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  1. Speculation is fun, although I do agree that it will most likely be a Star Flyer type ride. So far the clues align with the Star Flyer rumor. I'm just not a fan of the dino theme, hopefully it is just a play on words and not a hint into what the ride will be themed like.
  2. I understand the Star Flyer reference, but why the Utah Education Network? I'm probably reading too much into it...
  3. I wonder why when you click on the windmill picture on the 2011 tab it takes you to the Utah education network. Is there any significance to this? I don't know if I can stand another week of the guessing game.
  4. Cedar Point will announce the new ride for 2011 on August 24th, one week from today. Also, they will be giving clues on the new ride on their new facebook tab. The first clue is a picture of a windmill, hmm....?
  5. Hello, my name is Doug. My co-workers call me "Doug Funny", like the TV show... get it? I am a Freshman in college, and a coaster enthusiast. I spend my free time at my home park, Darien Lake. If it is raining I'm on NoLimits creating things probably not tolerable by even the most sound stomach. I've gotten to the point where coasters do not scare me at all, but they still thrill me a lot. I will ride anything put in font of me, and if giving the opportunity, I will ride it again (and again, and again). Besides Coasters I'm into photography (I have a pentax k-x), rock climbing, camping, eating, breathing, living. Starting out on the forum my coaster count is only at 25, but I plan on increasing that number significantly someday.
  6. I didn't expect CP to deliver the official 2011 announcement today, but even if I did I wouldn't be upset? Everyone loves cookies! Anyway, Happy 60th to my favorite Beagle on the planet.
  7. Well, off to work for me... I have to wait and see what Snoopy gets for his birthday when I get back. I doubt it will be the "big" announcement for next year but we'll wait and see.
  8. Actually, I don't think that Cedar Point has really been fanning the flames at all this year. Besides the "Who's Hungry?" blog post T&T haven't been fueling the hype machine at all so far. We are all playing the guessing game, not CP or CF. The reality of it is that we have to wait until Mid-August when they announce it until we know anything for sure, but until then it is still fun to guess and wonder.
  9. My First Post! I've been observing the forum so I hope I don't mess anything up... I haven't been to Darien Lake in a few weeks (Since July 21st), but when I was there I noticed a few things. I had a walk-on for Viper in the early afternoon and from the stairs exiting the coaster I saw (what I believe were) red parts of the RoS train just laying on the ground outside of the maintenance shop. Also a shipwreck falls boat was just sitting on a trailer. I really hope that they get the Red RoS train assembled soon, seeing as it is the most popular coaster at the park. Although the Ride Crew probably feels differently, this has probably made their jobs a little easier .
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