come to less prosperous places. That way, the rate of development and modernization can be increased. Of course, other things are more important than leisure, but it's still a nice thing for the people of Gaza.
  15. ^Yeah, CP's taking out Dragster, and Kingda Ka got knocked down by Hurricane Irene. What is happening to all of the 400-footers??? WHY!?
  16. Magnum's pretty shaky throughout the first half, but it's not too rough to enjoy at any point. And the second half...OMG airtime, oh airtime.
  17. ^It can be either/or, Magnum is considered to be a hyper because it's 205 feet, even though the drop is only 195. But yeah, Apollo and Phantom can be considered hypers as well.
  18. It's very popular just about everywhere. Wouldn't exactly call a series that has been popular for almost 15 years a "craze." As for my thoughts, I think that if it makes Universal money, they should do it. However I would hope that they solve some of the capacity problems at IOA that lead to disgusting crowds.
  19. I understand that many are sentimental about Log Jammer, but it wasn't exactly Splash Mountain, was it? Not only does SFMM have another flume, they still have a total of three water rides. Last time I checked, that's a lot. Not to mention that there's an adjacent waterpark. However, the article that jedimaster posted made it sound like guests will be completely water-deprived. And the idea of taking out another coaster is ridiculous to me. Especially when you consider that Deja Vu just closed, I think that the outcry over losing Ninja or Gold Rusher would be significantly greater than the anger over Log Jammer. Again, I can understand how people that rode Log Jammer as a child might be a bit upset, but come on. SFMM is creating a ton of space for whatever's coming, and I have a feeling that it's going to be top-10 worthy. I'm extremely excited about the park's future.
  20. Can someone please explain how it relates to Tiger Woods?
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