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  1. I wouldn't be going around saying stuff like that unless you have a credible source. So far the only new investments that we KNOW are happening in the park is a retheme of Lethal Weapon with the new trains, and even then we are not 100% if they will actually retheme the ride or not. Until such a time as it is confirmed, the DC comics dark ride is a rumor. Also Sally Corp already had a dark ride at Movie World, the looney tunes river ride.
  2. Black with gold ascents Nike Shox (size 9 and 1/2) Seriously, when standing on your feet for 10+ hours a day in a theme park... these shoes are like heaven!
  3. Good to see that another park is picking up on the 4x AquaLoop model. It's honestly got a halfway decent capacity when running all 4 slides
  4. I can confirm that the trains have arrived and are indeed 4 across with Lap Bars and speakers in the headrests. Next time I am at work I'll try and take a photo if they are still visible to guests
  5. As of this weekend (Saturday) Construction on the Green Lantern has been finished, theming, stations and other work is still left to be done but ride work is completed
  6. Village Roadshow Theme Parks (Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild) open from 1:30pm - 6:30pm on ANZAC day
  7. The track is installed passed the reverse banked turn and is about to have the first of the 2 inversions completed. They are putting on average 5 - 6 pieces of track in a day and is progressing VERY fast.
  8. The coaster went vertical early this morning, and I have some construction pics. I'll try and keep TPR updated every 3 - 4 days at least and i'll take photos before work each day too Through the fence!! We have erection! So far the station, pre lift and the first part of the lift hill is installed. A bit of a look of where the attraction is located, at the front of the park next to the ticket booths. Green Lantern Location.bmp A map showing where the attraction will be located.
  9. Buzzsaw at Dreamworld (Brand new Mauer Sohne Skyloop that just opened today!)
  10. KMG Tango's just have the most uncomfortable / strange looking harness ever! Seriously... it's not male friendly at all. A photo showing the closed harnesses A photo showing opened harnesses. The way the ride works is you sit on a small padded (not very much) bit of metal like a bicycle seat and the metal cage comes down over your body. There are seatbelt like straps that are attached and lock TIGHT over them and dig into your neck a little bit as well. You can either hold onto the metal framework or onto 2 bike like handlebars that stick out from the bottom of the seat. You are lifted 21m into the air and the main arm spins at 21RPM, with the tri-star (where the gondolas are attached) spinning at 16rpm and the seats can also flip and all motions are capable of rotating in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Generally speaking it's a very uncomfortable ride, but if you push the harness down TIGHT it can be comfortable. Here's a few pics and a video to show you just how fast it spins and how high it goes. Offride Onride
  11. Well... some of the European rides they have shipped to us I would happily accept... but "Cool n Fresh" is not one of them We got Hoefnagels Space Roller, HARMS No Limit and several other Euro major's that I am not complaining about... but from the review's i've read of that coaster... SEND IT BACK!!!
  12. My poll results COASTER NAME PARK LOC <-LEAVE Supersonic Odyssey Cosmo's World MY,y,y,1 Space Mountain HK Disneyland HK,y,y,2 Tower of Terror Dreamworld AU,y,y,3 Superman Escape Warner Bros. Movie AU,y,y,4 Scooby-Doo Spooky Coa Warner Bros. Movie AU,y,y,5 Jet Rescue Sea World AU,y,y,6 Cyclone Dreamworld AU,y,y,7 Fav Spinning Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,8 Fav Vek Susp Loop SLC Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,9 Fav Galaxi Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,10 M Doohans Motocoaster Dreamworld AU,y,y,11 Fav Wild Mouse Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,12 Fav Loop-Screw Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,13 Fav Zyklon Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,14 Fav Half Pipe Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,15 Fav Vek Susp Family Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,16 Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,17
  13. Great TR, the rides that you couldn't name are the Hurricane (The one with 6 cars bouncing) and the other one is called... SCAT! And scarily enough i'm not joking...
  14. While yes, it does suck that we won't be able to meet up with you. I do fully understand your reasoning behind it all. I really hope you have a great time in Australia and hopefully next time your down I can say hello! If not hopefully next year i'll see you on a tour in America or somewhere else
  15. I was actually rather disappointed in the ProSlide SuperLoop attraction at WhiteWater World. It's a decent attraction, but over-hyped for what it is. It just feels like a Behemoth bowl without the tube if you ask me. The only part that is nerve wracking is the "SkyBox" when the floor drops away. The WhiteWater West version is much better
  16. Same! That and i'd love to see the new improvements installed on Tower of Terror 2. I've only had one ride on the original tower going that high. And I was the only person in the car... apparently the less weight the higher it went.
  17. *Sigh* Now we just need the Australian counterpart to go that speed. Question where would you rank S:EFK now Robb? Just curious that's all.
  18. Wouldn't surprise me if it was for Australia's Wonderland. As it was a new park in the 80's... it's entirely possible that this concept art was for the AU park. It did have alot of buildings very similar in the park too...
  19. I managed to come across some blueprints for the attraction, and that is what I have used to design the ride. Alot of the curves in the finished product will be alot more "sudden" and have some slight G-Force spikes just like the real attraction. It also has some of the famous "Arrow Transitions" Hopefully I will have it finished by mid March, and then i'm going to start working on a Sea Viper recreation and a Lethal Weapon one
  20. I also noticed the "WindJammer Marketplace!" Not even RCCL can escape Cedar Fair!!
  21. "Originally opened at Luna Park in Sydney as Big Dipper in 1994 but was closed after just nine months due to noise complaints. It also opened (along with the park) for a brief period in 2000 to coincide with the Sydney Olympics but closed again after. The original cost of the ride in 1994 was $8 million. In 2001, Dreamworld purchased the coaster for $3 million. The original budgeted cost for modification, installation and theming for Dreamworld was $5 million, but the costs went over this figure by $500,000 - still a saving of $2.5 million on the ride's original cost. Two inversions (sidewinder and vertical loop respectively) are the very last elements on the ride. Reengineering of many of the supports took place as a result of the move to Dreamworld as in Sydney it was built atop a single storey building in parts." Coaster stats Coaster type: Steel Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics Model: Sitdown Looper Height: 40m | 131ft Speed: 85km/hr | 53MPH Length: 900m | 2952ft Inversions: 2 (Reverse Sidewinder and Vertical Loop) G-forces: 4g Capacity (per hour): 400pph Trains on track: 1 Cars per train: 6 Cost: $5,500,000 AUD Ride time: 2:00mins TRACKWORK: 100% CAR TEXTURES: 100% SUPPORTS: 15% CUSTOM STATION: 0% Cyclone 1.bmp Front of the Train Cyclone 3.bmp 2nd half of the ride including helix, Reverse Sidewinder and Vertical Loop Cyclone 4.bmp 1st half of the ride, including Lift Hill, First Drop, 2nd Fan Turn, S-Bend and Trim brakes / final brakes Cyclone 5.bmp Overview of the Layout Cyclone 6.bmp Train on the lift hill. Cyclone 7.bmp Train on the first drop Cyclone 8.bmp Train in the first Fan Turn Cyclone 10.bmp Train exiting the 2nd fan turn and approaching the S-bend Cyclone 11.bmp Train in the 4G Helix Cyclone 12.bmp Train entering the Reverse Sidewinder Cyclone 13.bmp Train exiting the Reverse Sidewinder, also where the On Ride photo is taken on the ride. Cyclone 14.bmp Train in the Vertical Loop Cyclone 15.bmp Train on the trim brake just before the turn around into the station and main brakes.
  22. Such a shame you aren't shipping these to Australia otherwise I would have jumped on it!
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