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  1. Just last year Darien Lake gave their water park a makeover with new slides, a lazy river, a small wave pool for kids, and new colors for 'Cuda Falls. 'Cuda Falls in old colors 'Cuda Falls in new colors
  2. I've been to SplashTown at Darien Lake and it seems to be doing fine!
  3. Water parks are O.K. but they're not as fun as "dry" amuesment parks
  4. A suggestion for the park index maybe a list of defunct rides.
  5. Themes don't usually make a ride any better sometime a more "generic" or no theming could make one better than it is, yet again less theming make the ride better to thrill seekers.
  6. Here are some picures of Barracuda Bay/'Cuda Falls from Darien Lake
  7. I know it's sad to see coaster dismantled and resting in rusty pieces for 5 years or more.
  8. Here is a list of years that the rides at Darien Lake opened in chronological order from 1979 to now (please note that this not really accurate and i'm only taking a wild guess!) you can help me by putting the correct opening year for that particular ride. 1979 - Haymaker, Lasso, Grand Carousel, paddle boats? (upcharge), and Hydro Force (removed in 1986 from the lake) 1980 - Silver Bullet, UFO, and Bear Valley Bumper Buggys 1981 - Brain Teaser (kiddie coaster), Crazy Quilt (removed in 1999), Thunder Rapids, Raging Seas, Sleighride, Tin Lizzy's, Cinema 2000 (removed in 1999), Pirate, Rainbow Mountain (removed in 1994),Thrillbilly (removed in 1990), and Floodgate Falls (SBNO since 2008) 1982 - Ranger, Viper (first roller coaster with five inversions), and Cascade Canyon (removed in 2001) 1983 - Giant Wheel and Corn Popper (formely Rodeo Round-Up from 1999-2010) 1987 - Grand Prix Speedway (upcharge) and Adventure Land for Kids (including Critter Chase) 1989 - Grizzly Run 1990 - The Predator, Barracuda Bay, Pipeline Plunge (removed in 1999), Torpedo Rapids (removed in 1999) 1994 - 'Cuda Falls (replaced Rainbow Mountain) 1995 - Skycoaster (upcharge) 1996 - Popeye's Seaport (later called Loony Tunes Seaport and now Adventure Isle), Hook's Lagoon , and Nightmare at Phantom Cave (removed 1998) 1997 - Crocodile Isle, Mind Eraser, and Tiny Trio 1998 - Boomerang 1999 - Scrambler (replaced Cinema 2000) and (Superman) Ride of Steel 2000 - Twister 2002 - Slingshot (upcharge) and Shipwreck Falls 2005 - Tornado 2006 - Big Kahuna (relocated from Six Flags Astroworld) 2008 - Motocoaster 2010 - Swirl City, Lazy Days Lagoon, and Flotation Station also Critter Chase returns in Adventure Isle
  9. I don't know what Darien Lake is going to do with that heap of rusting scrap metal that was once Shockwave, but if I were the owner of Darien Lake i'd sell it for scrap and use the money to build a new stand up coaster in Darien Lake.
  10. The Viper is the best dang roller coaster at Darien Lake and it was the first roller coaster in world with five inversion.
  11. I live 23 minutes away from Darien Lake and 32 minutes from Martin's Fantasy Island, so my local park is technically Darien Lake.
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