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  1. I think the Matterhorn there needs to run a bit faster! We didn't even rock, we just tilted out!
  2. My phone for personal use. A Sony Ericsson K700i And my work phone, a Motorola V360
  3. I think that statue likes your nose just a little bit...
  4. Well... me and several friends went shopping yesterday... and here's a few photos. There will be more soon! Bunny... cute and fluffy... Daniel... not so cute and fluffy! Goofiest smile... EVER They better keep that damn lollipop away from me!! WTF Is this for!?
  5. LOL! I remember breaking the Claw! I was sitting there thinking "Uh... shouldn't the floor be coming up right about now" And then the op said "We are experiencing a short delay" It took them 15 mins to get us off... and I missed my bus home! But yeah, it was great meeting you and I hope you had a great time in AU!
  6. GO THE WIZZ! The staff at Dreamworld were absolutely AMAZING on Friday. I was taking that photo for PKI Man, and then the lady from the helicopters just comes up and asks if I want to jump in. She then took the photo for us. Talk about great service right there.
  7. *Offers a Rollercoaster shaped cake to Robb and Elissa for TPR's 3rd Birthday*
  8. We are only there for 2 hours, but skipping the body slides that should be enough time. But we will check out the construction while we are there. But it should be good seeing these expansions completed. Cheers for the heads up on the construction Thunder001!
  9. Well... Me and PKI Man are off to WhiteWater World tomorrow thanks to a heap of half price vouchers I got in the mail! So expect a report from either him or me in the next few days.
  10. The airtime on the WBMW one is also intense... Possibly the most intense in Australia! Its scarier when you ride with someone alot taller as the bar isn't sitting right on you!
  11. The Giant Drop HAS been running at a reduced capacity. It was running full cars on Wednesday. Then we had the massive storm and I went back on friday, The western gondola was down till about 11, and then it opened up with a seat taped off.
  12. "A south Auckland theme park employee died after becoming crushed in a ferris wheel this morning. Michael Ross Stuart, 21, of Papakura, was cleaning the junior ferris wheel at Rainbow's End when the accident happened. Police Inspector William Taylor said the death was not being treated as suspicious. Counties-Manukau Police were called to the scene at 10am along with Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) representatives. Mr Taylor said Mr Stuart's body had been removed from the scene and a postmortem would be carried out tomorrow." - Source, Yahoo News
  13. And to think that SEX sign used to be 5 mins from my house until they moved it
  14. AU: I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred UK: Black or White - Michael Jackson US When a Man Loves A Woman - Michael Bolton
  15. Well... it could be themed to that Giant OIL Drop coming out the side of the building. But Dreamworld can get away with it because it IS the biggest in the world. And Dreamworld also has the"Log Ride".
  16. Sadly, you can't put music into your No Limits tracks. Also we have a No Limit's help thread already. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29233&start=0
  17. But... considering this is the 3rd time something like this has happened on this same coaster in a year... it does tell you something about the ride. According to other news sources, the dog that connects to the "Anti Rollback" Device fell off the train mid course. and seeing as this is a Galaxi coaster, there are rollback devices on several parts of the coaster before brake runs... so that could have been why the ride was stopped.
  18. Necklace my BF Gave me Striped Shirt Pinstripe Board Shorts ELMO Boxers.
  19. Once you have resurected RatTums from the dead... What is Pie R Squared?
  20. You writing this down good sir... You take the first left... then right at the 2nd roundabout... Go past the Vekoma factory. You land on "Go To Jail" You do not pass go and do NOT collect $200. now... what is the meaning of life?
  21. Hell Is Here?? dfikasbeties sucjkdsx crotfch
  22. Good Evening Mr Title Fairy (Or Is it Ms?) Could you change mine to "I have Diabetes's... no... really" Thanks Daniel "Being Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes's Today Sucks" Harmer
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